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October 16, 2021 4 min read

It's not just the leaves that change color as summer fades into fall. Shops, florists, and flower markets all change their displays in anticipation of the cooler months ahead. Deep reds, rich yellows, and blazing oranges are popular colors in fashion and flora. It's time to get creative with textures and layering now that it's getting more relaxed, and using fresh or dried floral arrangements around the house is one way to express this shift in attitude.

Autumn is the most outstanding season to tie the knot as well. The temperature is perfect, not it's too hot or too cold—and the scenery is picture-perfect. An outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception, both decked in beautiful fall leaves, have their advantages.

Because fall is such a lovely season, it only makes sense to design your wedding bouquets and arrangements to match the colors you see all around you. Your flowers should glitter on your wedding day, just as you do, so make sure you arrange them properly.

Fall weddings are ideal for incorporating cherished seasonal hues that may be too daring for spring and summer wedding trends. Autumn weddings offer couples the opportunities to use unusual leaves in floral arrangements, to combine unique materials into bouquets, and to use rich colors throughout the décor. Using fall flower bouquets is another approach to incorporate the autumnal trend into your celebration without creating an occasion that may be too seasonally themed for your taste.

Consider the following floral design concepts while making your bridal bouquet:

·       Lavishing Lavender:

This fall bouquet concept is perfect for a rustic wedding or your quaint country cottage since it adds gentle color and texture to the surrounding environment. This striking yet basic combo can be easily replicated. To begin, gather a little bundle of dry wheat and secure it with raffia. Add dimension to the grain by surrounding it with preserved lavender. To finish, use a white moire ribbon to wrap the stems. Either it is a bridesmaid bouquet or an entryway table centerpiece, this bunch works well for both occasions.

·       Boldly Arranged Bouquet:

Put your flowers in a translucent container to create a show extending from their lowest to their highest points. This is a no-rules situation if you approach the bouquet as a floral arrangement, and it's pretty simple to achieve. Fill the vase halfway with flower foam. Then, before arranging the bouquet, insert individual blooms into the vase. The lower-lying blossoms will obscure its stems. Use height differences and feathers and fall berries to create amusing contrasts for the most significant effects.

·       Feathery Fronds:

Bring an unexpected element to your autumnal wedding with this delicate wand. This elegant fall bouquet will provide a special touch to your ceremony, and the wispy rod will add an unexpected touch to your seasonal wedding. A similar arrangement can be created by grouping together various speckled flower sprays, adding pheasant feathers, and finishing off the outer margins with delicately curled, snow-white Ostrich fronds. After that, secure the feather stems in place by wrapping them in a robust and wide ribbon.

·       Show-stopping Autumn Bouquet:

Make a seasonal bouquet out of all your favorite fall hues and shapes. Who needs to pick just one type of flower when you can have it all in one striking bunch? Your local florist can assist you; however, if you'd rather, you can create a casual-looking field bouquet on your own. A pedestal is what the vase deserves.

·       Glowing Goldenrod:

Bronzed hues and powdery textures scream autumn to me. This autumn bouquet idea can help set the mood for your wedding reception's tables with its seasonal feel. Use large mason jars and wrap raffia over the lips for this eye-catching cluster. For the last touch, fill the jars with a mixture of white gypsophila, magnolia, and snowball sprays. Adding static yellow branches and a few billy balls Craspedia stems for color will finish off the bouquets.

·       Gallant Gerberas:

This vibrant bouquet of blooms will add a splash of color to any room. When choosing a vase, go for something significant with a bark-covered cylindrical shape. Next, arrange gerbera daisies in a vase in various colors, fanning them out to make a complete display. Incorporate faux maple leaf sprays among the vivid flowers for a finished, seasonally appropriate look.

·       Statement vase bouquet:

Use a striking vase to display sculptural autumn stems. Use the version in the picture as a guide and create a creative bouquet in a featured container that people will like looking at. A neoclassical bust with a swarm of plumes, spikes, foliage, and berries is sure to draw interest. Instead of utilizing fresh flowers, why not experiment with dried ones?

·       Persimmon-esque:

Use a persimmon tree centerpiece to give your October wedding table a burst of color. This autumn bouquet is understated and understated, yet vibrant and eye-catching all at the same time. Wrap a thick piece of twine around the neck of a glass bottle to replicate this look. Put the preserved orange rose heads on curly willow and secure them in the bottle. Fill your rose-filled bottle halfway with natural curly willow branches and leafy sprays. To complete your centerpiece, strew orange rose petals around the base of the vase.

·       Color mixture:

If your wedding color scheme clashes with the hues of a fall bouquet, try adding greenery like thistles and leaves to give the bouquet a just-picked look. Incorporate rich crimson dahlias and roses into a purple and pink arrangement of Makara orchids, phalaenopsis orchid, calla lilies, and hydrangeas if your wedding has a purple and pink color scheme, but you want a fall flower bouquet!

·       Stay with one color:

Fall floral arrangements can be spiced up by focusing on a single color and only using variations of that hue. Consider a bouquet where all the flowers are the same, but they are in varying shades of light, dark, and medium brown. This is very effective when used with roses or carnations. Keep in mind the symbolism of the colors while selecting your color scheme:

  • Red carnations indicate intense love.
  • White signifies purity in love.
  • Yellow symbolizes despair.

·        Long-stemmed flowers:

Consider using long-stemmed flowers in your arrangement if you want something different from the norm. Even while small stems are standard in wedding bouquets, longer stems can make your dress look more elegant. Calla lilies, roses, and sunflowers are all excellent choices for this type of arrangement.

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