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May 07, 2021 5 min read

One feature we love most about flowers is how flexible they are as they adjust to any occasion or style perfectly. Flowers are an essential part of wedding décor, but the last thing you want is for your floral arrangement to sound uninspired. One way to incorporate a jolt of imagination is to search for new perspectives on flowers, whether looking past conventional styles of arrangements or adding exotic flowers or greenery into bouquets or centerpieces. Flowers are an excellent way to make your wedding day more sophisticated. You can personalize your wedding flowers to turn your wedding into a land of dreams.

While several other wedding blooms exist, the incorporation of violet, pink, white, lavender, and yellow rose is natural for brides. Roses have enriched and enhanced our lives throughout history. Roses grace all of our important celebrations and ceremonies and are by far the most successful and attractive choice for weddings. There are multiple reasons for choosing roses as wedding flowers:

  • Roses are the symbol of love, romance, and intimacy
  • They are such fresh, reliable, and fifty-two weeks available whole year.
  • More than 100 species and tens of thousands of different varieties are available to choose from.
  • Roses are a lovely part of working in several different floral designs and arrangements that last relatively for a long time.
  • Roses are not bound for formal arrangements only, but their petally gorgeous shape works amazingly in both loose and perfectly designed floral arrangements.
  • Roses can compliment all kinds of venues, from a traditional wedding venue to a chic and contemporary interior.

Why are Sola Wood Roses so perfect for wedding decoration?

The roses of the wedding flora are plain and straightforward. They are at once a classical and modern, omnipresent but never overdone, ever recent but yet steeped in tradition as a universal emblem of love and elegance. Roses are romance synonymous. More sophisticated than margarines, less pretentious, and more economical than French tulips and orchids.

Sola wood version of roses is so elegant and stunning that it looks almost identical to their natural understanding. Having sola wood roses in your wedding arrangements and bridal bouquet allow you to be more creative, more experimental, and more innovative with your wedding arrangements. The durability, color options, and pollen-free nature of sola wood roses allow wedding planners to play with the whimsical look of your wedding venue more freely to create a dream wedding.

Include roses in your wedding arrangements in a unique way:

Here are some creative and little unique ways to use Roses in your wedding:

·        Use roses to create a high impact entrance/exit:

The roses in a red rose bouquet and different wedding decorations are great, but give your guests farewell and hello with the flower. If you have some buffer space on your budget, plan your wedding location for you along the walkway. They will be there when the guests come or leave the big day to say welcome or goodbye.

Rose flower arrangements may be added to the reception or used to incorporate texture, fragrance, and color during the cocktail hour. Don't be afraid of doubling your reporting items, as that is an excellent means of stretching your spending a little.

·        Decorate your wedding chair:

If you (the couple) want to sit at a sweetheart table or choose to dine with the guests, your chairs must show you something different. No brainer is a sign - like "bride" and "groom" - and you should pump up your seats of honor and put fresh flowers on your benches.

Try other sign-verbiage or use your childhood framed pictures to adorn your seats for other inspiration. You can follow multiple suggestions to make the pair rest at the reception a unique venue.

·        A rose arch for your ceremony:

Whether indoors or outdoors with a view of the ocean, a wedding arch helps anchor your space. This kind of setting begins with wedding arrangements, and roses match perfectly. Neither must the structure be massive. Centering a cluster of flowers or putting blooms off-center will give the most stunning wedding topics an added value. Use coordinated flowers in bouquets of the bridesmaids to harmonize the wedding day's elements further.

·        Rose corsages for mother and bridesmaids:

Bring rose flowers into a corsage used by the bridal party instead of distributing ordinary bridesmaid bouquets. These simplified arrangements look wonderful and are special to your marriage.

These corsages have shifted over the years from the shoulder and chest to the wrist. Present these corsages to your moms. Use corsages to honor any matriarchal figures, such as your mothers, grandmothers, and aunts, along with any women helping with your wedding in the way of greeting, reading, singing, and monitoring the guests. Many moms wear more fine fabrics with lace, silk, and chiffon, and they avoid pinning corsages to their dresses. A wrist corsage behaves like a bracelet and is easier to connect and wear.

·        Use roses in boutonnieres:

Your groomsmen's suits demand decorations, and roses are the ideal flower to take center stage in a mini arrangement pinned to the left lapel of a suit jacket. Use other flowers and greenery to accent the bloom. You can also try your hand at making your own with these directions. A plus is that certain roses are fragrant, meaning both the groom and groomsmen will enjoy the fragrance. As well as scale, mini flowers, or barely open blooms perform well and are light enough to be pinned upright and worn. Feel free to make the groom's bout a little bigger as it's his big day, too!

·        Create the big centerpiece:

You are sure that your table would ask for a statement centerpiece if you want to dine at your wedding party. The high effect can be great, and choosing bright roses provides an amazing focus. Go for a big centerpiece, but keep the suggested arrangements at below 14" so you can have eye contact with those at the table while contemplating more meaningful solutions.

·        Your wedding cake demands flowers:

Think about a wedding cake that is decorated with your wedding blooms or that have roses! If you choose or use soft tones for the red rose wedding cake, the petals add color and fabric. Simply put sola wood roses on the top of the cake and pepper it elsewhere to accentuate each level. Wooden roses are really a perfect and safe alternative for the natural roses for a wedding cake.


Roses can convey friendship, compassion, and gratitude, but they also act as exquisite signs of love. They are perfect for a variety of wedding themes!

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