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June 23, 2021 4 min read

Sola wood flowers are also known as shola wood flower. They are an environmentally beneficial and long-lasting alternative to cut flowers. Sola wood flowers are made from the regenerated wood of a marshland plant, and they endure a lifetime.

Sola wood flowers are popular for bridal bouquets, DIY crafts, and interior decorating since they are easy to dye. If you're thinking of giving a major role to sola wood flowers for your bridal bouquet and wedding floral arrangements, that's fantastic. However, if you have just seen pictures and videos of sola wood flowers and have never seen or handled sola wood in person, you may have many questions about how they appear and feel in contrast to actual flowers.

Sola wood flowers are a cost-effective alternative to cut flowers, especially when many bridal bouquets include flowers that must be brought in from all over the world at the right time of year. Sola wood flowers come in over 150 different flower kinds, allowing you to create the perfect arrangement.

Here is what you want to know about sola wood flowers and other things associated with wood wedding flowers:

Q#01: What are sola wood flowers, and from where they are originated?

Answer: Sola (or'shola') wood flowers are produced from the plant Aeschynomene Aspera plant. It's a marsh plant that grows in the wild. It is a renewable resource and one of the lightest known timbers since it grows fast. If you've ever touched balsa wood, you'll recognize the sensation. The plant's interior, the cork-like core, is covered by a layer of bark. This core is generally called the 'cream'. The bark is peeled from most blooms, and the centre is formed into thin sheets. Sola wood flowers are made from these hand-cut sheets. The bark is sometimes left on before the sheets are made, giving the flower a distinct two-tone look. These are known as 'bark' or 'skin blossoms.

Q#02: Do sola wood flowers feel like real flowers?

Answer: Sola wood flowers don't feel like real blooms. Let's make it clear!

Sola wood flowers do not resemble genuine flowers; instead, they are a one-of-a-kind creation. They are not attempting to imitate genuine flowers. Some sola wood flowers are made to seem like actual flower species, and they may even seem extremely similar to actual flowers in images, but it's rather easy to tell they aren't "the real thing" up close.

In their natural condition, they are lighter in weight and have a soft, foam-like feel. They take on the harsher texture of the paint you apply if they are colored.

Q#03: Are sola wood flowers really my kind of things?

Answer: Frankly speaking, it's quite impossible to describe how sola wood flowers appear and feel without touching one in your hand. It's better to get a small, low-cost flower and see whether it fits your unique wedding flower taste. Then, make your choices as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time before your wedding.

Sola wood flowers may not be the way for you to dislike making and experimenting with things like dye and DIY unless you get over to a reputed sola wood seller like woodflowers.com and Etsy to buy a pre-made sola bouquet that you don't have to make by yourself!

Q#04: What is the original color of sola wood flowers, and what makes these flowers look different from fresh flowers?

Answer: Sola wood flowers are a creamy white tint in their raw form, with pieces of brown from the bark that are remaining on them for an added, fascinating look. First and foremost, regardless of whether or not it is a flower species that exists, sola flowers can appear in any shape or size. Sola wood flower petals are also thicker, and the way they fold differs from that of an actual flower. You can consider them just like a bouquet of paper flowers or a bouquet of brooches in that they're an abstract imitation of genuine flowers. Holding them in your hands and gently squeezing the petals remind you of thinly sliced Styrofoam, which is solid but lightweight.

Q#05: Are dye sola wood flowers different from their original version?

Answer: Yes! They are.

Sola wood flowers are quite pleasant to the touch in their natural state. However, this alters throughout the dyeing process. Dying the flowers alters their texture and, regrettably, makes them more delicate and prone to chipping. Natural sola wood flowers are considerably firmer, less gooey, and malleable after being dyed with acrylic paint and dried in the oven! In addition, they are less delicate and lesser prone to breaking and chipping in their natural ivory appearance.

Question#06: Is there any way to make dyed sola wood flowers soft?

Answer: Vegetable glycerin is a substance that can be used to soften dyed sola wood flowers. Glycerin is suggested for the coloring of sola wood flowers since it SOFTENS them! It acts like oil in the pores of the wood, keeping it moist and supple.

Q#07: Why sola wood flowers are cheaper than real flowers?

Answer: Sola wood flowers are much less expensive than real flowers. However, coloring and arranging them might take a lot of time and efforts. If we can make some educated guesses based on the typical costs of real bridal flowers vs sola wood flowers, it becomes clear that natural wedding flowers cost, on average, between $700 and 2,500 dollars. Even with all of the DIY tools and foliage you may need, Sola wood flowers will not cost you anywhere near this price.

Q#08: Are sola wood flowers more environmentally friendly than real wedding flowers?

Answer: Natural flowers for weddings seem to generate many environmental issues if they are not sourced responsibly. Many flowers used in the wedding business, for example, contain a lot of pesticides, which is not only bad for the environment in the long term but also bad for all of us. They must also be transported swiftly and from a great distance, causing needless emissions.

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