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December 24, 2020 4 min read

At the heart of the age-old Asian definition of Feng Shui is a tangible sensation. It is the art of organizing your atmosphere to facilitate the proper flow of chi, which is beneficial to individuals. And yes, it requires methods of arranging the lovely furniture and art pieces in your home and offices, for which there is a huge body of information.

But here, from the viewpoint of FengShui, woodflowers.com will focus on the use of indoor plants that are particularly useful in your workplace. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, if you were thinking of having plants for the workplace, by making decisions according to the principles of FengShui, you might help your company flourish and improve the wellbeing and harmony of colleagues.

Yes, you can pick certain plants that intensify these intentions (and position them in certain pivotal places). Now in this beautiful world, we are blessed with thousands of incredible flower species, and you can certainly use any bright and happy flower to carry good feng shui energy into your workplace.

Flowers carry the vitality of blossoming, the opening of the heart, joy, and vulnerability. These are universal qualities that we, as human beings, need dearly for our true wellbeing. Flowers gracefully show their beauty to everybody, saint or sinner, and are true to their essence, like anything in nature. They also teach us to live in the moment, as a flower's incredible delicate beauty is not eternal-it transforms itself with time into different shapes.

But wood flowers and faux plants allow you to keep the beauty and positive vibes of vivid blossoms with you for a long time. Ok – fine, they are not real, but it is now accepted that artificial flowers also help to manage the fang Shui of a certain place.

One by one, lets looks at each of the graceful beauties contributing to positive feng shui in your office:

·       Money Tree

The money tree is also known as Pachiraaquatica and brings wealth and luck. This tall, bonsai-style tree with a braided stem brings the best fortune for wealth, health, or fame when placed in the regions.

·       Jade plant supports luck

Another plant often referred to as a money tree in feng shui is the jade plant since the round leaves symbolize good fortune. These plants are relatively hardy succulents, so they may be a better money tree option for those challenged to keep plants alive. Jade plants are best placed in the home's wealth, health, or popular areas, like the traditional money tree. To invite success and wealth, you can also put them in an office room.

·       Orchid

Fertility, believe it or not, is the oldest feng shui interpretation of this flower symbol. The energy of innocence, perfection, and a very delicate and exotic sense of graceful beauty is often expressed by orchids. Depending on their color and variety, the extra energy of joy, imagination, and passion can offer.

When choosing an orchid for your home as a feng shui remedy, be directed by its color first. A bright pink or coral orange orchid, for instance, can carry the energy of passion and imagination, so it can be an excellent remedy for your Bagua region of Love and Marriage. With a sense of clarity, calm, beauty, and harmony, a white orchid graces the room and can be a great addition to your office cabin.

·       Peonies

Peonies have very genuine and open energy about them, an unabashed innocence and gentle joy that is very soothing. A blooming peony flower emits delicate energy that invites one's own sensuality to be worshipped and cherished, sweet, innocent sensuality and always deliciously unfolding. 

This clearly made the peony one of the love and marriage symbols of the most famous feng shui flower. However, the classical feng shui use of peony as a love and marriage remedy has an interesting, fear-based twist.

·       Peace Lilly

With its elegant white leaves, the Peace Lily is not only one of the best indoor air purifying plants, but it also encourages mental and physical harmony and gives powerful protective vibrations. To further mitigate the impact of positive ions, place it in the health corner (east) and near your electrical equipment such as computers and printers. It helps to harmonize the environment, as its name implies, which in turn helps. 

·       Rubber plant

The Rubber Plant is mainly associated with the property, like the Money Plant, and is best located in a building's northwest (wealth) corner. Not only do their attractive large round leaves symbolize prosperity, but they are excellent at reducing indoor contaminants, so they also lead to better air quality and health, of course. It's very suitable for offices because, in cool temperatures, it grows well with minimal sunlight. It helps workers to get along with each other.

·       Citrus Trees Bring Wealth and Luck

In the health and wealth zones of your house, you can put potted citrus trees, as citrus means good luck. When positioned in your kitchen, they also carry good fortune. 

·       Palm trees 

This is good news for the Brisbanites, who probably already have some of the omnipresent palms in their office. These beauties attract, trigger, and radiate positive energy from a Feng Shui perspective and fix spaces where the chi flow is trapped or incomplete. Think of them as the lively buddy you feel energized around.

·       Cherry Blossoms

Blooming trees are both the signal of the end of the cold season and the start of the much-cherished spring, as well as the promise of rich fruition and nourishment to look forward to (sweet fruits). It is also a very healing sight to see old tree branches covered in the most innocent, happy little flowers, a promise of eternal life, of lasting struggles, and of the ever-young ever-fruitful energy of the heart.

In feng shui, both as a love and marriage remedy and a cure for vibrant wellbeing, the image of blossoming fruit branches is used. And though in your office you can't always have fresh flowering branches, you can certainly use sola wood flowers and faux flowering trees to carry fresh and happy energy full of hope and vitality.

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