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April 22, 2020 2 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has changed plans of pretty much everyone in the world. That includes couples who were about to marry this spring or summer. A lot of weddings had to be postponed, rearranged, or even canceled. However, that doesn't mean that we should postpone our love too. There are plenty of wonderful ways to save your wedding and make it even better after the COVID-19 crisis is over. Choosing sola wood wedding flowers should give you a head start. Here is why:

Sola Wood Wedding Flowers Are Fresh Forever

Unlike normal flowers, sola wood wedding flowers don't die. So, when planning a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to buy sola wood wedding flowers just in case you will need to postpone your wedding again. Of course, we all hope that this situation will go away soon, but you still want to have some flexibility in case things don't go as planned. Also, sola wood wedding bouquets are usually cheaper than fresh flowers, so you will be able to save some extra money.

You Can Shape Them According to the Season

It is extremely easy to shape sola wood flowers, and you can do it straight from your home. That can actually become a pretty nice way to spend your quarantine instead of binge-watching Netflix (it's fun, but it gets boring at some point, right?). Also, by shaping sola wood flowers and bouquets yourself, you can easily adapt to the season. After all, if you were planning to get married in May and the wedding is postponed to September, probably you have to change your floral arrangements, as well. With sola wood wedding flowers, you will be able to adapt much easier.

Use It as Home Décor

Some couples will be switching to small weddings at home, rearranging their living room to the wedding venue, and bedroom to the honeymoon suite. To create an atmosphere, you will need a beautiful wedding décor. Of course, fresh flowers look beautiful, but they don't last long. As for sola wood roses and flowers, they are forever. That means that you will be able to use your sola wood wedding flowers as home décor even before and after your actual wedding. Isn't it wonderful?

Safer Delivery

Shipping companies face many problems during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that there might be some delays or other inconveniences. As fresh flowers are extremely sensitive and fragile, you cannot risk ordering them right now, especially when you have other wonderful options. Sola wood wedding flowers are pretty resistant to damage, so just to stay safe, you might want to order them. Also, we offer the best shipping providers that make sure to accommodate all your needs even during the coronavirus crisis.

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