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December 12, 2019 2 min read

We all crave that magical aura at weddings with a romantic touch added with delicate wedding flowers and arrangements. By now you must have heard about sola wooden flowers. They are the buzzing words in all wedding planning conversations. Sola flowers are handmade with wooden shavings from the balsa or tapioca tree bark. The best thing about them is the natural ivory color that can bring any wedding event come to life. They are an extraordinary alternative to wedding flowers, making the ambiance look simply divine. The wood flowers are most popular in wedding décor, home décor and any kind of floral pieces.

Here is our take on sola wood flowers and why you should totally consider them over real flowers:

Always and Forever

Just like your marriage they are designed to last forever! You don’t have to worry about the freshness, because they neither wither nor die. They are everlasting and you can use them for multiple occasions throughout the year.

Other than a bit of light dusting from time to time, they can be your partner with a promise to last for a lifetime. So, every time you pull out your wedding photos, you will surely find a sola flower lying here and there in the same condition. Get ready to have some serious nostalgia on your 20th anniversary!

Easy on the Pocket

Bridal bouquets cost a fortune! After spending so much on a bouquet you may want to compromise on guests or spend less on other arrangements. But, with sola flowers the bride can happily walk down the aisle holding a gorgeous wood bouquet in a color of her choice. They are really affordable and you can get a lot of them at the price of one traditional bouquet. 

Feel the Romance

You may be feeling that sola flowers will not add a romantic vibe to the wedding. Well, you are totally wrong about it. Wood roses can look a lot of like real roses and nobody can even tell the difference!  Add them as centerpieces, garlands or arches; they will light up any place like a dream!

Diverse and Versatile

The best thing about sola flowers is they can be dyed in any color to match the theme and color palette. These flowers absorb all the dyes and colors really well. So, are you planning a mix for colors for your special event? That is possible with wood flowers.

No Worries, No Allergies

Often real wedding flowers cause allergies and irritation due to scents and pollen grains. But, with these wood wedding flowers you don’t have to worry about allergies at all! Be it wood roses or rainbow carnations, you can have the all!

Weddings are one of the most memorable days of one’s life. It is a story to be remembered forever. So, the next time there is a wedding coming up, make sure you plan the magical event with sola wooden flowers.

Now that you know about the wood flowers, check them out on woodflowers.com for the latest collection of sola wood flowers.

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