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October 20, 2020 4 min read

You should consider a lovely eucalyptus choice, whether you are picking out a bouquet for a friend, family member, loved one, or yourself. Eucalyptus flower bouquets may have a touch of greenery or a broad bunch. Still, the leaves are a lovely addition either way. People love eucalyptus greenery for sure.

What do you know about eucalyptus?

There are over 500 eucalyptus species out there. The varieties are known as a kind of herb, but in their arrangements, florists use it as a lovely touch of greenery. Depending on the species and age of the plant, the leaves are smooth and may have various shapes, with most leaves being rounded in some way. As florists use eucalyptus greens to make a bouquet, some varieties are more common than others.

Eucalyptus is a versatile herb that has natural remedies that sometimes appear. When people have a cold, they use eucalyptus as a decongestant. It is also used to produce herbal rubs or cough drops. Some even want to put a bit of eucalyptus with other herbs in their tea. While the medicinal benefits are useful, we agree that eucalyptus works best as a decoration. Not familiar with or how to use eucalyptus-going flowers? Here are some details about the greenery, where to send a eucalyptus bouquet, what flowers go well.

What to do with eucalyptus leaves?

This greenery is not only fashionable, but it has many applications that can be integrated into any wedding or event. It can incorporate its versatility into rustic arrangements or even anything more whimsical.

Overall, eucalyptus gives just about every sort of bouquet a beautiful look. Go for the fashionable option of eucalyptus when you need some greenery to mix for your flowers. It helps to understand what flowers go with eucalyptus when you decide on a bouquet that features this lovely herb.

How long does fresh eucalyptus last?

The fresh eucalyptus stems that you buy form florist can last more than three weeks when you place its stems in water.

How to take care of the eucalyptus plant?

These plants are evergreen, but still, they can lose their leaves so you must have to know about their needs well:

  • Eucalyptus plant can handle a wide array of soil types, but you must take care of the drainage of excess water.
  • Sunlight is vital for the proper growth and nourishment of the eucalyptus plant. Try to place this potted plant in the living room next to a larger window or in the kitchen window.
  • Eucalyptus plant remains away from the risk of cold temperatures when placed indoor.

How long does fresh eucalyptus last without water?

The existence of fresh eucalyptus depends upon how it is stored. It can remain fresh from 3 weeks to several years. You can keep fresh-cut eucalyptus in a vase, or you can also hang it in the shower to preserve for approximately 3 to 8 weeks. The preserved eucalyptus can last for years if stored correctly.

How to care for fresh cut eucalyptus?

Get two parts of boiling water and one part of vegetable glycerin and mix in a vase or jar and place fresh cut eucalyptus stems dipped in it. Within two weeks, the leaves will turn darker in color and become softer. For best results smash the ends of stems to increase the area to absorb glycerin mixture.

Where can I find fresh eucalyptus?

You can find fresh eucalyptus from any florist or online wholesale stores like Amazon, ETSY, or from any Eucalyptus bulk flowers store.

What is the use of eucalyptus?

The use of eucalyptus extends beyond bouquets and centerpieces. These are the green leaves used in flower arrangements and floral bouquets to enhance the grace and looks. It may look simple, but you can get away with so much. Substitute eucalyptus leaves for the confetti throw, litter the ceremony aisle with them, and build a giant green backdrop. You can even use it as a leash for your pet or as a hair crown. But don't say that it’s more conventional applications are to be forgotten-nothing is as stunning as a lush eucalyptus runner gracing the centre of a reception table. It can also be a luxurious arrangement looming over a welcome table.

Eucalyptus, however, is more than beauty; it also symbolizes security and abundance and is said to encourage good health. At your wedding, what more could you wish for?

Flowers that can be paired best with eucalyptus:

·       Roses

In any bouquet for any reason, stunning roses are exquisite. It looks great to match the deep shades of green in eucalyptus with lighter colors of roses. Still, different shades of blossoms look wonderful in an arrangement together. While regular roses and eucalyptus make a perfect combination, other varieties also look lovely, such as garden roses and spray roses.

·       Carnations

Carnations have a texture similar to that of roses, so it is no surprise that they are also flowers with eucalyptus leaves that go well. A straightforward but fashionable bouquet is formed by blush pink blossoms and a darker variety of eucalyptus.

·       Peonies

The form and texture of these blooms are identical to carnations and roses. A eucalyptus and peony bouquet, depending on the colours in it, is versatile. You get a boho aesthetic with more greenery, but you get a chic look with white peonies in your eucalyptus bouquet.

·       Hydrangeas

A bouquet of hydrangea and eucalyptus helps the flowers to serve as a statement item. The simple eucalyptus greens do not compete with the big, textured flower, which provides an uncomplicated but grand arrangement.

·       Pompoms

With plenty of small, textured petals, pompom flowers have a spherical shape. These provided the oblong and pointed leaf shape, contrast well with Eucalyptus parvifolia. Pair the pompoms with rounded eucalyptus leaves for a seamless and quirky look.

·       Starflowers

Starflowers, also called Dianthus Star Testino, have pointed petals spreading out to form a star-like blossom. With any kind of eucalyptus leaves, the dramatic petals make these flowers go well. These blooms are matched by pointed eucalyptus leaves, while rounded ones add contrast to an arrangement.

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