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August 07, 2021 4 min read

Each month has a birth flower, and each flower-like birthstone has a unique meaning. It is beneficial when selecting the perfect birthday flowers to present to this particular someone. Flowers are an excellent present in any case. Knowing the significance behind them, though, and using them to express something meaningful to someone you care about, will make the celebration considerably more memorable.

So, make sure to choose a bouquet that includes their natal flower!

Are you looking for a birthday present for a person whose birthday is in August?

Augusts’ birth flowers are the colorful gladiolus and the stunning poppy, both of which bloom throughout August.


Glads fill every garden bed and every table vase! Gladiolus is an excellent choice for a gorgeous floral display and lovely cut blooms. Glads also make lovely cut flowers, whether gathered in a vase or combined with other flowers in arrangements.

They feature a trumpet-shaped blossom and are available in various colors, including red, white, yellow, golden, orange, pink, apricot, purple, and lavender. Because of its long and slender form, the gladiolus is sometimes known as a sword lily.

·       Glad's symbolism & meanings:

"Gladiolus" is the diminutive of "gladius," which means sword in Latin. It has numerous funnel-shaped blooms grouped on one side of the stalk. Each flower contains six floral components, which resemble petals.

The gladiolus represents sincerity, memory, and a strong character:

  • Red gladioli signify profound love
  • Pink gladioli reflect maternal sentiments
  • White gladioli represent purity
  • Purple expresses your admiration for the receiver and denotes their elegance
  • Yellow expresses your joy

Whatever color you pick, these blooms provide a statement of integrity and power. If you see their likeness to swords and you gift one to someone you're romantically interested in, you're telling them they've pierced your heart.

·       Interesting Gladiolus facts:

Here are few exciting myths and fun facts associated with the glads:

  • Because gladioli were worn around the necks of Ancient Roman soldiers for protection during wars, the flowers are still associated with them.
  • Gladioli are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have therapeutic properties. Mash the seeds to make a paste that may remove thorns and splinters or mix with milk to cure a colicky infant.
  • Originating in Africa and Asia, the bloom expanded during the 1700s, eventually reaching Europe and the Americas due to the growth of trade routes.

·        Gladioli and August babies:

People born in August are as one-of-a-kind as the gladiolus flower and are full of honesty. They have strong personalities and are natural leaders. They are known for being honest and faithful. They are typically quite clever as well.

·        Gladioli buying tips:

When you need to buy this flower as a birthday gift, then look for gladioli with strong, straight stems and blooms with buds on the edge of the opening. This will help them last longer in the vase. Choose those with only the first two or three floret buds at the stem's base that are opening.

But if you want to make your gift unique and long-lasting, then try buying sola wood gladioli as birthday bloom for August. These are real-looking blooms with added features of having a better variety of color options, no allergy issues, and these can be a perfect keepsake for a long, long time.


Although most people associate the name "poppy" with the famous single-petal red flower, it occurs in various shapes and sizes. The California poppy, for example, is a single-petal bright orange flower, but the carnation poppy is four inches wide and has a ruffled crown of beautiful petals.

·        Poppy symbolism & meaning:

Papaver somniferous, or commonly called poppies, are associated with rest and sleep in mythology. It is also because of their therapeutic qualities and benefits. This species is used to make opium. In the East, this flower signifies a deep love between two individuals. However, red poppies have long been associated with remembering, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans gave them to the recently deceased to wish them peace. However, yellow poppies represent wealth, white poppies signify comfort, and crimson poppies represent pleasure.

·        Interesting Poppy flower facts:

Here are few interesting facts about poppy flowers:

  • White poppies, in particular, blossomed during conflicts involving Genghis Kahn, which is one of the reasons they are associated with death.
  • Poppies have been found on battlefields dating back to the 12th century, giving rise to the idea that they bloom in war-torn areas.
  • Recently, World War I battlefields bombed and trampled the ground so severely that it took four years for the poppies to reappear.
  • The red poppy is a natural pain reliever, according to experts. In addition, it is gentler and safer than most other traditional pain relievers and medicines. People with painful diseases including arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, and lumbago might benefit from its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Rubbing red poppy seed paste on your joints helps to relieve joint pain and swelling. Even slight muscular aches and headaches can be treated with it.

·        Poppy & August babies:

This bright bloom bestows this trait on those born in the eighth month of the year, and you'll be hard-pressed to find an August baby who isn't up for a battle. Daring and brave, their sheer willpower makes them excellent family members, friends, and lovers.

·        Tips for buying Poppies:

When you wish to buy fresh poppies, look for at least one or two blooms already open in each bunch. The rest should be divided and colored, with shriveled stem ends avoided. To make this poppy flower gift immortal, you can choose sola wood poppy flowers that will serve as a lasting remembrance of your thoughtful gift.


Wood flowers for birthdays are ideal for allergy sufferers, hospital patients, and the environment concerned, instead of sending a gift of sola wood flowers this year to save the environment and save air miles instead of sending fresh flowers.

This August, either you choose poppies or gladioli, it's entirely up to you, but you prefer giving sola wood version of these blooms for countless good reasons.

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