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March 24, 2021 4 min read

Wouldn't a commercial space's outdoor scenery, with bright flowers and refreshing plants welcoming you as you enter, cheer you up?

Or would a desolate landscape devoid of color and beauty appeal to the masses?

Clearly, the former one is what you are thinking of!

Flowers, greenery, and nature are beautiful in every way. It warmly welcomes you, piques your interest, and it gives every room a unique feel. However, creating such a flourishing landscape takes a lot of effort. This is why the majority of companies want to use flourish artificial flowers and plants in their outdoor spaces. They put on a lovely show all year without putting in a lot of work or spending a lot of money. They also make a lovely message to the rest of the world and invite visitors in. If you want to add a splash of color to your outdoor landscaping project, using outdoor artificial plants and trees is the way to go.

Not all faux greenery, however, can be used outside. Others are specifically built for use outside. You can use a variety of faux trees and plants that can be used outside without fear of color fading due to exposure to the sun, wind, water, or snow. Season after season, using these accents will ensure a pristine, serene landscaping project. So, before you go out and buy some foliage, double-check with the store. There are several questions that a consumer may ask when buying artificial flowers and plants for outdoor use. Woodflowers.com has highlighted a few of them below to assist you in keeping your foliage serene and long-lasting.

Firstly, can I put artificial plants outside?

Yeah, but it depends on how the artificial plant is cared for and where you want to keep it. Since fake plants aren't generally built to endure outdoor use rigours, they're best kept in a climate-controlled setting. Even so, if you go about it the right way and understand how to protect fake plants outside, you can bring your precious fake plants outside.

When it comes to artificial plants, the most common problems are that their color fades, they get dirty quickly, and the leaves break. You can use realistic artificial flowers UK as the best outdoor floral option. 

How do you get the dust out of silk flower arrangements?

If you use artificial flowers outside, they will inevitably become dusty after a while. It's also essential to clean the dust from time to time. Otherwise, the sheen of your flowers will be lost. Dusting faux flower centerpieces with a soft-bristle paintbrush is the most effective way to remove dust. Simply brush each part of your arrangement, from the petals to the leaves to the stems, until they're clean. To stop dirt falling on the sections you have already washed, start cleaning from the top and work your way down to the flowering plants' bottom.

Blowing compressed air on artificial flowers and plants is another way to disinfect them. It is a time-saving and straightforward process. Just make sure you do it outside because the dust will blow everywhere and make your room a dusty mess.

Do artificial plants fade in the sun?

These Interflora artificial flowers and plants, like natural plants and flowers, fade in the light, but only those made for indoor use. Using new faux plants and flowers will not fade for a long time because they combine UV blocking technology with long-lasting, colorfast pigments to produce fade-resistant foliage that can be used outdoors without fear of extreme heat or rain.

In the long run, an untreated artificial plant held in direct sunlight can fade and crack. Artificial plants and flowers that have been UV-treated, on the other hand, have the best chance of surviving the hot, dry summer months.

To do so, dust the leaves, roots, blooms, and other parts of the plant with UV safety spray. Since fake plants are usually waterproof, a good UV resistant spray will effectively weatherproof the plants and create a nice protective layer that will enable you to position your artificial plants outside.

How do you keep artificial plants from fading outside?

Remove any residue from your artificial plants before placing them outside to keep them from fading. You may use a hairdryer on a low setting or a can of compressed air to efficiently remove the particles. Once you've cleaned the excess, take a clean feather duster and manually remove the residual debris with a gentle touch.

The amount of full sun the plant receives must then be reduced. The best place to put the fake plants is under an awning or on a patio, where they can get the most shade. We also suggest rotating the plant on a regular basis so that any fading is uniformly distributed rather than concentrated on one side.

How long do artificial flowers last outside?

Artificial flowers and plants have varying lifespan depending on whether they are contained in a sheltered area or exposed to direct sunlight. They are robust enough to withstand the elements and avoid fading for years, but they would last much longer if placed on a patio with an overhang or a front porch protected from direct sunlight. Of course, the materials used can affect, so look for UV-protected and polyethene blend materials. You can buy UV protected, high-quality artificial flowers UK to decorate your outdoors.

How do you clean dirty artificial plants?

You'll also need to care for artificial plants outside until you've found out how to shield them from the elements. They will get dirty and dusty, just like everything else exposed to the elements, so you should know how to clean dirty artificial flowers and plants to keep them looking their best.

If you want to clean these plants safely, be gentle with them because they can already be damaged from being exposed to the elements. Cleaning should be done regularly because the longer dirt accumulates, the more difficult it is to remove. Waterless methods for removing dust and small particles from high-quality artificial silk flowers and plants are available. Since some colors can run if they get wet, these products are ideal for silk flowers.

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