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May 02, 2020 3 min read

Once you have your final wedding guest list and beautiful sola wood wedding centerpieces are placed on the tables, you have to take care of your guest seating. Even though it doesn't sound like a very hard thing to do, once you start thinking about every guest, you realize that satisfying everyone might be harder than you thought. However, there are a few common rules which should make your job a bit easier.

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Once everyone confirms their attendance at the wedding, you should start making the first draft. Of course, many things might change in between now and the wedding day, but once you have the seating scheme, you can easily make some minor changes. So, don't leave this task for the last minute to avoid uncomfortable situations when you seat people who hate each other by one table.

Create a Plan

You won't be able to remember all your guests without a clear plan and structure. Break down your guest list into smaller lists – family, school friends, colleagues, wedding party, etc. After you did that, you might be able to see the bigger picture and start seating everyone together. Once you are done with the first break down, start looking into more details. For example, you will not want to sit your two classmates who used to date a few years before but have not spoken ever since. Or at least put a beautiful sola wood wedding centerpiece between them, so that they wouldn't have to see each other.


In most cases, parents of both sides should be seated by one table. However, your parents might be divorced and not exactly looking forward to celebrating together, so be flexible and think about them. That means that you might have as many as four tables designated for parents (and their families). Of course, if you seat your divorced parents together, they would probably behave not to ruin your big day, but that would be mean from your side.

The Couple

The couple is always at the center of all the attention. You won't be able to avoid that, as well. Traditionally, your wedding party will sit near you with the best man sitting next to the groom and the maid of honor holding the sola wood wedding bouquet and supporting the bride next to her. Of course, it is not the rule. Some couples choose to sit by one table with their parents, showing how strong are their family bonds. And sometimes, you can even see the couple sitting by a sweetheart table, just two of them.

Old Friends

There will be some old friends who haven't seen each other for years. Make sure to sit them together and give them time to catch up. They will surely appreciate that.

Single People

A wedding is a celebration of love, so why not create a few more couples? If you have some single friends that you think could look great together, you might want to seat them next to one another. And make sure that the guy is seated not far from sola wood roses so that he could borrow one and make a great first impression. Of course, don't abuse your powers and make sure that by seating your single friends together, you won't be creating unnecessary awkwardness or tension.

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