Large Terra Cotta Pots
The Large Pot measures 4 x 4 inches. To fill them fully order 20 to 24 xs Tulips ($2.00 for each xs tulip) or xs Roses ($2.00 for each xs rose). You can choose to have the pots painted in Floral designs: Iris; Tulips; Sunflowers; Callaliles or Daffodils, all signed by the artist! Request your favorite flower or design and we'll create it for you! We will paint a message on any pot, up to 55 characters, on the large pot (see custom message). Pictured on left: Large Blue Iris Pot. Pictured on right: Large Red Tulip Pot with 20 xs tulips in yellow, white, and pink along with XS red roses.

Please click on the graphic to view higher-resolution graphic in its own window.

Item Size Price Color  
Callalily Large Pot 4 inches x 4 inches $20.00
Custom Design Pot 4 inches x 4 $25.00 N/A
Daffodils Large Pot 4 inches x 4 inches $20.00
Iris Large Pot 4 inches x 4 inches $20.00
Sunflower Large Pot 4 inches x 4 inches $20.00
Tulips Large Pot 4 inches x 4 inches $20.00

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