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August 17, 2020 4 min read

According to a survey, wedding flowers could take up 10% of your entire wedding budget between the floral décor, and ceremony and reception bouquets. Wedding flowers are considered as one of the most stands out elements for the special day of the wedding. Flowers provide a fun pop of colors and give grace and elegance to the wedding decorations.

According to most of the wedding planners, florists, and couples most realistic, affordable, and impressive artificial flowers for wedding decorations and wedding bouquets are sola wood flowers. These wooden flowers are not only accessible, but they look more realistic and less tacky. Their much more vibrant colors and customized shapes due to hand-crafting technique make them look like the real thing.

There are so many different sola wood flowers available to choose from. It can be confusing and overwhelming to make a decision. Wood flowers are available in every color and floral option that you can choose for your wedding according to your wedding theme. To help you decide on what wooden flowers you need to purchase for a traditional wedding, here is a guide to some of the most beautiful, accessible, and timeless sola wood wedding flowers.

Best sola wood flower options for the traditional wedding:

Wedding décor usually has so many different flower elements. It is worth mentioning again here that using sola wood flowers for wedding décor, gives you the freedom to prepare a lot of things in advances such as floral centerpieces for tables, full flower wall, and a unique wedding arch. Sola wood flowers are ideally crafted with hands that are why you can witness a pure natural beauty in these blooms similar to the real flowers. These flowers can be a perfect keepsake of your wedding day memories that you can keep for forever. There is a range of wooden blooms that are being used to decorate a variety of different theme weddings, but the best option for sola wedding flowers can be:

1.    Wooden Roses:

Whether you believe or not, but a traditional wedding would not be the same without the beauty, charisma, and charm of a classic English rose. These are beloved for their fairytale beauty and obsessing appearance. There are more than 150 different types of roses in the world, but only a handful variety is available that regularly appears in wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Wooden roses look stunning when used in a bridal bouquet, as a show-stopping centerpiece or as a part of table arrangements.

 Although roses are considered as the traditional wedding blooms, there are many unique ways to use sola wood roses to assemble a bouquet. Sola wood roses come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t like to have classic roses for your wedding, you can choose from the ruffled garden and delicate sweetheart roses to petite spray roses and hybrid tea roses.

2.    Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas are the iconic choice as wedding flowers and are often used as wedding flower arrangements and beautiful sola wood flower bouquets. Sola wood hydrangeas are available in vibrant shades from pinks and soft whites to blues and vivid purples. These flowers are beautiful, poetic, and generous with their voluminous shape. Hydrangeas create a beautiful and elegant accent with their attractive appearance. Their size gives them a complete wow-factor, which makes them perfect for a modern and glamorous wedding ceremony.

Hydrangeas alone can create simple, but stunning floral arrangements, awash in color and full of volume.

3.    Peonies:

Peonies are the blooms that make a bride “so endlessly happy” and they radiate romance and symbolize a happy marriage, prosperity, good fortune, riches, honor, and compassion.

The peony is the perfect flower choice to tell your love story and to add a special sparkle to your big day. It has the color, scent and texture to impress your guests and to make them feel special.

These classic wedding staples are perfect flowers for a wedding in spring or summer. Traditionally pink, red, or white peonies are often used in weddings, but shades of mahogany, yellow, and coral are also trending these days. For a sola wood bridal wedding bouquet the blossoming petals of peonies look great when paired with ivory roses.  

4.    Carnations:

Carnations are versatile, sophisticated, and gorgeous. These are also well known as ‘’The flower of God’’. These humble flowers can give an exceptional dose of vintage glam to your wedding. Sola wood carnation flowers are now gaining massive popularity as a decoration choice at weddings. Gorgeous colors, frilly petals, and variety in sizes allow you to use them for a wide range of beautiful sola wood floral arrangements such as flower walls, wedding arches and more.

Sola wood carnations are equal part romantic and sweet; that is why they are perfect for the brides who dream of a lavish crown.

5.    Ranunculus:

These are one of the absolute favorite flowers of almost every bride that is why ranunculus is such an excellent addition to any wedding décor or bridal bouquet. These dainty little flowers feature whorls of paper0thin, layered petals with brilliant colors. 

Ranunculus’s are also popular with other names like ‘Coyotes Eyes’ or ‘Buttercup’ and give a whimsical and feminine look to any theme of arrangement! These flowers symbolize attractiveness and charm. Whether you wish to arrange your bridal shower flowers or want to create your bridal wedding bouquets, ranunculus can easily adjust with every other floral option and also able to rule as sola wedding flowers.


Decorating your wedding using these beautiful, gorgeous, and long-lasting sola wood flowers is a perfect option if you are on more of a budget. They are the ideal for every season, and all weather conditions, cost-effective alternatives to real roses, carnations, peonies etc.

You can use sola wood flowers within the bride, flower girl, and bridesmaid bouquets without any hesitation. Woodflower.com is an online sola wood flower shop provides wooden flowers for your entire wedding or any other occasion.

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