Pencils and Holders
ArtWorks in Bloom offers the largest variety of tulips: xs (9 inches); medium (14 inches); and XL (24 inch heights). Most sizes are available in up to 10 different designer colors! The xs Tulips also available as a writing pen, a great gift!
Medium and xs Tulips shown. At bottom of picture are the new Mini-Tulip Pots and pencils. The medium flowers shown in our 3-hole 22 inch bamboo stand and the xs tulips in new 6 inch bamboo pots (see Vases Section for ordering information).

New Tuplip Pencils The xs tulips are also available as a writing pens (shown).

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Item Size Price Color  
Mini-Tulip Pot 5 inches $5.00
Pencil Holders N/A $5.00
Rose Pencil 9" inches $2.00
Tulip Pen xs - 9 inches $4.00
Tulips xs - 9 inches $2.00
Tulips med - 14 inches $4.00
Tulips xl - 24 inches $6.00

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