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March 11, 2021 5 min read

There is no such dream alternative to having a beach wedding with an open natural environment where the waves, the sand, the vast expanse of the sky, and the people you meet and love surround you. It is charming in itself to exchange vows with an amazing backdrop behind you, but it is just as important to have beautiful décor and flowers that complement the tones, textures, and theme of your wedding.

It already has an idyllic, built-in environment to plan a wedding by the beach, but a few unique touches will take your surroundings to new heights. Consider a beach wedding bouquet that will be able to withstand warmer temperatures and wind, all while looking lovely against an ocean backdrop, when picking the right wedding flowers to match your dream celebrations.

When planning a wedding by the beach, there are some variables to remember. First of all, you'll want to make sure that your flowers can hold up under shifting weather conditions, such as high winds, scorching sunshine, and potential rain. With more ending up on the sand than in your bouquet, choosing flowers with delicate petals can leave you.

Maintaining simplicity in the number of flowers you use is another thing to think about. With the already beautiful beach backdrop, you don't want to compete. The view takes the place of the need for large externally positioned floral arrangements. Instead, at the end of each row of seats, suggest a line of flower petals lining the aisle or smaller bouquets of flowers held in place. You can also add the exquisite drama of well-placed greenery. Greenery has a beautiful impact, whether its palms, ferns, or other green plant leaves to add to your floral arrangements.

Here some tips to avoid if choosing the beach for your wedding event.

·       Work with nature!

Your job is to improve what nature has so kindly given you when you have a beautiful, scenic backdrop like the beach, a garden, or mountains. Do not overdo this. Not only can you stress yourself out and waste needless money, but the natural beauty of your place will also be taken away from you. And wasn't that the whole point of the oceanfront wedding or the destination?

·       Don't be ultra beachy!

Some brides think beach wedding flower arrangements ought to be covered from top to bottom with seashells and starfish. That obviously isn't the case. You can, if your taste is like that, but you don't have to. With a few seashells here and there, you can accentuate your arrangement—or you can have absolutely zero beach elements.

·       Don't choose resort wedding flowers packages!

If you're tying the knot at an all-inclusive resort, they'll typically present you with a few different package choices. A certain type of floral arrangement will be included in each kit. If you choose the "Diamond" kit, you might be led to believe that orchids are your only choice. But the situation isn't always that. Of course, they won't volunteer this data because it's more work for them.

Only ask if you can choose from any other choices. Tell them your preferences and dislikes, and they are likely to be able to collaborate with you. If they don't have what you want, inquire if an outside florist can be brought in. They will also allow you to pay for free or can charge an additional vendor fee.

Here are some flowers that you can choose for beach wedding decoration.

·        Anthurium

The anthurium flower's waxy, leaf-like blooms make it a stable choice to stand up to saltwater, sand, and other natural elements that can weigh heavily on your floral arrangements. These flowers have a distinctive flourish that embodies the airy, ethereal aspect of a beach wedding, though they are less common. They can be used in wedding party bouquets and are an excellent choice when accompanied by other greenery or bursts of color for table decorations.

·        Roses

For any form of marriage, roses are the champion of flowers. With flowers, you will never go wrong. They are available in any color imaginable and can sit beautifully in the background or be the star of the show. Try using hues that echo the colors of the sunset when adding roses into a beach wedding bouquet: bright reds, warm oranges, and flecks of gold. They will pop against the serene background of the blue ocean water and white sand.

If you opt for a single color or combine it with a range of colors, roses are beautifully complementary to any ceremony and are available almost anywhere you go. As a centerpiece idea, cut full rose blooms and let them float in shallow water cups, scatter rose petals instead of a fabric runner down the length of a table, or simply let the bouquets of your wedding party serve as decoration by putting them at the reception in vases. There are countless ways to integrate roses into your celebration, which is why they make an appearance at most weddings.

·        Calla Lilies

Elegant and eternal, Calla lilies are. Better still, the tropical temperatures that are part of most beach weddings will stand up to them. A calla lily is striking on its own with its feminine, curved blooms. A small wedding bouquet looks simplistic and beautiful in equal parts, or it fits well with greenery and baby's breath for brides who want to integrate the flowers in a larger way.

Calla lilies pair well with the romantic glow of candlelight for wedding receptions, standing regally with their long, dense stems to act as table decorations. There are different color choices, such as deep purple or even black, to put a dramatic spin on a longtime wedding flower favorite.

·        Poppies

Poppies are an unusual but welcome choice for a flower for a beach wedding. They are colorful and can withstand hot temperatures, and come in a range of beautiful colors. They look fantastic coupled with other varietals and can stand among a bed of greenery on their own. They offer a wedding aesthetic of a modern, artistic touch when used as part of the reception decor.

Consider sola wood flowers

Most brides go for fresh flowers on their wedding day as the smell perfect and their natural beauty is difficult to beat, but there are downsides too.

Firstly, they are more costly than artificial flowers; they will inevitably wilt and die; and at the time of your wedding, your chosen blooms will not be at their peak or even usable.

In comparison, sola wood flowers' choice has so many benefits, and you cannot find any difference with the real thing with the tremendous leap inconsistency and realism. With a floral perfume, you can also reproduce the smell!

Woodflowers.com provides you perfect sola wood bridal bouquets and floral arrangements that are ideal for beach wedding decorations.

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