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April 29, 2021 4 min read

Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with carnation flowers. Despite its beauty, it is an excellent substitute for bouquets and arrangements. Carnations are more than just a "filler" herb for bouquets and arrangements. Aside from being a common cut flower, it also looks great in corsages and boutonnières for special occasions, including weddings and proms. However, as Mother's Day approaches, this flower with frilly petals takes on a new meaning: carnations are the official Mother's Day emblem and flower in many countries.

History of Carnations:

Carnations are also known as pinks because of their spiky petals, which resemble pinking shears. Several hypotheses exist as to how the carnation got its name. Since it was used in Greek ceremonial crowns, others say it derives from the word coronation. Others believe it came from the Latin word carnis, which means skin since early carnations were pink.

Dianthus caryophyllus is the scientific name for carnations. Carnations have long been used to make tea to assist in stress relief and energy restoration. Carnation tea has also been used to relieve stomach aches and alleviate fever. Carnation oil is used in beauty products to moisturize skin, reduce wrinkles, and cure skin disorders, in addition to tea.

Why Carnations are the Official Mother's Day Flowers

As Anna Jarvis, the current Mother's Day's "founder," distributed hundreds of white carnations when she first formally celebrated the day in the United States in 1908, the carnation earned universal fame as an official Mother's Day flower. Her favorite flower was carnations, which were also her mother's favorite.

Men and women have traditionally used a white or pink carnation to honor their mothers. A white carnation represents unshared desire and is often used to commemorate a mother who has passed away. On the other hand, a pink carnation represents a mother's unwavering affection, appreciation, and tenderness - feelings that make a mother's relationship with her children so valuable!

What Carnations symbolize?

Carnations have been synonymous with many different symbolic values in different cultures since they have been around for a long time. Carnations, on the other hand, generally represent:

·       Differentiation

Carnations are known for symbolizing differentiation due to their distinct and charming appearance. They truly understand how to stand out in a crowd! They are ideal for the lovable, eccentric person in your life.

·       Devotion

Carnations are ideal for those about to tie the knot because they symbolize devotion. In reality, in the 15th and 16th centuries, many prominent Renaissance painters used the carnation flower in their engagement scenes. As a result, including them in the bridal bouquet, buttonholes, or table decorations would make a big impact!

·       Fascination

Carnations are also associated with curiosity because they are intriguing and captivating to look at. For decades, they have been used in poetry, drawings, and songs. If someone has sent you a bouquet of gorgeous carnations, be sure they think you are a fascinating person.

·       Love

In addition to being a sign of loyalty, Carnations are also a symbol of love and passion. Carnations are a lovely gift for many holidays such as Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, whether it's familial love, romantic love, or the love of a friend. 

Carnation colors and what they mean:

·       White Carnations:

White is a color associated with innocence and good fortune. Similarly, giving someone white carnations sends a message of pure love and happy life. It can be sent to the elderly on their birthdays or to someone who is embarking on a new endeavor.

White is widely recognized as a sign of unity, innocence, and good fortune. The white carnation birthday flowers will indicate that you care deeply for the birthday person's perfection. It would spread the message of unconditional love and happy life. Gifting white carnations to your elders is the perfect way to quietly show your love for them. You may also give white carnations to a couple who is about to begin their new life together.

·       Pink Carnations

Pink is the most common color among females. Pink carnations are a sign of affection and devotion. It's a smart idea to give it to your mother on her birthday when it first bloomed as Mary wept when Jesus bore the cross. Since then, the pink carnation has symbolized nurturing maternal affection.

Furthermore, light pink carnations convey mother-like affection, while dark pink carnations express tenderness and fondness.

·       Red Carnations

"My affection and respect for you know no limits" is the message that red carnations deliver.

Since red carnations are a sign of deep love and life, they're the perfect flowers to give on Mother's Day to honor your partner, friend, or special lady in your life. Carnations in light red connote respect, while dark red carnations connote passion and devotion. To figure out how to better pair your carnations with individualized Mother's Day gifts.

·       Yellow Carnations

The yellow color incarnations reflect dissatisfaction and rejection. Yellow carnations are beautiful, but they don't have the happiest sense. Yellow carnations are the perfect flower to deliver to anyone you need to apologies to because they reflect disappointment and rejection. They are also appropriate to give in times of grief.

·       Purple Carnations

Purple carnations are unique in a way that they reflect capriciousness. Purple carnations are ideal for delivering to an impulsive or erratic friend or family member before their next major adventure! If you are not sure how your gift will be handled, purple carnations are the perfect flowers to deliver.

·       Striped Carnations

The striped carnation is also a sign of regret and dismissal. This flower is a strong indication that you are uninterested in others and that you regret ever speaking with them.


Every flower has a hidden message of its own. The symbolism of flowers is often obvious, but other times we have to work a little harder to find out what a particular flower means. The meaning of the Carnation flower is that instead of destructive energies, we should spread passion, affection, and concern about others. This is the way to be able to live happy and more fulfilling lives.

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