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June 26, 2021 5 min read

It is critical to achieve harmony and appropriately integrate all of the components when deciding how you will appear on your wedding day!

The bridal bouquet is one of the essential wedding dress accessories. It is produced according to the bride's taste and the current season's trends. It is difficult for the bride-to-be to pick a bridal bouquet that helps the bridal gown seem more visually attractive. Bridal flowers can be created in various styles, sizes, colors, and they can be either living or artificial. To answer all of your concerns about selecting a bridal gown and bridal flowers, such as:

  • What to look for while choosing a bridal bouquet?
  • How to choose the colors of the flower?
  • How this bouquet complements the bridal gown?

A bride always sees her whole image in her mind and wants to depict a well-thought-out theme and design. There are no minor details in this case. The shape of the bride's bouquet should be chosen in accordance with the style of her wedding gown. This post will explain all of the secrets and demonstrate how flowers may be tastefully paired with various bridal gown alternatives.

How to choose a bridal bouquet?

Some brides believe that choosing a wedding bouquet is simple, this is not the case. It is critical to begin studying the flower as soon as the gown is purchased. Otherwise, the bridal bouquet may clash with the wedding theme, wedding gown, makeup, shoes, and hair. The most important consideration when selecting a flower is whether the flower will be real or artificial. Both types of flowers have distinct advantages in and of themselves.

·       Real flower bridal bouquet:

Real flowers, especially for summer and spring countryside weddings, provide a beautiful harmony with the wedding theme. While carrying real wedding flowers, which aid in energy replenishment at any moment, they also play an active part in making brides appear simpler and more visually attractive. When purchasing real bridal flowers, the most crucial factor is the dyes used to make the blooms appear lovely. Brides may also achieve general harmony by wearing a crown made of the same flower type as your bridal bouquet.

Painted flowers might ruin bridals wedding gown and produce stains. Put colorful tulle or other embellishments within your bouquet for a more beautiful effect. If you are having a country wedding, you should select real flower bouquets in pink, purple, peach, red, or yellow.

·       Artificial flower bridal bouquet:

Artificial bridal flowers, which are essential for weddings conducted in the fall months, compliment the traditional and weighty looks and wedding gowns. Just as with real flowers, you should remember that you may pick the colors you want for your artificial flowers, especially when you choose sola wood wedding flowers.

A bride can choose a bridal bouquet that will draw attention to itself with its hues. Furthermore, because fake flowers do not contain color, the bride may take them with you all day. You can also be certain that the bridal bouquet, adorned with diverse hues, will seem more appealing in her wedding pictures. The best aspect about purchasing artificial bridal flowers is that brides may keep their bloom as a keepsake. By placing the bouquet next to her album in her living room, she may recall her wedding, which is the happiest day of her life, whenever she sees it.

Perfect bridal bouquet for different styles of bridal gowns:

Here are some of the most prominent bridal gown designs and bridal bouquets that complement these stylish bridal wears:

·       Flowers for an A-line bridal skirt:

The classic shape and lines of this wedding gown will remain timeless. The A-shape appears fairly basic, despite its delicacy and sensitivity. A medium-sized round bouquet, preferably of the same type, slightly diluted with greenery or none at all, would be appropriate for A-silhouette. While a bouquet that is asymmetrical, complex, or large will overshadow your wedding gown.

·       Flowers for a Sheath dress with a formal fit:

Only brides with passionate and bold personalities pick a dress that flatters their shape. They are not self-conscious about their bodies and are not scared to be the focus of attention. These females want an original bouquet that is colorful, slightly disheveled, non-standard in shape and contains uncommon flowers and other plants. It suggests focusing more on the foliage in such a bouquet. Variations like ivy, eucalyptus, ruckus, and even dry twigs jutting out in different directions will be an interesting option that may highlight the bride's strong and free-spirited personality. At the same time, even the most out-of-the-ordinary composition will not detract from the wow factor of a wedding dress.

·       Flowers for Mermaid gown:

The flowing down or "mermaid tail" frequently asymmetrical skirt is the most noticeable feature of such a gown. The train is the most prominent feature of such a bridal gown. Of course, there will be a cascade bouquet perfectly complementing this mermaid gown!

If a flowing bouquet is not practical sometimes and few brides are vehemently opposed to this style. Then you should think of a bouquet with lengthy stalks. As a result, extended proportions are noticed, which perfectly complement the "mermaid" profile.

·       Flowers for a bridal dress with a low waist:

This style is appropriate for nearly every bouquet, from tiny and traditional to huge and unique. The low waistline is the major feature of this gown; it pulls attention away from the bride's face and toward the skirt of her bridal gown. The floral duty is to draw the visitors' attention back to the primary Princess of this occasion. A ring bouquet is a daring choice; it is both attractive and simple to manage. It is suggested to pay attention to flowers such as orchids and to experiment with unconventional bouquet designs.

·       Flowers for a Ball gown with puffy sleeves:

Like the Princess dress from Walt Disney cartoons, a bridal gown should be accompanied by a bigger bouquet than any of the preceding ones in our post. It can have a gentle cascade and huge luxuriant blooms like peonies, roses of many types, lilies, or exotic Protease. Greenery and plants with hanging inflorescences can be used to create a cascade. Long ribbons and other embellishments that visually increase the bouquet's volume are permitted. All of this will work in the bride's favor by balancing her silhouette and compensating for the magnificence and airiness of the bottom portion of the wedding gown.

·       Flowers for Short wedding gown:

Because young girls typically wear short gowns to weddings, the bride's floral arrangement highlights her fragility and youth. Small and elegant: that's how you'd describe the ideal bouquet for a tiny bridal gown. Small flower bouquets such as gypsophila, hydrangeas, lily of the valley, bush roses or carnations, forget-me-nots, and wildflowers may create a very delicate and elegant aesthetic.


When a bride needs to select flowers and the style of a bouquet for a bridal gown, keep in mind that recommendations are not rules that must be strictly followed. There are exceptions to every rule and the rules for your wedding gown and flowers are entirely up to you.

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