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July 31, 2020 4 min read

Choose The Right Option!

‘’Flowers always make people happier, helpful, and better. These are sunshine’s, water, and medicine for the souls.’’

Flowers have their particular and unavoidable place in weddings and events. Their bright colors, fascinating shapes, amazing sizes, and beautiful contrasts can easily add certain flavors to the event. Flowers are not the first thing chosen for the wedding, but definitely not the last one. Flowers reflect the theme of a wedding, even if there is nothing disclosed about any other decorations.

Flowers are not only limited to the main wedding event or reception, but these can be used for various components of a wedding like:

  • Floral corsages for the bridal shower
  • Flowers to the Bride or Groom before their wedding night
  • Balloon bouquet centerpiece for a bachelorette party

When you talk about wedding flowers, there are a lot of reasons to go artificial. Sola wood flowers are a new addition to this army of faux blooms, and these wooden blooms have proven their efficiency and credibility within no time. There are so many reasons to choose artificial sola wood flowers as:

  • You can keep these flowers forever
  • Don't make you sneeze and have no allergy issues
  • Available in every season
  • It can be a perfect gift for every occasion from Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Baby shower, etc.
  • Travel well
  • Able to bear harsh weather conditions to some extent
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Can be used as fragrance diffusers also
  • Reduce wedding stress and so many that you could go on!

So with these features you absolutely want artificial flowers for your wedding and here are a few tips for arranging and organizing these flowers! 

5 Things to Know about Artificial Sola Wedding Flowers:

Sola wedding flowers are making their place in the wedding industry so rapidly, and now people love to use sola flowers instead of original blooms. The natural looks, countless color options, and durability of wooden flowers with their environment-friendly nature create a unique reputation of these wooden flowers. You need to look at these main features of sola blooms while selecting these color pops as your wedding blooms:

1.    Don't over think:

No need to worry about their artificial nature. Sola wood blooms are made of natural material (Balsa tree wood), and these are so realistic in appearance. Sola wood flowers are crafted with hands, and no machines are used to transform these wooden shavings into flowers.

This handcrafting provides every sola bloom, a customized genuine look that is identical to the original blooms. There is no other option to differentiate between real and sola blooms, but for touching the flowers with your own hands! So just don't procrastinate anymore for selecting sola wood blooms as your wedding flowers. 

2.    Sola flowers are art:

 Sola wood blooms are the pieces of art, and like all art, they take time. Each bouquet, centerpiece, and floral decoration has a new design, style, and variety. These blooms are durable and can be easily used to create unique and artistic floral arrangements after consulting with each couple to create designs according to their desire. 

Sola wood flowers are easy to dye and can be painted in any natural or artificial color variety. Even these flowers can be hand-painted to provide just the right shade to get perfection for your wedding.

3.    QUALITY:

It's a fact that, like with everything in life, we get what we pay for. Sola wood flowers are no exception to this rule. If you want your flowers to stand up to the heat of the day, and look, feel, and appear real, it is worth paying that bit more. Sola wood flowers are not like all artificial flowers and are not created in the same way. 

If your option for other faux flowers rather than sola wood blooms, you may get the more plastic or unrealistic look. Good quality sola flowers are affordable yet elegant that provides you the pure feel of original flowers with natural sophistication.

4.    DIY sola flowers:

Do your due diligence! If you want beautiful flowers that look and feel real with a touch of your artistic senses, then try DIY sola wood flowers. Thinking about DIY-ing to manage your budget? Great! It is so easy to create sola wood floral centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral arrangements on your own. You will need:

  • Lose sola wood flowers
  • Florist's tools - wire, tape, cutting pliers 
  • Greenery and trim
  • Pearl topped pins
  • Floral foams
  • Hessian (for finishing wrap if required), Ribbon, String, Lace or Hessian 
  • Bowls/ Baskets/Vases for centerpieces and floral arrangements

If you want to dye these blooms, you can also use any of the options from spray paints, fabric paints, watercolors, or acrylic paints. If you have some trouble with creating floral arrangements or dying sola wood blooms is a real issue for you, there is also a solution.

Many video tutorials are available on Youtube to guide you about various techniques, tips, and secrets about creating sola wood floral arrangements, dying sola wood flowers, and designing unique centerpieces, wedding arches, wedding aisles, etc. 

Of course, with all these essentials, you need an Artist's eye with a unique sense of creating beautiful floral items and bulk buying power too.

5.    Budget:

There was a time when couples only look at artificial flowers because they had a tight budget, and they were oppressed to use an unwilling option of artificial flowers to save money. If you want high-quality faux flowers rather than sola blooms that are also arranged by a professional, you'll probably end up paying approximately the same as for fresh. Sola wood flowers are affordable in every way that can easily adjust with your budget set and your commitment to sticking to that budget!

Hopefully, this little list of extraordinary features to Know about Artificial Sola Wood Wedding Flowers has helped you a lot to decide on wooden blooms. 

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