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October 19, 2020 4 min read

Do you know what the three best things to know about florists are?

  1. As a florist, you don't have two days ever the same. With every new day, new opportunities, new challenges, and new experiences you achieve. From decorating wedding ceremonies to arranging flowers for a funeral and producing flowers for a gallery opening, you have unpredictable and challenging every day.
  2. You make dreams come true for people. Yes! Flowers make life beautiful, and as a florist, you contribute to making events, occasions, ceremonies, and parties filled with joy and colors.
  3. One who deals in flowers is called the florist. Being a florist means you get to work with beautiful things. It is the prettiest career where you spread happiness, colors, fragrances, and peace in the life of your customers with nature's most magnificent creations, "The Flowers."

There is so much more to know about being associated with a profession of blooms that is not as fascinating as mentioned above, but you need to be successful in your floristry field. Here are a few of the necessary and minor details you should know as a florist before starting your flower business:

Q#01: How to start a wedding flower business?

Answer: If you are thinking of getting into the flower business, as a beginner in the florist business industry, there are tremendous opportunities to start a successful company. To start this wedding flower business, you need to follow these points:

  • Skills, qualification, and training about the wedding and other floral designs
  • Capital investment, floral studio, working from home, floral website, business name & logo.
  • Marketing material and social media sites
  • Offer various services like wedding services, wedding consultation, pricing wedding flowers, and offer packages to attract customers.

Q#02: What do you need to make a wedding bouquet?

Answer:  Assembling a wedding bouquet is a fascinating task. This bouquet is very close to a bride's heart because of having her lots of beautiful memories associated with it. To create a simple wedding bouquet, a florist requires:

  • Flower shears to cut the stems and leaves of flowers
  • Flowers that you love to see as part of your bridal bouquet
  • Floral tape to keep the flowers and fillers in shape. You can also use floral wire instead of tape.
  • Greenery and fillers to complete the overall look of your wedding bouquet
  • Laces, silk ribbons, beads, or other accessories to enhance the final looks of the bouquet.

Q#03: How to make a boutonniere and corsage, and how do you attach a boutonniere?

Answer:  For a florist, a boutonniere and corsage is a miniature form of a bouquet. It would help if you almost had almost the same tools and essentials to create a corsage with blooms with stems no longer than 2 inches. Just compile a small bouquet with flowers, greenery, and other fillers and tie them to stick on a wristband.

Arrange flowers and fillers together and wrap with floral tape or floral wire. After arranging the design, re-wraps the boutonniere with a decorative silk ribbon or lace and finally to attach it with a lapel, poke a pin through the back of the label, or you can also add a magnet. Attach the magnet with boutonniere uses a hot glue gun.

Q#04: How to make a wedding bouquet with succulents?

Answer: To create a bouquet with succulents is simple. Just add items to bundle the "blooms" together. Make the stems for succulents by inserting floral wires into the base and form a loop. Wrap it with floral tape and then assemble succulent flowers with a few cut flowers and secure the bouquet with floral tape. Finally, wrap it with a beautiful ribbon and other decorative. This is how to make a succulent bridal bouquet.

Q#05: What is floral foam is made of and how to glue floral foam together?

Answer: Floral foam or styrofoam is made up of the oldest type of plastic called phenol-formaldehyde. Combining phenol with formaldehyde and adding air in it, you can make floral foam. This foam is then treated with a detergent that makes it able to soak up water. You can use hot glue, pan melt glue, or strong glue to adhere to the floral foams together.

Q#06: Can you hot glue fresh flowers?

Answer: For making a floral arrangement, you need to attach fresh flowers to a base. It looks odd, but you can use hot glue to attach fresh flowers with the base, and your flowers are not damaged in this entire process.

Q#07: How to preserve a rose in a liquid?

Answer: Glycerin is an ideal liquid that is used to preserve flowers. It replaces the water content present in flowers. Create a solution with two parts of Luke warm water and one part of glycerin and dip rose stems in it for a few hours. This substitution of water with glycerin keeps your roses bright and supple. There is no need to be worried about what kind of glycerin for preserving flowers is suitable. You can use diluted glycerin with Luke warm water to preserve flowers.

Q#08: What to do with the wedding bouquet?

Answer: Here are a few ideas on what to do with your wedding bouquet:

  • You can preserve it in various ways and use different techniques as a keepsake of your wedding memories.
  • Give it to someone special who was not present at your wedding to show your love and care for them.
  • You can also give it to your mother, sister, friend, or bridesmaid who did so much for you during the entire wedding session as a thank you gift.
  • If you are very traditional, then torn it apart by single female guests fighting over who will be the next bride.

Q#09: Can you spray paint crepe paper flowers?

Answer: Yes, you can spray paint crepe paper flowers easily. Spray paint makes these tissue paper flowers a little bit stiff, and they can keep their shape better.

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