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Calla Lily is so elegant that just a few of its stems produce a spectacular bouquet by themselves. Many brides are so obsessed with its whimsical beauty and choose Calla Lily as their wedding day bloom! These flowers are both familiar yet unparalleled, with a single petal that coils around to make a stunning statement. It can be shocking to give — or receive — a bouquet of calla lilies. It is a refreshing choice, and what they symbolize actually surprises you.

White Calla Lilies are said to be enchanting luck for wedding happiness. The name calla derives from the Greek word beauty — Calla. Even if the name is the expression, the Calla is not really a lily. The blooms are most closely associated with more leaf-like caladium and philodendron. But the petal of the calla lily is like a broadleaf, such that a close relationship is meaningful. We think the bright petal is a changed bud, and the flower in the middle is the spike.

Meanings of the different colors of Calla Lily:

Here are meanings of different colors of Calla lily flower:

  • Black Lily is representative of mystery and elegance
  • Pink Lily shows the feelings of romance and appreciation
  • Purple Lily gives the vibes of admiration and royalty
  • Red Lily symbolizes beauty and courage
  • White Lily is the sign of purity and innocence
  • Yellow Lily is for gratitude


The calla lily is a toxic flower that should not be ingested. Its underground stem is used for the medical treatment of wounds in some areas of South Africa.

Meaning of calla lilies:

To understand the meanings of calla lilies, it is necessary to understand their religious and mythological importance:

Calla Lily mythological facts:

Zeus was married to Hera in Greek mythology, but his son, Hercules, conceived with the woman of the earth. As Hercules was a half-human man, there was a lack of a real Greek god's divine powers. As Hera was sleeping, Zeus, hopeful that Hera's milk would offer the ability to his son, forced Hercules to take care of Hera.

When she was awakened, she threw off the boy, causing Hera's milk to spill into the sky. As a lily, every droplet rose. The beautiful blooms made Venus, the goddess of love and elegance, enviable so that with a stupid spike in the center, she cursed the flower.

The religious importance of Calla Lily:

Of course, Calla lily is an exquisite flower, so it is appropriate that "calla" in Greek means elegance. Many can remember the stately floral calla lily since it is prominent to Christ's resurrection in religious pictures. This is so many people identify the calla lily with Easter. The Virgin Mary is also depicted with the flower.

The sense of the renaissance and regeneration is another symbolic calla lily, which brings nodes to Christ as well. These blooms offer hope to sorrowful families, which is why the calla lily flower has several funeral arrangements.

Importance of Calla Lily for events:

The flower most frequently shows love and happiness in wedding bouquets. The flower of calla lily is the official flora of the sixth anniversary of marriage. It is also used to mark the passage rites of life because of the singularity of the flower.

The sense of calla lily is pureness, holiness, and fidelity, which goes back to their religious meaning. There is a different way of thinking about the fundamental nature of the calla lily, which comes back to its Greek roots.

Ancient civilizations saw the phallic aspect of the spike, such that the Egyptians connected the sign of calla lily to fertility, and the Romans coupled the flower with sex. After that clarification, you can never look at the calla lily in the same way!

Perfect pair of Calla Lilies with other flowers:

For romantic and stylish bouquets, Calla is paired with roses. The Power Couple setup has white calla lily and pink roses for an unusual mix. Calla lily flowers are next to white roses and ranunculus when it comes to marriages.

They also fit well with complete blooms like peonies and moisturizes. But it is not just the flowering of calla lilies that look amazing. Greenery may contribute to a scheme that involves formal callus such as eucalyptus and ivy.

Calla Lilies for a variety of events:

There are a number of events where Calla Lilies can be the flower of the moment. Such as:

·        Anniversaries:

Of note, the calla lily is the sixth-anniversary flower, so it is an excellent present to celebrate a couple regardless of the length of their marriage.

·        Birthdays:

Submit a suitable color to express passion, gratitude, or affection depending on which birthday it takes place.

·        Easter:

Again, they are suitable for all religious holidays, including Easter, owing to the symbolism and the connection of Christ and Mary.

·        Funerals:

Because of the regeneration of calla lily, the mourning families are offered hope. Religious organizations often make the flower suitable for giving as someone goes through it.

·        Marriages:

Because the calla lily flora means pureness and innocence, this flower is often a must part of weddings. Calla lilies have long been a favorite wedding pick for a good cause. An emblem of confidence, commitment, and new beginnings, calla lilies carry the celebratory form of champagne flutes making a perfect wedding flower full of symbolism while appearing cheerful and striking.

·        Retreats:

Thanks are always shared when someone has been serving for years. Yellow calla lilies are also perfect for expressing how grateful you are.

·        Valentine's Day:

Pink means admiration, making it a wonderful flower of Valentine. You may also gift your love red or purple calla lilies. If you would like to deliver a covert admirer arrangement, black calla lily can be your ultimate option.


Celebrate life events with Calla Lily blooms. The calla lily is also an emblem of perfection and pureness, celestial happiness, resurrection, and perseverance. The power and durability of the beautiful calla lily make them the perfect solution for expressing sympathy or celebrating a baptism. You can express your condolences to an elegant calla lily arrangement, symbolizing spiritual life. In contrast, calla lilies are also the best solution for recognizing the purity of new beginnings.

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