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October 12, 2020 4 min read

What is one thing besides the elegant wedding gowns that comes to your mind when you hear the word "wedding?"

Of course Flowers!

Your imagination can conjure up visions of a huge ballroom when you imagine a wedding, full of colors and vibrancy of beautiful flowers. It can be a little confusing to select specific flowers for your wedding, especially if you're not really a "flower person. 

Flowers are the most prominent factor of a wedding that no one can ignore. From setting the mood to creating a theme and generating positive vibes among the wedding participants, flowers play their role actively. If you have some confusion about choosing flowers for your wedding, then there is nothing to worry about.

Here it is a list of the top 10 most famous wedding flowers for you. From beloved classics such as peonies and roses to some under-the-radar florist favors, these are blooms that we love and see most often. You can use original blooms as well as silk or sola blooms, it is totally up to you. Your budget, venue, and season allow you to choose any kind of floral options from the given below:

1.    Calla Lilies

These beautiful flowers are from Africa and are famous for their distinct trumpet shape. These flowers are the emblem of magnificent beauty in the language of flowers. Different colors of calla lilies are available, some of which are dark purple, orange, mauve, violet, and yellow.


It is a quintessential fall flower, because of having such a commanding appearance. Dahlias are wonderful focal flowers. Some varieties can be as wide as your head, called dinner-plate dahlias! These flowers are typically more affordable than the ever-popular peonies or roses. Among brides, one of the most common dahlia varieties is called cafe au lait. It is very true in color to its name and varies from a pink-peach blush to a soft and creamy beige shade.

3.    Gardenia

The powerful scent of these bright white flowers sitting on the bed of dark green leaves is identifiable. By floating them in a tub, you can tuck these lovely flowers into your wedding bouquet or use them as a centerpiece.


Among the most robust and flexible flowers for a wedding are soft, cloud-like hydrangeas. White and blue varieties will give your celebration a more preppy, country-club feel. In contrast, antique varieties are ideal for a more retro wedding style with their tinged, variegated petals. For a classical bridal bouquet, blend hydrangeas with roses and new greenery such as eucalyptus. Or, for a new, monochromatic look, you might combine white hydrangeas with white Phalaenopsis orchids.

5.    Lily Of The Valley

These tiny bell-shaped florets oozing with perfumed fragrance are also called 'the ladder to heaven' and are a great choice for your wedding. These flowers have prestigious roots and are even linked to the goddess of springtime.

Use a few stems and match them well with your bouquet of other flowers. Their delicate texture and the lovely scent will improve your wedding bouquet's overall look. The white type of flower is recognized by most individuals when it comes to color. If you want to avoid scent sola wood flowers can be a better replacement of these original blooms.


Peonies are perhaps one of the most famous wedding flowers of all time, loved and highly sought-after by brides when they are in season. It's easy to see why peonies are loved by so many brides. Their soft, romantic form and their elegant bouquets of ruffled petals are simply breathtaking. From crisp white, cream, and yellow to different shades of pink and red, they are also available in countless beautiful colors.

To highlight this very special flower, bring a bouquet full of peonies down the aisle. For your reception centerpieces, continue the trend by combining peonies with other in-season blooms. As peonies are normally an expensive crop, this is a clever way to be conscious of your budget.


Ranunculuses is a beautiful flower with small, tissue-thin petals. Peonies are often mistaken for this varietal. They're a versatile flower in bouquets as well as table centerpieces and look fantastic. Ranunculuses are also very durable, as they can stand up to a lot of hugs. Ranunculuses are available in almost any conceivable hue, so you can find them in every perfect shade to match your color scheme for your wedding.

8.    Roses

What is there to say about the roses not yet said?

Roses are deemed to be the emblem of romance and feelings, and appropriately so. Everyone has found the rose to be a sign of love and beauty, from poets of romance in the past to modern storytellers. From the fairytales of children to enduring myths that you cannot refute, roses have kept on to their high place tightly.

They are still popular and in-demand when it comes to roses, and come in a wide range of shades and colors. For your wedding, there is absolutely no need to neglect roses. They are inexpensive, and your bank account won't be depleted. Spray roses, hybrid tea roses, and garden roses are some of the kinds of roses that are traditionally used as wedding flowers.

9.    Stephanotis

These star-shaped waxy floral are the wedding flowers that are most sought for. For Stephanotis, the Victorian sense is marital gladness. Naturally, for wedding celebrations, this makes these flowers a great choice. These flowers are fairly priced, but if you hire a florist to arrange them into a bouquet, you'll have to pay extra.

10.    Tulips

Brides also strongly enjoy these flowers, because they represent happier years. Their color palette ranges from crimson, magenta, purple, and orange to white, cream, and some pastel colors, including peach, violet, and yellow. Most tulip varieties are very inexpensive, although some uncommon varieties can be sold at a high price. With all forms of decor, these flowers will go well. Some commonly available varieties of tulips are parrot tulips, Dutch tulips, and French tulips.

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