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September 28, 2021 4 min read

Nothing beats an abundance of blossoming flowers for a romantic feel at your wedding. Flowers are the star of the show, whether they're in modest bouquets or a spectacular display at every ceremony stage. Flowers are widely regarded as the most critical design element in every wedding.

Floral fashion has been changing for the past several years. The wedding flower business has seen significant transformations in terms of flower kinds, flower colors, floral arrangements, and ornamental design trends. It's customary to utilize fresh flowers as wedding décor. Despite this, floriculture hurts the environment due to pollution, water use, fossil fuel transportation emissions, and land deterioration.

Sola wood flowers are the newest and most environmentally friendly floral trend. These are the flowers made of wood. Wooden flowers have come a long way as ecologically friendly and biodegradable flowers, which may surprise you. There is a growing desire to get the maximum value from raw materials as awareness grows. Sola wood flowers are unlike anything else on the planet. These flowers tout dependability and eco-friendliness in all of their dimensions, from fiber to texture.

Another gift from nature – Sola wood flowers:

Wood flowers are created from the Aeschynomene Aspera plant, although it's more often known as the shoal or sola plant. This shrub yields one of the lightest woods. Sola wood flower paper sheets are made from off-white bark or root. Handcrafted sola wood flowers are made from these sheets. The way these sola wood blossoms are made is another eye-catching characteristic. Every single flower is produced by hand. Therefore these flowers are genuinely unique, just like their originals.

Why wood flowers for a wedding?

People are becoming more environmentally aware. They aim to be more eco-friendly and avoid spending a lot of money on a single day to celebrate. The floral industry's options are getting more sophisticated, and as a result, sola flowers have taken control of the market for the reasons listed below:

Stunning features of sola wood flowers:

Wood flowers are blooms with excellent and distinct characteristics; this is why wooden flowers are the first choice of floral designers and wedding planners.

  • These are not very expensive, and in comparison with fresh-cut flowers, wood flowers are referred to be "budget-friendly" flowers.
  • Wooden flowers are pollen-free and scent-free, so they may be used in any situation without worrying about allergic concerns.
  • Don't even consider underestimating the allure and magnetism of sola wood blossoms. These are on par with real flowers in terms of beauty. They come in every color and style imaginable, but you can also get them scented, and their look confuses people about their true identity.
  • Because each wooden bloom is handcrafted from plants, no two are precisely similar, and tiny "imperfections" such as rips, holes, and brown skin patches are conceivable on every flower. The flowers are fragile and may have broken petals, much like real flowers.
  • The durability of these wood flowers allows newbies and floral designers to use these blooms in complex floral arrangements and centerpieces.
  • Sola wood flowers show no to low maintenance. You need to keep your wooden bouquet away from bright sunshine (which might fade the colors) and areas with excessive humidity or dampness (these flowers are made from a plant; they can mold). Use an air duster from a distance to avoid damaging any flowers while cleaning with it.

·        Biodegradability of sola wood flowers:

Pollution has risen to the top of the human priority list. Every choice we make must be environmentally friendly. Wood blossoms emerge from nature and return to it in silence. Faux flowers or silk blossoms aren't biodegradable and leave behind pollutants or residues. If you bury them in soil, they'll revert to their natural state.

·        Wood blooms as forever flowers:

The flowers are constructed of wood so that they will last a long time. Flowers made of wood aren't as durable as stone or metal, but they may be kept forever. They'll be OK with just a little help from you in the long term. Even sola flowers can be molded simply, making it feasible to reuse these blossoms repeatedly for various applications.

Making and dyeing of sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers may be shaped and dyed with a steamer or a little water. It's also a lot of fun to make a lovely flower out of a sola sheet without having to use a lot of equipment. Wooden flowers, with their natural white hues, have an almost heavenly quality. However, no rule says you may only utilize these blooms in their natural coloring. Sola wood flowers may be colored into any natural or artificial color tone with ease. Using different paint and materials to create different shades of sola flowers is a great way to be creative with your craft supplies. Acrylic paints are inexpensive, come in a wide range of colors, and are easy to come by.

You can replace acrylic paints with any latex to provide sola wood flowers a more vibrant or vivid appearance. There are many other innovative and unique options that you can avail to paint sola wood flowers, such as coffee or wine.

Flowers, love, & sola wood!

With sola wood flowers, you may create a broad choice of floral arrangements. The flexibility, affordability, and unique features make wooden blooms the best flowers for weddings. Everything from the centerpieces to the wedding aisle, bridal bouquets, bridal hairpieces, and jewelry to boutonnieres and more is included in the whole wedding décor:

  • All sorts of floral arrangements
  • Wedding flowers
  • Floral wreaths
  • Flowers for baby shower
  • Wall hangings
  • Holiday ornaments

Shelf life of sola wood flowers:

Sola flowers live indefinitely as long as they're not put in a wood shredder. They stay much longer than typical blooms. They are far more powerful than they appear to be. Regular cleaning will keep their luster. They're no less beautiful, as they seem to be wildflowers. Additionally, fragrance oil may be applied to the petals to give the flow.

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