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January 15, 2021 5 min read

Trends always run in cycles!

After viewing and searching several delicate white bridal bouquets made of valley lily, white roses, white peonies and baby breath, who was not ready for a dash of colors? From past the white described virginity, innocence and the "necessary" color for the dress of a bride, but no longer white are for bridal bouquet and dress.

Some modern brides wear red, peach, and even black. The white wedding gowns you do see are hardly traditional anymore. They become strapless, backless, hiked up, arrayed with the kinds of features that would have made Victorians faint.

Then why should bridal bouquets be boring?

Have you ever thought about carrying a bouquet of a stunning and vivid anemone or ranunculus?

You are seeing today’s brides embrace confident self-expression and a refined, differentiated aesthetic when designing bouquets.

So, this bold bridal bouquet is especially for all the non-traditional brides.  Here you will not find peonies or some classic round pretty posies of roses.  These are completely unique wedding bouquets with different shapes, textures, and materials. To create this stunning piece of art bouquet your floral designer must have to think outside the box using bright vibrant colors and unique flower varieties, like lotus pods, anthuriums, billy buttons - even fresh fruits and some vegetables also!

Here are some of the examples of bold bridal bouquets from woodflowers.com that strike the balance between floral bouquet tradition and a little out of the way ideas. Choosing any of these bouquets with sola wood flowers will surely make it an ever-lasting memory of your happy moments.

·       Billy Balls and Berries

You may be a bride who loves only one color then how's it for vivid yellow?

It is definitely not in the same family as the ever-popular light yellow, dusty pink, pink blush, and baby pink. You will love the interesting idea of getting a bouquet of only billy balls, also known as billy buttons.

It’s a concept of super fun and super sweet for a wedding bouquet. Berries are sometimes used as accent flowers, so a unique twist in floral design is to use them as the focal point. More common blooms like dahlias and roses in vivid tones have also been included in this separate combination with billy buttons and berries.

·       Bright, Bold, and Brave

The wedding florist,  have learned over the past decade that most brides prefer the classic, elegant pastel tone flowers, including whites, pale pinks and apricots, lemons and lavender. Although this is a great decision, there is something so amazing about the couple who decide on their wedding day to just have fun.

These couples have tall, happy personalities and are likely to see their marriage as more of a party, celebrating the night away by dancing. Why not be vivid, bold and brave and inject some colors into your wedding day if this sounds like you?

·       Succulent Bouquets

Instead of fresh flowers, a bouquet of all succulents is definitely a different option. When various kinds of succulents are grouped together, you love the combination of various shades and shapes. Some of the untraditional blooms you can add here are: yellow billy balls, freesias, stock and ranunculi to make the final look broken up.

·       Kale Bouquet

Have you ever thought about your wedding bouquet using super food?

Well, with kale, you can try a completely untraditional option. It is available in various colors like grey, white and purple variations. Some have rounded leaves, other leaves have a ruffled or jagged edge, and they differ in the form of the leaf.

They differ in sizes and color intensity as well. The very big and vivid purple kale is there......a detail for your eye to take in as it dances around the design - while the lavender kale is the lighter one. Either way, the bouquet that you bring down the aisle will definitely add color and contrast. It can be a sure option to have the guests talk.

·       Color Palettes

Those that are citrus or 'sherbet' inspired are one of the most modern color palettes you can use to create a bold bouquet. These vibrant shades are welcoming and cheerful: coral, pink, citrus, tangerine, and grape.

·       Monochromatic

Speaking of monochromatic, using all of one dramatic color in your bouquet is the next strategy for making a bold bouquet. By using various flowers, you can add texture, or you can go streamlined by having all blooms similar. Roses and peonies also do very well for single flower bouquets. These solid colors would look gorgeous against your white dress either way.

·       Vegetable and Herb Bouquet

Now, if you want an organic bouquet after which you can consume, what about getting all the vegetables, fruits and herbs in a bouquet?

 For an organic style wedding, you can use any fresh local varieties. Including a flower, lettuce and cabbage leaves, and herbs such as parsley and sage, anything with a natural stem may be used. For fruits and vegetables without a stem, just add a skewer to them, such as Brussel sprouts and artichokes, to give them a stem to place in the bouquet.

·       Dried Flower Bouquet

Wheat is also another lovely natural element that can offer an entirely unique shape to a bouquet. When integrated into garden rustic designs, it works well and can be as simple as a few wheat stems scattered. This sweet organic pose is produced by other dried flowers like yellow craspedia, pink delphiniums, lavender and wildflowers.

·       Rainbow of Style

Next, there's nothing as bold as a rainbow of flowers. Like the bouquets above, you can combine several colors, producing a colorful effect. This is particularly common with brides, such as navy or hot pink, who otherwise use only one major color in their marriage.

Without totally overpowering it, the bouquet packed with all the different colors adds depth to the rich tone. The use of lighter earth tones is another choice but in a variety of sizes and textures. Even though the colors are not quite as vivid as those above, when combined with a traditional white dress, they still offer a bold look.

·       Pod Posies

Few rare types of pods, such as lotus pods, still exist. When they are young, they are green and turn brown when dried. As they love to drink lots of water, they have very long stems that are hollow. For a different outside of the box bouquet, these can be a great option.

Poppy pods for a bridal bouquet are also an unusual option. When mixed for a point of difference via a flower bouquet, they work well or they can also look cool grouped on their own.

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