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July 14, 2021 4 min read

Are you a bride-to-be suffering from pollen allergy issues and don't want to make real flowers as part of your wedding décor?

It's perfectly OK to skip real flowers on your wedding day if you're allergic to flowers, environmentally aware, on a budget, or simply don't care for them. Modern weddings have set a completely new tradition of presenting the bride and groom's style and personality. Useless traditions don't constrain today's weddings, and today's brides aren't interested in following the crowd.

So, if you want your wedding to be as distinctive as you are, and your quest for uniqueness doesn't have to stop with your gown, vows, or décor, then you are free to avoid natural blossoms on your big day. Wedding planners are experimenting with various designs these days to better complement the bride and groom's particular styles on their wedding day. Some people use flowers in unusual ways, while others don't use them at all.

Real flowers & weddings:

Real flowers are an important part of most weddings, and bridesmaid bouquets are a lovely tradition that looks great in pictures. Flowers, on the other hand, are not for everyone, and they may be rather costly. There are many lovely alternatives to the classic real flower bouquet available, and they aren't all non-floral bouquets. Some brides-to-be haven't flowered enthusiasts and prefer choices like lanterns or paper flowers that would stay longer. A few brides consider their bridal party's comfort and how they'll cope with the weather, for example. 

Here are a few innovative natural flower alternatives for wedding décor, bridal bouquets, corsages, and bridesmaid bouquets:

·       Paper Flowers:

Although we mentioned floral alternatives earlier, paper flowers have gone a long way in recent years. Faux flowers are becoming increasingly fashionable, with patterns ranging from basic to complex. Plus, if you're a DIYer, you may come up with some gorgeous and unique outfits that your bridesmaids can take home as a keepsake. Unlike traditional bouquets, these bridal bouquets will not wilt or dry up, and they will be something your bridesmaids can enjoy long after the wedding, making them a wonderful keepsake!

·       Flower Crowns:

Instead of a floral bouquet, how about wearing a flower crown made of sola wood flower?

It is a popular trend for today's brides; they are now decorating their and their bridesmaid's heads with sola wood flower crowns, and why not? Crowns and headpieces are pretty fashionable right now. Instead of carrying a bouquet down the aisle, a bride and her bridesmaids wear a beautiful floral crown made of stunning sola wood blooms. Of course, this option is may not be for everyone, but it may be perfect for a bride with a quirky, bohemian wedding taste, especially those who want to include flowers as a must.

·       Lanterns:

Lanterns aren't only for adornment at reception desks. They're a romantic alternative to the conventional bridesmaid bouquet, and they give an evening ceremony a lovely glow. Lanterns are another bouquet option that is now popular. Lanterns seem beautiful in photographs and lend a severe air of seriousness to nighttime events. The lanterns' flickering glimmer also creates the ideal atmosphere for the reception, when they may be utilized as decorations or given as gifts to the bride and bridesmaids.

·       Fans:

Another interesting approach is to use fans. They look lovely and are the ideal addition to summer weddings to keep your bridesmaids cool. Fans are a practical alternative to bridal and bridesmaid bouquets that keep brides and their ladies cool while also keeping you well-accessorized. Fans come in a variety of forms, colors, and materials, so you'll have no trouble choosing one that matches your wedding theme.

·       Vintage Jewelry:

If you don't want something for you and your bridesmaids that will wilt, make arrangements out of baubles that have previously lasted a long time. Beautiful and collectable jewelled bouquets are being created by talented craftsmen utilizing various antique gems, frequently from the family's collection. They're timeless, and they shine brightly in the wedding party's lineup. Don't forget it is an expensive option and you need to keep your wedding budget in mind.

·       Sola wood floral corsages:

Corsages make a comeback because they are a great way to incorporate flowers into your wedding while staying within your budget. Sola wood floral corsages are elegant and practical, allowing brides and their bridesmaids to utilize their hands. They're the perfect balance because they're flowery but less expensive than a floral bouquet, and they also serve as a keepsake of your wedding for a long time. 

·       Parasols:

You may also think about using parasols instead of flowers. They're lovely and functional, with a feminine touch, a splash of color, and a range of styles and prints are available to choose from. Nothing shouts ladylike elegance like parasols, whether they're made of lace or paper, natural or brilliantly colored. They're great for keeping the sun off your face at a summer wedding, and they're also great for photos. Furthermore, they can be used by the brides and their bridesmaids to give shade during hot outdoor weddings.

·       Wreath:

A beautiful alternative to the conventional bridal and bridesmaid bouquet is a wreath. They have a more rustic look and are perfect for winter weddings. They're also less expensive than real flower bouquets and make a statement because they're composed of basic greenery and few sola wood flowers. Plus, you and your bridesmaids may take them home after the wedding and display them in their homes.

·       Hardbound Books

What do you think about carrying a selection of your favorite books? These books are elegantly wrapped and will make a lovely wedding day item that is a romantic and cost-effective alternative to the traditional bouquet. This is a fantastic idea for bookworm brides or for the book-based meet-cute that started your romance! Some passages from the books can even be used for non-traditional ceremony readings. Choose novels that are significant to you. Add a tiny floral spray, or just wrap each one in exquisite lace or rich velvet ribbon to make them particularly beautiful.

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