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December 30, 2019 3 min read

There are some essential things that every wedding should have. One of those things is the wedding speeches. If you are close to the couple, there is a chance that you will have to say a toast during the wedding dinner. It can get stressful to speak in front of hundreds of guests at the fancy wedding venue. If you come unprepared, you might need to hide behind the mesmerizing sola wood flowers or other decorations. However, you can avoid any potential problems by crafting the perfect wedding speech. Of course, no matter how casual and friendly you are with the couple, there are a few things that you should avoid mentioning. Remember – there will be a lot of guests of all ages, so you have to stay appropriate and respect the couple!

Previous Crises of the Couple

Of course, every couple has crises even before the marriage. We all know that. However, weddings are not exactly the best events to point out those crises. Of course, you can vaguely mention that the couple had faced some obstacles and overcame them. That said, make sure it doesn't sound depressing or dark. Instead, use it as an example to showcase what people can achieve when they work as a team and love each other.

You only get a few minutes to deliver your speech, so focus on positive things. Compliment the bride's dress, decorations, sola wood wedding flowers, and flawless organizing instead of remembering the dark days.


We all been young and had our fair share of fun before finding our perfect partner. Of course, as the best man or the maid of honor, you might want to remind your best friend how he/she dated a crazy person. However, think about how the rest of the guests would feel hearing that story.

After all, the bride's grandmother is probably not ready to hear how the groom slept with another girl during his college years. If you have to mention exes, try to do it in an unofficial environment, where you are sure that everyone would understand your humor. 


The wedding is one of the most important events in anyone's life, so try not to ruin that day by making fun of the couple. Of course, some light jokes are more than welcome, but remember that it is not a roast. Yes, we understand that you might have the best jokes about the bride and the groom, and you feel the urge to tell them. In that case, test your jokes on a neutral crowd before the wedding and get feedback. 

A quick tip: If everyone thinks that you are crossing the line with your jokes about the couple, don't try to prove them wrong and make adjustments. 

Unpromising Future

You are not the only one who knows that almost half of the married couples get divorced. Please, don't be the only one to bring up that fact during the wedding. When giving a speech, only talk about the promising future that lies ahead. If, for some reason, you don't think that the couple has a promising future, don't mention that topic at all. Instead, praise the ceremony, adorable wooden wedding bouquets, other guests, and organizers. 

Also, jokes about any sort of betting on how long the couple will last are a big NO.

Your Life Story

Remember that the wedding is not about you. Nobody at the wedding will want to hear what you do for a living or what car do you drive. It should be pretty self-explanatory that every bit of your speech should focus on the wedding day, the couple, and their journey together. 

Yes, you should still introduce yourself briefly and tell everyone how do you know the couple. Also, if you are telling stories about the couples that involve you, it is totally fine as long as those stories don't become your bragging material. 

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