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February 19, 2020 2 min read

Beach weddings are so popular because they are relaxing and most romantic. Just imagining about wearing a flowy gorgeous wedding dress, walking on the sand bear feet, having hands in hands with your love of life, and enjoying romantic sunsets is like thinking of a fairy tale. As beach wedding is unique in its own way. From the seating arrangements and decorations to the food items, the options are unique and impressive.

To meet the fresh smell of salty sea breeze, picturesque views, tropical vibes, striking colors, and all the natural inspirations provided by the ocean you need a little distinctive wooden bouquet too. As the beachside wedding offers a more relaxed feel than traditional land weddings, you get more freedom to choose your big day clutch. You can be more creative in making experiments with your wooden bouquet for a beachside wedding.

In every way wooden bouquet, wooden wedding flowers, and other wooden floral arrangements are simply perfect for a beachside wedding. The durability, affordability, and ability to bear harsh weather can make these blooms ideal for a beachside wedding party. To select a perfect bridal bouquet to complement beach-theme you need to remember the following key points:

Bouquet color:

It is important to pick the right colors for the bridal bouquet to emulate the horizon line of ocean and sunset. It’s good to go with the red, yellow, and pink, wood flower wooden bouquet or choosing the shades of blue and green to follow the ocean for inspiration.

Right blooms:

To make your wooden bouquet more appropriate with beach wedding select the flowers like roses, peonies, sugarbushes, and ranunculus. At the leafy side fiddlehead ferns, palm leaves, and astilbe can create a natural cascading look.

Match the theme:

Think of a beach wedding and the first thoughts come into your mind are sea-shells and starfish. You can use these symbolic representations of beach in your bridal wooden bouquet also. You can add these gorgeous elements to your wooden bouquet to keep these memories with you for the rest of your life.

Break the rules:

Beachside wedding in itself breaks many traditions that are why your bridal bouquet has nothing to follow any rules. Whether you are thinking of having single oversized wooden bloom with lots of coral reefs or wish to have bright and vibrant colorful wooden flowers with a touch of seashells and starfish. You are free to make the decision that represents your inner personality and help you to enjoy your big day in your own way.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Woodflowers.com allows you to live your dream wedding by providing amazingly crafted sola wood blooms that not only satisfy your wedding day decorative needs but you can keep these colorful memory sakes along with you for a very long time.

Woodflowers.com has a variety of wooden bouquets that can effortlessly follow your wedding theme and style. In addition to the available options, you can also order for customized floral options for your big day.

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