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February 21, 2020 2 min read

A wedding bouquet is an integral part of your wedding ceremony and represents your personality, wedding theme, and it is also the soul part of your wedding album and filmography. But, still, you need to think twice about the following factors before selecting a perfect bridal bouquet for you.

  1. Where are you getting married, or what is the wedding venue?
  2. When are you getting married?
  3. What are you going to wear?

Although woodflowers.com provides perfect wooden wedding bouquets for every wedding theme in any season, still it's better to follow some rules and discuss the answers to the following questions in detail.

Wedding Venue:

The venue has the maximum significance since it will decide everything from your wedding theme, couples' dresses, wedding style, and dress code for the guests too.

  • For a proper formal wedding, you mostly go with traditional choices for everything, including wedding bouquet. You can go for the formal options of a nosegay wooden wedding bouquet, a presentation bouquet, or a cascading wooden wedding bouquet.
  • For a beech weeding, everything is different from wedding decorations to untraditional seafood and finger food items with cracking beers on the beach. Here you need a pretty posy wooden bouquet of springtime flowers.
  • When it is about a relaxed or casual wedding, a nosegay posy or a hand-tied wooden wedding bouquet is the perfect choice you made.
Wedding time:

Wooden wedding bouquets are available with every kind of flower in any season here at woodflowers.com, but considering the weather and season of your wedding is also lovely. Seasons decide the theme of your wedding. Of course, sunny season is all about light but cheerful colors, and for a summer wedding, going with a bunch of sunflowers is a wonderful option to represent the flirty, fun, and funky theme. While for winters, a wood wedding bouquet with dark-colored flowers provides an effortless grace and warmth to compliment the wedding theme.

Wedding Dress:

Of course, you need to relate your bridal bouquet with your wedding dress style too. It is up to you that what you really want to highlight. With a knee-length robe or cute posy, wildflowers bouquet adds the charm while for an empire waist or traditional ball gown never goes with a cascading bouquet of lilies. You have to decide that whether you want to make your wedding gown as the focal point of your appearance and need to use a bridal bouquet just as a gorgeous accessory or you want to make your flowers as the center of attention.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Maybe you are willing to follow some unwritten rules and etiquettes regarding your wedding bouquet, but it's better to listen to your heart and follow your own rules. Woodflowers.com provides you all kinds of wooden wedding bouquets that can simply match your any wedding theme in any season.

Flowers for your wedding, consider nothing right or wrong, but it's about your happiness. Feel free to have a cascade wooden wedding bouquet at a casual or beach wedding, or you can have a sunflower wooden wedding bouquet for a winter wedding too.

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