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June 29, 2021 4 min read

We all adore flowers, whether we are aware of their feng shui influence or not!

Flowers are an excellent instrument for efficiently fortifying the notion of feng shui, which is the Chinese art of creating harmonious environments that promote the balance of yin and yang. When you put the Feng Shui Bagua over your property, you will see how different sections of your yard or house correspond to different aspects of your life. Similarly, different hues correspond to different Bagua parts. Plant flowers of a similar hue in one corner to stimulate a particular sector, such as riches or helpful individuals.

Flowers emit living chi and may alter or improve the mood of a space. Colored flowers in certain areas of the home are an effective feng shui technique. It is common knowledge that flowers produce a magical elixir that both heals and calms. Studies show its effectiveness, so it is being used in an increasing number of hospitals and households. According to Feng Shui, adding flowers to your office, workplace, residence, home, or bedroom may positively influence your health, success, luck, and money.

The simple addition of flowers helps you attract more revenue, money, and wealth in your job or business by raising your enthusiasm and focus. You may also utilize different colored flowers to improve other aspects of your life.

Feng Shui approach of putting bright flowers to your office, property, home or even within your apartment can be used to:

  • Attract loving and caring individuals into your life
  • Develop your job
  • Raise your money
  • Improve your academic performance

Floral Feng shui tips to follow:

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the famous feng shui treatment in your house when it comes to flowers and excellent feng shui. Unless, of course, your flowers are wilting and dying, but there is an ideal solution for this problem.

Sola Wood flowers!

Yes, wood flowers are natural (made of the bark of balsa tree wood), identical to real flowers, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and affordable. You can substitute real flowers with sola wood blooms to generate a positive Feng Shui effect at your place.

Here are few Feng Shui Tips for healing for us to put in place at home during this time:

·       Keeping your place clean is a crucial part of Feng Shui!

You want to make room for new chances, yet when things are cramped and cluttered, there is no physical or figurative room.

You must have to perform a thorough cleaning of your home or office, such as clean beneath the refrigerator or below appliances, under your office table etc. You might be shocked at what's going on down there. Purge trash drawers and storage closets. Paper clutter in the office contributes to mental congestion and disorientation. For the time you spend at home, clarity and focus are the basic requirements. You need to ask yourself few questions while cleaning things:

  • Is it still valid to who I am now?
  • Is it lifting my energy when I look at it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it of any use?
  • Is it totally damaged or in need of repair?

·        Treat yourself as a flower!

Flowers are supposed to bring good fortune, and they also look lovely in your house. They raise the life force in space. Some people like silk or dried flowers, but keep in mind that they have a limited shelf life. They become dust catchers after three months, resulting in negative energy. Sola wood flowers may also become dusty, but regular dusting can enhance their bright appearance for longer. Replace flowers as soon as they wilt or fade.

·        The Influence of White Flowers is dramatic!

White flowers have more power to positively influence people and bring out their soft, helpful, and caring side of personality.

To accomplish these above-mentioned outcomes, choose a color that corresponds to the portion of the bagua you want to activate. Place white flowers in the helpful people section of your yard, or decorate them in a room of your home that corresponds to the helpful people section of the bagua. For example, if you want to expand your social network with people who have the skill – and desire – to help you in your business.

White is also associated with children, therefore putting white flowers in the area of your home or workplace associated with children it can assist a couple in enhancing their fertility to have a child. White flowers in that part of your home or yard can also bring your children good fortune and strengthen your bond with them.

·        Flowers may help you increase your wealth:

Similarly, violets or other purple flowers in the wealth corner might assist you in increasing your income because blue, purple, and red are riches colors. Consider the effects of planting red roses, violets, and lavender plants in your home's wealth corner, a flower box, or in the wealth corner of your apartment. Not only do these colors look lovely together, but they will also attract wealth to your house through positive living chi.

·        Flowers Can Help You Attract and Keep Love!

Begin by locating the far right corner of your bedroom. The place should be thoroughly cleaned. Wipe off your "love nook" with rose oil on a towel. It does not have to be a large amount of rose oil. Some should be rubbed on the floor and the wall. Red roses are the most effective way to bring more romance into your life. Choose the deepest red carnation you can find since it represents deep love and affection and has a more passionate mood, which is what you're aiming for here.

It is the love flower, and the hue signifies intense passion, real love, romance, and desire. The hue, on the other hand, is crucial. It establishes the aim. As an alternative, you can use red carnations or other flowers. Carnations signify good luck and pure love in floral language.


In conclusion, establish your intentions with flowers and see what grows. Every season brings a new adventure. Place flowers near you to help you accept your life, love, luck, and chances.

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