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August 14, 2020 4 min read

According to Colin Cowie;

"Wedding arrangements are all about creating that MAGICAL MOMENT when you look around you, and every single element is working in HARMONY."

From wedding aisle to seating arrangements, dinning arrangements, photography, and welcome entrance, all the wedding arrangements are incomplete without flowers.

In this modern and trendy time when every wedding ceremony is completely unique and different from other, artificial flowers are gaining massive popularity. These blooms are appearing as a long-lasting, beautiful, and often affordable, alternative to fresh wedding flowers.

Another appreciating factor is that the artificial wedding flowers available in the market today are incredibly of high-quality, fascinating appearance, as well as excellent value. This is a guide that is created to highlight some of the prominent and main benefits of using artificial flowers for your wedding.

Fake flowers for wedding:

Artificial flowers are rising as the best replacement of real flowers for weddings and other celebrations. People are choosing these blooms preferably as an affordable and far better option than the real blooms in so many ways.

Sola wood faux flowers are now became a kind of official flowers for weddings. Florists and wedding planners are trying to use these blooms more innovatively and artistically for wedding decorations. Though, sola wood blooms are artificial, but their bio-degradability and eco-friendly nature has made these blooms best replacement for real flowers.

Sola wood flowers are made from balsa tree wood and every bloom is hand-crafted to create almost real appearance similar to the real flowers. This wood is ivory in color with very porous texture that is why these blooms can be easily colored to every possible color option you desire for. Sola wood flowers are excellent diffusers too and can be used as fragrance diffusers at your wedding ceremony.

Some outstanding and highly appreciated features of sola wood flowers are:

·       Durability:

Sola wood flowers are great because of their imperishable identity. You never have to face the challenge of keeping or preserving your wedding blooms from drying, dying, and wilting. There is no tension of scattering petals and damaged flowers in the wedding floral arrangements. You can be creative with sola wood fake flowers and add embellishments and crystals on them without damaging, bruising, and de-heading them.

·       Tension-free wedding floral decorations:

Sola wood flowers are not real and you can order your wood flowers wedding arrangements days and even weeks before your big day. These flowers never wilt and delivered in advance that allows you to make desired changes in the floral arrangements according to your wedding theme and taste.

Even the reforming ability of sola wood flowers helps you to reshape the damaged or deformed flowers on your own. Sola wood flowers cannot droop and they can also be kept for years to come as a lovely keepsake of your wedding day.

·       Ability to mix and match:

Fresh flowers have their own charisma and charm, and sola wood flowers allow you to get benefits from real flowers by using natural blooms in co-ordination with artificial table decorations and wedding bouquets.

The outstanding ability of wooden flowers to mix and match with real blooms is just superb. You can choose an option of bridal wedding bouquet with having a combination of real and sola wood wedding flowers.

·       Perfect for destination weddings:

Destination weddings are trending these days and couples are optioning for remote locations to celebrate their happy moments in a more personalized way.

Brides often remain concern about their floral decorations for destination weddings. Sola wood flowers instead of fresh ones are the preferred options brides choose while traveling to an exotic destination for their wedding.

Brides simply have to pack everything that they want to pack and take with her, with their flower crowns, bridal party bouquets, buttonholes and corsages. These flowers can be transported easily with no harm to them. To keep sola wood flowers protected, you can use bubble-wrapping or pack them in a hard suitcase for protection.

·       Allergen free flowers:

Artificial sola wood flower wedding decorations look like fresh blooms but these are free from pollen or fragrance. It means that your wedding party will be free from sneezing and no guests would ever have to worry about the repercussions of allergies.

With sola wood roses and other kinds of wooden flowers, you can forget about the troubles with your allergies, there is nothing to worry about the sufferings from any frustrating or annoying allergy symptoms. Nothing could restrict your flower selection and there will be nothing that could cause irritating health problems.

·       Flowers, free from all restrictions:

One of the best things about having sola wood wedding bouquets and floral arrangements is the fact that they are available all year round. You are free to do experiments with your wedding decorations. You don’t have to stick with seasonal flowers and just forget about overpaying for your favorite flowers you really wish to have on your big day. You have a guarantee to have access to the flowers you love in any real or glamorous color all year round.

·       Sola flowers will never dissatisfy you:

Sola wood flowers always look their best no matter the weather conditions, always being in peak bloom, so you can select floral arrangements for table centers, carry wooden wedding bouquets, wear buttonholes, and floral corsages with any blooms at any time of the year.

These sola wood floral wedding arrangements never make you feel disappointed. The wooden flowers you want for your wedding day can be available in exact colors, quality and designs that you dreamed for or otherwise you can dye these blooms in any color you love very easily.

Real or silk blooms are very expensive and you may find those blooms as burden on your wedding budget. However, purchasing sola wood flowers usually works out a lot affordable. It is also a fact that luxurious wooden flower arrangements can cost you the same as fresh flowers, but wooden blooms often work a lot better than real flowers and you always enjoy lavish and rich floral designs for your wedding arrangements.

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