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September 30, 2020 4 min read

At weddings and festivals, flowers hold an extraordinary place. To add various colors, contrasts, shapes, and sizes, add flowers to your event. They are not exactly the first thing to consider, but certainly not the last. The colors selected by the Bride decide on the wedding theme. Even if you have not seen any other decorations yet other than the flowers, the flowers still represent the decision.

Flowers have different symbols and meanings. The chosen colors also have unique meanings, but a Bride only recognizes the flowers sent to her by her soul mate. For individual components of a wedding, flowers can be used, such as sending flowers to the Bride or Groom the night before, at the wedding itself, a corsage to be worn at the Bridal Shower, or a Balloon Bouquet Center.

There could be even more wedding flowers than the Bridal Bouquet, the Boutonnieres, and the Corsages. A significant aspect of wedding flowers is always the Bridal Bouquet. But bear in mind that Flower Girl bags, the decorations of the facility where the wedding takes place, and the reception's decorations are also very important. 

The alter can also be decorated with floral in the church, at the end of each of which the pews can have bows or fresh flowers. Under the candles, the Candelabras are used for a Unity service, which has floral on the base. An arch can be requested during the service, and that can be decorated with fresh or silk floral. The debate on artificial flowers vs. real flowers for a wedding is still continuing.

Still, the couples choose their options according to their wedding budget, flower preferences, and personal choice. Even the trend of mixing real and fake flowers for a wedding is also getting popularity.

There are several occasions where choosing real flowers is not a wise decision. Some individuals need flowers to stand up for a more extended period. Let's say you get married early in the morning. Still, by the time the wedding begins, your wedding will not be until much later in the day, and flowers will probably be limp and wilted. You could suggest using silk flowers or sola wood flowers in this type of case so that the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and all the table decorations still look as fresh as they were made. Similarly, faux flowers for civil ceremony weddings are perfect for a formal event.

According to most wedding planners, florists, and couples, artificial flowers are the most practical, inexpensive, and impressive wedding flowers for wedding decorations and wedding bouquets. Here are a few of the best synthetic flower options for your wedding:

·        Silk Wedding Flowers:

Silk Wedding Flowers for your wedding day will provide an excellent alternative to fresh flowers. With their great quality, they are becoming increasingly popular. There is a broad array of colors and flower varieties available all year round. 

Many brides want to have silk flowers simply because, unlike fresh flowers, they can keep them as a souvenir from the day after the wedding. They can also be an extra present to save for their bridesmaids. They are easy to transport and can be produced well in advance of your big day. You would also not have to think about the wilting of flowers in hot climates. If you or any of your bridal party suffers from allergies, artificial silk flowers are also a safe choice. You can buy silk flowers online cheap and also have options to rent silk flowers for your wedding.

·        Paper Wedding Flowers:

Paper wedding flowers are just what they sound like: flowers designed from paper. Paper flowers can be very delicate and lifelike, to the point that you have to get really close to the flowers to tell them that they are not real. These varieties are sourced from specialty stores or online vendors. On the flip side, the use of bright colors, patterns, or oversized shapes may also make paper flowers dramatic and theatrical.

When you have a creative side, these less-realistic models can be DIY more quickly. These DIY paper wedding flowers can be used as a decorative focal point for great effect. They are typically inexpensive to make, and their uses are limited only by your imagination. Suppose you want to use create DIY paper flowers for a wedding to making a statement piece. In that case, YouTube tutorials for "How to make big paper flowers for wedding" can be beneficial for you.

Here are some suggestions for ways you can replace your floral wedding decor with paper flowers:

  • Build your party, sweetheart table, photo booth, or wedding backdrops with paper flowers.
  • Develop streamers or garlands of paper flowers to hang from your reception or ceremony spaces.
  • To decorate a beachy, insular-themed wedding, make large-scale tropical leaves and palm fronds from paper.
  • Cover your arch of ceremony in a rainbow of paper flowers brightly colored.
  • To fit your wedding theme, make boutonnieres or small bouquets from specialty paper, such as pages from a comic book or sheet music.

·        Sola Wood Flowers

Natural Sola wood is shaped into petals and blossoms. No two pieces will ever be the same, with each arrangement uniquely crafted. Sola wood flowers are made of raw material. They have natural variations and imperfections, making it possible for each flower to look realistic.

Whether you believe or not, but without the beauty, charisma, and charm of a classic English rose, a traditional wedding wouldn't be the same. These are beloved for the elegance and obsessive presence of their fairytale. When used in a bridal bouquet, wooden roses look beautiful as a show-stopping centerpiece or table arrangements.

·        Fabric Flowers:

Do you know how to make wedding fabric flowers?

With the help of sola wood or silk flowers, vintage keys for embellishing, feather boas, flower pins, laces, ribbons, and other requirements, it is easy to create an exquisite bridal bouquet out of fabric flowers. The fabric flower bouquet for brides is suitable for formal and casual weddings.

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