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August 18, 2020 4 min read

How time evolves the trends!

As the financial values of weddings have changed in the last century, the traditions, trends, and ways of celebrating weddings have also changed substantially. Presence of flower girls, bridesmaids, and catching the bridal bouquet are the customs very much expected at modern weddings. But many wedding traditions are extinct now or have transformed into a modern version today.

Modern trends and customs have stood the test of time and evolved into today’s familiar traditions. Wedding traditions are still evolving these days. Such as a couple’s relationship, and their personalities are reflected by how they organize their beautiful event and what theme they chose for their big day.

Most of the couples now opt for a more casual party than a lavish traditional formal event. A couple walks with barefoot on a beach is also become a usual thing. Non-traditional dresses are getting popularity, brides are keeping their maiden name, but father still walks with his daughter down the aisle.

Here is a list of few very high traditions that have been revolutionized with time. The grown popularity of their advanced versions have slumped their real face, and the original version is almost non-existent.

·       Wedding vows:

Wedding vows are also changed a lot. For many couples, the old traditional promises are not enough. Now couples elect to pen their own, write a poem, or tell their love stories. No doubt it is still a tender touch to recite old traditional vows. Again, this touch of making vows personal and meaningful is also excellent.

·       Not seeing each other:

There was a time when it was considered bad luck to see future spouse before walking down the aisle. This old tradition is now transformed into ‘’First Look’’ where the couple meets in private before saying their ‘’I do’’.

·       Veil:

In ancient times veil was a symbol of the husband’s authority over his bride, and it was a sign of brides pledged obedience and modesty. Today, the veil has no significance rather than a pretty accessory and a nod to tradition. Brides who choose a less traditional look can use other accessories instead of veil such as, floral crown, fascinator, side clip, or headpiece. 

·       Bride’s parents pay for the wedding:

It was also an old tradition in that bride’s family was bound to pay for the wedding. It was the time when women were not allowed to work outside the home, live on their own, or own a property. Today the world is entirely changed, and this tradition has lost in the dust of time.

·       White wedding dress:

The white dress was the symbol of the bride’s virginity, and it was essential for brides to wear a white wedding dress. This tradition is still alive, but now the symbolization of white clothing with virginity is no more. Non-traditional brides are breaking the rules, and we see bridal dresses in a variety of color options occasionally.

·       Bridal bouquet:

Among all the traditions wedding bouquet has taken the turn of 360 degrees. The tradition of bridal bouquet started from Greek brides who would carry a cluster of spices and herbs to ward off evil spirits. These herbs and spices were replaced with beautiful and vivid blooms. Now the bridal bouquet has become most fascinating and impressive bridal accessory and brides spend the right amount on their bridal bouquet. Sola wood flowers have entered into this field and have replaced the rule of real blooms.

Additionally, the bridal bouquet was an accessory that bride toss to the unmarried girls. Today’s brides prefer to keep their sola wood bridal bouquet as a keepsake of their happy moments. Due to the everlasting quality of wooden blooms, this dream became a reality, and now brides keep this wonderful accessory for their wedding anniversaries.  

·       Wedding cake:

Cutting the wedding cake has always been a popular tradition. Historically it was a traditional fruit wedding cake, but now an increasing number of couples preferring mud cake or sponge cake. Even the couples are moving on for some cupcake, profiteroles, or miniature cakes to make this tradition more affordable and practical. Still, cake cutting is an important part of the wedding celebrations.

·       Conventional meal:

Traditionally cake and champagne were served as a conventional wedding meal. Still, now newlyweds offer full course suppers or buffet-style dinners, etc. A proper wedding bar is also arranged for the guests to enjoy a cocktail and other chilled soft drinks.

·       First couple dance:

First couple dance is also drastically changed in the past years. A special moment for a couple is now transformed into a high level of participation. Even currently the couples have planned group routines to some of their favorite track.

·       Destination weddings are so much in:

The traditional church weddings are now changed into destination weddings. This trend is going nowhere soon. Couples plan their wedding at their dream place where they not only exchange their wedding vows but also have their honeymoon. This trend has become so viral, and wedding guests also love to have some vacation time with their family and friends.

·       Wedding planning trends:

Modern couples prefer to curate a wedding on their own. Personalization has become a key factor, and every bride wishes to have an exceptional and out of the way a wedding ceremony. Brides prefer DIY wedding arrangements, theme weddings are so much in trend, and couples love to go out of the way to make a dream wedding transformed into reality.

·       Tin cans to the back of the car:

There was a time when the bride and groom were to depart from their wedding celebrations in a car with having tin cans tie behind it. It was considered to be good luck for the couple. In the last 100 years, this tradition was faded out, and couples started using rental limousines to arrive and exist from the event. In recent years more couples have gone back to this cute tradition, and it is once again this tradition has gained hype and became so trendy.

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