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July 01, 2021 4 min read

"Death ends a life, not your memories and relationship with that person."

Back to nature:

The world moves towards "natural or green burial, " which minimizes adverse environmental effects, including forgoing embalming, skipping concrete vaults, rethinking burial containers, and maintaining and protecting natural habitat. Natural burials offer a sustainable, ecologically friendly alternative to typical funeral methods for those seeking an alternative to traditional funeral practices. In addition, natural funerals assist in maintaining our landscape by using environmentally friendly materials and procedures and letting bodies return to the ground without the use of poisonous chemicals and containers.

But one thing will remain part of these natural burials too.

The flowers!

Flowers were, are, and will remain an essential part of funerals, and natural burial will not change the floral trends. Wicker, willow, bamboo, and other woven coffins are ideal for beautiful floral arrangements. Typically, an arrangement is chosen for the coffin's top. This might be a single-ended or dual-ended spray. However, if you prefer a more ecologically responsible arrangement, a loosely tied spray could be a good choice because it uses fewer resources.

Flowers for a funeral:

Because there are so many other considerations to make while arranging a funeral, choosing flowers for the funeral may not be your priority. However, it may be therapeutic to design an arrangement or tribute that truly reflects the spirit of the individual. For example, if he or she had a favorite flower or a flower that comes to mind when you think of the person, you could start from there.

Choosing the proper funeral flower arrangement may be stressful, especially if you don't know your daffodils from your dahlias. However, Woodflowers.com has a plethora of new ideas to inspire you, ranging from selecting eco-friendly sola wood flowers to raiding your own floral garden.

What kinds of flower arrangements are perfect for funerals?

Floral arrangements for funerals come in a variety of forms, such as sheaves, sprays, and wreaths. In addition, people frequently choose a couple of bouquets and a coffin spray to decorate the funeral. This is designed for the top of the coffin and is occasionally cross-shaped in religious rituals.

Another option is a funeral wreath. A funeral wreath is an arrangement of flowers that is circular in shape. It is presented as a gift to a bereaved family or purchased while planning a funeral. The funeral wreath is clearly exhibited at the funeral service, generally on a stand or next to the coffin.

The floral tribute is a unique funeral flower arrangement. Tributes are sometimes specific to the departed, representing a favorite activity or career or spelling out the person's name. Often, these serve as the focal point of the funeral or are prominently exhibited during the procession, such as in the hearse's window.

Tips for choosing flowers for a funeral:

Here are few impressive floral options to choose for a funeral:

  • Seasonal plants may be a wonderful addition, whether you're searching for a classic funeral spray or something entirely new. In the spring, this may be narcissus, whereas, in the winter, it could be pine. If you're not sure where to start, ask your florist to choose the finest of the season's offerings.
  • Sola wood flowers are an eco-friendly option, especially when you wish to arrange a green burial. These blooms actually match the environment-friendly theme of natural burial. These are blooms crafted from natural wood and provide you with a 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly substitute for natural flowers.
  • What you want to do with flowers after a funeral is an essential consideration. Traditional sprays are lovely, but they are sometimes too big to be easily kept. Sola wood flowers may be an appealing, environmentally responsible option. These blooms can be handed to guests and also preserved as keepsakes.
  • Herbs are a great complement to a floral arrangement since they have a strong scent. Rosemary is a particularly potent option since it is also a sign of remembering. Mourners typically take turns dropping sprigs of rosemary and lavender into the grave at natural burial grounds.
  • Flowers from your garden or the deceased's garden may lend a personal touch to a funeral. It's also a great method to cut your carbon impact. Another powerful shared tradition is to ask each visitor to bring a flower to adorn the coffin.

Most popular flowers at funerals:

Here is a list of popular funeral flowers that people usually use. Whether you choose natural blooms or their sola wood version, these options are considered ideal for funeral services:

·        Chrysanthemums:

These flowers are commonly called 'mums' and have a strong link with death. This flower is used to commemorate All Souls' Day in France, a day for remembering the deceased. Red, pink, and gold are the most common color variants of mums available. In reality, the flowering chrysanthemum means "gold blossom" in Greek, representing optimism and joy.

·        Daisy:

Daisy symbolizes youthful innocence and devotion and affection and is also a flower that conveys death with the popular use of the phrase, 'pushing up daisies,' a fitting memorial for someone who never took themselves too seriously. They're famous for forest burial flower arrangements, like a daisy spray over a wicker casket.

·        Gladioli:

Gladioli stems may grow up to 4 feet tall, making this funeral flower a true showpiece. The gladiolus is known as the gladiator's flower because of its sword-like look, and it represents honesty and character strength. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, pink, white, purple, yellow, orange, and green.

·        Lilies:

The white stargazer is the most popular kind of lily, which symbolizes purity and the return of innocence. They are also recognized for their unique odor, which many connect with the odor of funeral homes. Just protect these flowers out of the reach of youngsters and dogs.

·        Roses:

Roses are a popular and fitting funeral flower. In a bigger funeral tribute or a floral bouquet, roses pair beautifully with other flowers, as well as foliage, berries, and sprigs. Each color has a particular meaning, such as:

  • Red roses being the iconic sign of love
  • Yellow representing the connection of friendship
  • Pink representing appreciation and thanks
  • Orange representing passion

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