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August 01, 2020 4 min read

Sola wood flowers! A memory that never gets old

What's your plan to celebrate your upcoming wedding anniversary?

An anniversary is a time to relive all the joys, peace, love, and intimate moments of your wedding day. It is a perfect occasion to spend quality time with your partner and revive all your big day's memorable moments. 

You know there is no better way to spruce up the anniversary day's arrangements and décor than by styling the table with beautiful flower arrangements. Have you imagined your partner's happiness in the case when you use the same flowers that were part of your wedding day decorations? 

The accurate flower arrangement can drastically change the overall looks of the venue and enlightens the mood. It also adds a touch of charm and elegance to the anniversary celebrations. Undoubtedly this is the best way to express the blessed time together and even brighter future ahead of being surrounded by flowers? 

Importance of flowers on your anniversary:

Floral arrangements for wedding anniversary are necessary to decide the food items, music, and other details to celebrate the event. For an anniversary floral arrangement, real flower arrangement requires proper attention with extra care. 

An appropriately decorated centerpiece, floral decors, and flower bouquet can really tie with the celebrations and set this arrangement total different from other days. No matter, whether you are celebrating the wedding anniversary in the house or outside, the sola wood flower arrangement ideas can simply spruce up the venue, and create the perfect romantic and enjoyable atmosphere for the guests.

Why sola wood flowers?

The use of faux flowers is in trend nowadays. From weddings, birthday parties, and bridal or baby showers to floral gifts and floral arrangements for house indoor, artificial flowers are ruling everywhere. Absolutely real flowers are the most admirably used for decorations and grant purposes. Still, now the world is changing so quickly. Everyone is getting more concerned about the ecosystem of Earth.

Sola wood blooms are not original flowers, but they are created from 100% natural material that is eco-friendly and biodegradable too. The bark of balsa tree wood is used as raw material to create these stunning wooden blooms. These flowers mimic real blooms' appearance so perfectly, and you cannot identify the difference between original and wooden blooms just by looking at them.

Wooden flowers are pollen-free. You can use these blooms for every occasion or event without taking tension of pollen allergy and asthma issues.

Naturally, they exist in ivory or off white color. Still, they can be easily dyed in any color you love to see them. The best feature of these blooms that make them superior among other faux flowers is their eco-friendly nature. These are everlasting blooms, and you can keep these flowers as a keepsake with you.

You can reuse your sola wood wedding flowers on your wedding anniversary to recreate the entire magical environment once again.

Flowers arrangement ideas with wooden flowers for the anniversary: 

Here are few of the creative ideas for sola wood floral arrangements for your wedding anniversary:

1.     Bring spring vibes with vivid sola wood flowers:

To add colors of spring in your anniversary celebrations, use a colorful flower arrangement that gives the spring season's feel. Decorate your dining table with an array of blooms and greenery. Choose white Matsumoto asters, peach miniature carnations or alstroemeria, solidago, myrtle, and yellow button spray chrysanthemums with green ivy for a spring flowers arrangement. 

This combination of spring flowers indicates love, care, and patience in your relationship. As the wooden blooms last for years, you can keep loving and appreciating this spring flower bouquet's beauty very long after the anniversary. Sola wood flowers look best for years and bring a smile on your face.

2.     Try a combination of graceful and gorgeous flowers:

Create a gorgeous flower arrangement to spruce up your table with a beautiful combination of sola wood pink heather and matsumoto asters, white daisy, variegated pittosporum, bupleurum, and spray chrysanthemums. This floral arrangement not only adds a touch of elegance and grace to the table, but it keeps you sighing with joy in your heart by watching this fantastic flower arrangement. With a sophisticated vase, this floral combination represents the grace and everlasting charm in your relationship. 

3.     Sola flowers in a crystal vase:

A colorful mix of lavender daisy spray, pink roses and incarnations, and spray roses are the great flower arrangement styled in a delicate crystal vase. This floral arrangement displays the gratitude, association, and love in your relationship. This floral item can be an excellent symbol for the anniversary. Low and high blooms arranged in a vase create a look that is so pleasing to the eyes, and the perfection of wooden flowers shows the undying love between the couples.

4.     A gift of flowers with love:

For an exceptional look of the anniversary, arrangements try an arrangement that shows off the deep, intimate and sensational loves between you two. A unique gift floral arrangement of red wooden roses is a present that is just out of the world for your significant other. This floral gift will turn a simple and ordinary gathering into an unforgettable, sensational, and beautiful renewal of your everlasting relationship that will surely be remembered for many years.

5.     An evergreen combination for all seasons:

To bring a variety, glamour, and vibrancy in the flower arrangement, try for a combination consisting of roses, spiral, pink stock, lavender heather, white sinuate statice, of course with dusty miller. This stunning combination of flowers signifies the beauty and purity of the two souls. The colorful variation of the flowers makes this anniversary arrangement perfect for any season. Whether your anniversary is in summers, spring, winters, or in autumns, this arrangement is appropriate. 

Spice up your wedding anniversary celebrations with sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers invoke warm and surprising feelings that make a deep impression of strengthening the bond between two partners for a lifetime. Hope this guide will help you to add more spark of romance and love in your relationship.

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