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April 07, 2021 4 min read

It is a story that began in 1905 when Anna Jarvis launched a movement to get "Mother's Day" celebrated as a day of the national holiday in the United States. Following her mother's death the following year, the younger Jarvis decided to continue her mother's mission and work and create a day to remember all mothers.

Today Mother's Day is no longer limited to expressing love to one's biological mother. Especially if they are not their maternal mothers, people express thanks to the person who raised them. Many that have lost their mothers commemorate the day in their own unique way. Mothers also hold get-togethers to commemorate what it means to become a mother. Mother's Day is celebrated differently for each. The meaning of Mother's Day remains the same, regardless of how people commemorate it. This day is all about respecting and showing thanks to the most selfless and sincere person in the world. Indeed no one has done more for you than your mother, as Jarvis once said.

Reasons to give flowers on Mother's Day:

While there is no denying that the woman who raises us deserves our undivided love and attention, there are many other reasons why we observe Mother's Day. It is a wonderful opportunity to tell your mother how much she means to you and make her day extra special. It's challenging to find a present that adequately expresses how much the special lady in your life — your mother, grandmother, aunt, wife, and so on — means to you, but a bouquet of fresh flowers comes near.

Choose from multi-colored tulips, classic roses, bursting sunflowers, and other stunning varieties for a Mother's Day present that will take her heart and attention as well. There are many explanations and reasons that flowers can be the best gift you can give your mother:

·       Flowers aren't materialistic in any way!

When people think about buying a present, they think of something expensive, something that will put a massive smile on the recipient's face right away. But the fact is that such gifts are predominantly materialistic and meaningless. Flowers, on the other hand, have a symbolic value. When you gift your mother a bouquet of roses on Mother's Day, she would feel extra good. It's a much more thoughtful act than any other gift.

·       Flowers demonstrate your concern for mom!

They do, in reality. Flowers transcend materialism, and each bouquet reflects something new, as well as the fact that you care. You're thoughtful, which is why you chose roses. Since it is inexpensive, a bouquet is a non-materialistic offering. Choosing the right flower, on the other side, requires time and effort. It's more about the meaning of the flowers than the flowers themselves.

·       Flowers mesmerize with their pleasant scent!

It doesn't take a magician to figure out that the flowers smell good. A single flower will often be enough to revive the mind with its lovely smell. The allure of flowers is undeniable. They can raise a person's spirits only by smelling them. Simply spray some water on them and see how easily the whole room gets fragrant.

·       Flowers add to the uniqueness of the world!

Flowers are known for their bright colors as well as their sweet scent. These bright colors simply turn any room into something thousand times more spectacular. Flowers are not only beautiful in their appearance look at, but they also brighten up any room. Give your mother a bouquet and see how her smile brightens.

What are the best flowers to send for Mother's Day?

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right flowers in these difficult times of pandemic. Sola wood flowers can be the best possible substitute for real Mother's Day flowers. These are also kind of natural blooms derived from the bark of balsa tree wood. No typical procedures are adopted to create these blooms, and just with the help of a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, you can transform fine sheets of balsa wood into stunning flowers.

So if you are struggling to decide which flowers to send now, you can select impressive kinds of blooms that are durable, long-lasting, and amazingly realistic with added pollen-free and allergen-free features. Here is a shortlist of sola wood floral bouquets that can be ideal for the best Mother's Day present:

Sola wood Roses for Mother's Day:

You might consider giving your mother a bouquet of any flowers as a simple present, but the roses, on the other hand, are ideal for the occasion because of their beauty. Sola wood roses are an all-time favorite and are great for Mother's Day. You can choose pink or white roses or a mix of both. Pink roses are a lovely way to express your thanks and affection for her, while white roses reflect honesty and innocence.

Sola wood Orchids for Mother's Day:

The orchid is a delicate, feminine flower that conveys a message of love, beauty, and admiration. Sola wood orchids are stunning statement flowers in a Mother's Day bouquet, with their exotic and eye-catching presence.

Sola wood Hydrangeas for Mother's Day:

Hydrangeas are an enticing addition to every bouquet, with their big blooms and lace-like petals. They are a lovely way to show her how much you care by symbolizing love, honesty, and sincere feelings.

Sola wood Lilies for Mother's Day:

Lilies are a famous motherhood symbol, as well as a symbol of beauty and innocence. They stand out of every flower arrangement with their lovely blooms. For Mother's Day, you can select from a wide variety of sola wood lilies with fantastic color.


Give your mother a gift of a durable sola wood floral bouquet, and she will be remaining pampered every day of the year. Flowers never go out of season, and a lovely bouquet is a tried-and-tested present for a reason. Choose anything from sola wood floral range of classic roses and lilies to tropical orchids and divinely-scented hyacinths for your mother.

Let your mother feel the love and respect you have for her most colorfully and stylishly!

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