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August 09, 2020 4 min read

Selection of right flowers for right occasion…it is not an easy task at all. There is much to think before taking the right decision, such as:

  • What flowers will be best for what kind of event?
  • Whether it is a pink, purple, or white color that will suit in the best possible way?
  • Will it be the rose, orchid, or hibiscus the right flowers for the event?

When it comes to the perfect flowers arrangement for room décor or the bouquet, there are a lot of factors you cannot neglect. To get the right flowers for an event or occasion you need to know about the connection between different types of flowers and their colors.

This blog post is an appropriate guide for you to learn about a variety of flowers that are suitable for different types of events and occasions. Just follow these helpful tips to make up your mind and take the right decision:

Choose flowers that last long:

The first and most important part of choosing the flower gift is whether it is necessary to buy real flowers or you have some other options too.

Real flowers are really awesome and no doubt these blooms can convey your best wishes and deep emotions better than anything else. But it is not always the right choice due to many reasons. Real flowers are expensive, and most people prefer original flowers as a gifting option. At the end of the day, real flowers have to die; they have a short life, and within a few days, they get wilted, dried, and die. Pollens and fragrance are two other factors that can cause a problem to the receiver if they have some allergen issues.

Sola wood flowers are the new reality in this flower gift industry. They are beautiful and gorgeous same as their original identity. Sola wood flowers are made of natural material, and that is why they are bio-degradable and consider as eco-friendly flowers.

These flowers made of wood are so impressively crafted with hands, and this technique gives every single bloom customized unique looks similar to the real flowers. No pollens and no fragrance add more practicality to your flower gift. Above all these blooms are long-lasting and can be a present that your loved one can keep with them for the rest of their life.

Flowers for various events:

Now, it comes to the second big question: What flower and flower colors are perfect for which occasion or event. Here is a guide to help you:

·       Birthday:

Birthday is the time for celebrations, and you should choose a flower that signifies friendship, love, and trust. Different types of flowers with different colors are associated with different birthday months. Red color flowers are perfect for the birthday of your parents or someone you deeply love while for a friend, yellow is the most appropriate color to choose. Follow this flower options list according to different birthday months:

  • January is the month for snowdrop or red carnation
  • February demands any purple or violet flowers like Lavender, Lilac, or Salvia salvia etc.
  • March is for Jonquil and Daffodils
  • April has Daisy and Sweetpea flowers
  • May is the time for Lilly and Hawthorn
  • June is associated with Rose and Honeysuckle
  • July suits with Water lily and larkspur
  • August, Poppy, and Gladiolas are all together
  • September glows with Aster and Morning glory
  • October has celebration vibes with Cosmos and Calendula
  • November is incomplete without Chrysanthemum
  • December and Narcissus are essentials for one and other

·       "Get well soon" flowers:

Get well flowers to bring a smile on the face of a patient and contribute to their speedy recovery. To give the get-well flower gift to a person in the hospital, you should avoid real flowers that have pollens with high fragrance as it disturbs other patients. Try to buy an assortment of sola wood non-scented flowers, including tulip, gladioli, and irises. For people confined to their home, you can give bright, vibrant flowers with little fragrance such as marigold, tuberose, plumeria, and sweet autumn clematis.

·       Anniversary flowers:

For an anniversary gift, get flowers that show love and passion. For the 5th-anniversary gift, Daisy is the right flower for the bouquet. Daffodils are perfect for 10th anniversary, and Rose is just great for 15th anniversary. If you are choosing a scent for 20th-anniversary aster are superb to add in the bouquet. Remember! Never add yellow flowers to an anniversary gift bouquet as the yellow flowers represent friendship, not love. Roses, Iris, and Lilies are the best flower option for an anniversary gift.

·       Flowers for appreciation and celebration:

Paperwhites, amaryllis, and red poinsettia are the most common flowers that are usually given during the holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah. These flowers are the symbol of celebrations, happiness, and best wishes.

If you are sending the flowers for Valentine’s Day, Roses are the perfect choice for this event. The color and number of roses need your deep thoughts. It depends upon the depth of your relationship with a person and also on the color choice of the one you need to make feel special on Valentine’s Day.

 If you want to appreciate a person for their great idea or a fantastic effort, flowers do this task in even better form. Whether the person is your teacher, a social worker, psychologist, and therapist or anyone else who particularly touched your life. Flowers are the best source to say them thank you or well-done. There is no particular flower for appreciation gift. You can choose flowers of your choice to say pay them your tribute. Carnations, Lilies, and daisies are some of the commonly given flowers for appreciation.

·       Funeral flowers:

To pay tribute to the dead person, funeral flowers are suitable for sending to a funeral home. The flower arrangement should be formal and elaborated, but the size of the floral arrangement can vary. Chrysanthemums, lilies, and white roses are the flowers generally used for funeral flower arrangements. Avoid red and orange color flowers to choose for a funeral arrangement. Blue, white, and green are the colors that represent calmness, peace, and humanity. So choose from these colors to comfort the family during their sad and hard times.

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