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July 13, 2021 4 min read

"Friends are like stars in the sky. You may not always notice them, but they are always there watching over you."

True friendship endures the passage of time, unlike love. As a result, it is critical to spend time with your pals, wherever and whenever that may be. Friendships may help us discover meaning and purpose in our lives and stay well and live longer. Our friendships are one-of-a-kind in terms of closeness, support, equality, and emotional ties.

We fill our lives with wonderful discussion, sincere care and support, and laugh-out-loud joy when we spend time with friends. When we are going through a difficult moment, friends help us put things in perspective.

31st July is international friendship day, and on this wonderful day, woodflowers.com suggests that you all offer a huge embrace to your closest friends and thank them for making your life more meaningful. The best part of this celebration could be the flowers. It's simple to say thank you with a bouquet, but there's a simple way to demonstrate some extra thinking and care. Why not choose bouquets with friendship flowers for Friendship Day? 

Color for friendship flowers:

Yellow is the typical hue for a flower that symbolizes friendliness. It's no surprise because the hue is vibrant and can help to improve one's emotions. Yellow is also a prominent hue, as demonstrated by the signs and paint used on the roads. Use the color yellow in your flower arrangements if you want to express your love for your friend in a cheerful, eye-catching way.

In honor of this day dedicated to spiritual love, we've compiled a list of flowers that are more than simply pretty - they're also powerful symbols of real friendship!

Flowers for friendship day:

Here are the floral options that you can choose from to appreciate and celebrate the love, affection, care, and sincerity in your friendship:

·       Yellow Roses

As mentioned above, yellow is renowned as a synonym for friendship since every color has a meaning. Furthermore, it is intended for someone with a vibrant and colorful attitude.

Roses are often associated with romance, but that doesn't mean you can't include them in your design. Roses have their color language. The colors red and white symbolize love, purity, and friendship, respectively. Roses have been prized for their smell and beauty for generations. If you're going to get a rose for a buddy, go for something different than red. Yellow, lavender, and white roses are ideal since they symbolize friendship, joy, and happiness.

·       Yellow Iris:

Is your best friend the person in your life with whom you have the greatest faith? With the assistance of an Iris, you may express yourself! As a spring flower, an Iris perfectly depicts the beginning of a new friendship or the rejuvenation of an existing one. If it is difficult for you to find Iris in this hot summer season, try sola wood Iris as a perfect substitute for real Iris flowers.

·       Yellow Lilies:

Yellow hues elicit sentiments of joy, happiness, and lightheartedness. Yellow lilies are bright and cheery, and they are sure to bring a smile to someone's face! Yellow lilies are a sign of friendliness and delight. Thus they are appropriate for telling a friend how much you cherish their relationship. You may also send a bunch of yellow lilies to Mum, Grandma, or a close family to express your gratitude for their presence.

·       Ivy:

Ivies represent reliance, perseverance, and loyalty. This Friendship Day, get your pal a lively young potted ivy that will swiftly climb up a wall outside. Another alternative is to maintain it as a houseplant, which will help clean up the air within your home.

·       Sunflowers:

Sunflowers have long been associated with loyalty and clean thinking. Sunflowers are a lovely way to brighten up a nice container. You can also gift the sola wood version of sunflowers to keep your friendship gift long-lasting and fresh. 

·       Pink tulip

Tulips come in a range of colors, each of which has its symbolism. Pink tulips may be used to conjure up well wishes of friendship and caring. Tulips are an excellent choice because they're a popular cut flower and regularly appear in bouquets. You may also play the long game and get some tulip bulbs for your pal. The tulip 'Angelique' above blooms in late spring, which is rare. Two-tone blooms with coconut ice coloring distinguish this award-winning cultivar.

·       Alstroemeria:

Alstroemeria, often known as Peruvian Lily or Inca Lily, is a lovely flower that represents eternal friendship. The flower's six petals represent understanding, humor, patience, empathy, dedication, and respect that are the essence of true friendship. The sunshine-yellow petals also contribute to a sense of joy and warmth.

·       Gladiolus:

If a friend has been going through a difficult period recently, send them a beautiful arrangement of gladioli flowers to show them that they are the strongest person you know. Because of the distinctive form of its petals, it is said that when someone offers gladiolus to another person, they are also giving a piece of their heart. This might be just what your friend needs in a sad moment.

·       Sweet pea

With its captivating aroma and charming look, this tiny blossom is a firm favorite. Sweet peas are produced primarily for their beauty and smell, which is characterized as a combination of honey, citrus, and jasmine. The petals of sweet peas are slightly folded, resembling the wings of a butterfly. This flower, which represents kindness, is ideal for expressing your thanks to a dependable and happy friend. Don't forget to include this one in your collection.

·       Delphinium

Delphiniums are the birth flower of July, making them a thoughtful present for someone who wants to pursue their ambitions. They are, nevertheless, appropriate for any occasion. This lovely blooming plant will brighten up any room. It's the ideal present for someone special, yet it's equally lovely on its own. The flower has friendly properties to be used as a gesture of friendship or even a passionate statement of love for someone special.

·       Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums have been used to communicate friendliness and well-wishes to someone since the Victorian era. They're also a universal emblem of happiness and success in a variety of civilizations. They also make a lovely present for the motherly person in your life as the unofficial Mother's Day flower due to their nickname "mums."

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