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September 01, 2020 4 min read

Try sola wood flowers to compliment fresh blooms!

A wedding is when couples try to be particular about everything from the wedding venue to the grand wedding reception and innovative wedding decorations. As you go through your wedding checklist, there are certain things you prioritize over others.

Let’s accept the reality; all of us envision our weddings to have the perfect fairytale element. The whimsical atmosphere, magical beauty all around, and a little extra touch of romance are all we need. 

After all, you are going to marry your Prince Charming! 

Outdoor weddings can be perfect for executing that particular fairytale feel. Suppose you and your fiancé have decided to get married outdoors. In that case, the best possible option is ‘’A wedding in a blooming garden.’’

Definitely, this is a wonderful idea! 

Who would not love to have a wedding surrounded by the abundance of beautiful and breathtaking flowers and their loved ones?

Surely after deciding it, before start scoping out all the local floral parks and botanical gardens, keep in mind that outdoor weddings can be tricky. You have to do careful planning so both of you and your guests can enjoy those precious moments and have a great time.

To help you plan and organize a beautiful and unforgettable wedding event, woodflowers.com has gathered all the tricks here to arrange your very own garden wedding!

Things you need to look for:

Be aware of all these issues you may experience during garden wedding arrangements:

·       Weather situations:

Outdoor weddings have a direct link with the weather and climatic changes. No matter what season you are planning your wedding, the weather can make or break your big day. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent things from happening opposite to your planning. The only option in your hand is to be prepared for the worst.

Even summer weddings can also be unexpectedly rained on with unpredictable showers. In winters, the chilly breezes during the colder months can be quite distracting. 

It is always appreciated to snag a venue with an indoor space for an emergency. You can also choose a venue that allows you to set up tents to shield from potential storms or winds. In fact, tents actually add a nice rustic twist to your ceremony with being extremely practical. The addition of a tent also allows you to increase the options of decorations like fairy lights, hanging floral fixtures, chandeliers, and pillars galore!

·       Mix and match the details:

The couple choosing the right bridal gowns and tuxes, matching accessories and other details is a big part of wedding preparations.

But, do you actually know about coordinating what you wear with the hues of your venue?

It is the most important mix and matches you need to care about. Because you are in a garden theme wedding, you will be surrounded by a number of colorful flowers and plants, and this variety of color options may distract the attention from couple to the other venue details.

Usually, couples might want to consider matching with their backdrop. Brides typically want to be limited to wearing a white dress. Still, if having a venue that gives off a cool, earthy atmosphere, it is ideal to select dresses with ivory or yellowish tones to match. 

The same is the advice for bridesmaids and groomsmen. They should also dress according to the demands of a wedding venue. Perhaps some cooler shades of green, pink, and purple will be ideal to follow the vibes. Remember garden wedding allows you to choose hundreds of options as the possibilities are endless.

·       Still, need floral decorations?

You are getting married in a flower garden, so there is no need to worry about floral decorations and arrangements!!!

It is not right at all. Just because a garden venue provides you a stunning display of flowers and greens, you cannot compromise with adding more of that floral punch to your ceremony. 

Floral decorations, centerpieces, and flower bouquets beautify your wedding and add that particular fairytale element you have always dreamed of. But it’s important to be creative and specific with the floral arrangements you opt for.

Maybe some of your guests are allergic to flowers and plants. It is also the situation that the garden venue was your choice only to save a wedding budget that real flowers consume.

Woodflowers.com provides you a fantastic option of choosing wooden flowers for your wedding decor. Sola wood flowers are artificial blooms, but it is almost impossible to differentiate between a real and sola woo blooms while standing in a garden full of flowers. These are pollen-free blooms. Their durability allows you to use these blooms in typical and complicated floral arrangements where real flowers cannot survive. These flowers are affordable, and you can reuse these flower arrangements and bouquets for your indoor décor. Never choose arrangements that overpower the existing flowers in the garden.

·       Be alert! You have to deal with the pests:

Maybe many of you have no idea about it, but this is probably one of the biggest concerns when it comes to being outdoors. Mosquitoes, insects, creepy crawlers, and bees – they all love flowers and greens, and there is so much to deal with! 

Surely no one wants to experience this constant swatting at the air and frightened guests. So you have to find an effective solution to keep these pests from ruining your fairytale wedding?

Fortunately, you have a few options to consider: 

  • Hand out decorated spray repellants to your guests to ensure that all of your guests can sit through the ceremony without worrying about some uninvited pests invading their space.
  • For some extra security and ward off the bugs, try lighting candles at every table. It will help to keep out the unwanted 8-legged guests and also set a nice mood for the day of romance.
  • You can also look into decorations with real flowers that bugs and cannot stand, such as lavender and chrysanthemums.

Indeed, the wedding ceremony is something to look forward to, and these tips will ease some of the jitters when it comes to planning your big day. 

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