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December 22, 2020 4 min read

What is the first thing they notice when someone comes into your living room?

If you don't have a statement piece like a colorful painting or a rug with a bright color pop, the expert designer would recommend that you concentrate on your coffee table! 

Coffee tables have a prominent place in the living room and work. Because they're going to have eyes on it, keeps it looking neat. You might also want to style it the way you would like a piece of art. To design the look using creative techniques, such as striking a balance with symmetry and writing a color story or style.

Taking your coffee table decoration from classy to clutter is simple. Woodfowers.com came up with helpful tips to keep you from going overboard and styled four different looks for you to take inspiration from. The best part is that many of these elements are probably lying around your house! 

·       For a splash of color, add flowers:

We may be biased, but the mood is improved by a beautiful floral arrangement that can help make your living room inviting. Try a stargazer lilies arrangement that perfectly complements a vibrant and preppy vibe! Use sola wood flowers to keep this look affordable and consistent for a long time.

·       Combine the various candles:

Although fresh lilies can add a lot of fragrance, the scent of a space can be enhanced by candles. As a pretty decorative element, your favorite candles often double. In the case of using sola wood lilies, you have the option to use fragrant wood flowers as they are pretty good absorbents.

·       Pick a tray that contrasts:

On a coffee table, a cute catchall tray will go a long way. You will love the idea of a round tray to balance all the angles if you have a rectangular table. A sleek tray on a large travertine coffee table to corral controllers, matches, and more creates a perfect look. Mirrored surfaces are also perfect for providing room and color illusion.

·       Try a two-tiered table:

Looking for an imaginative way to get your living room some serious glamour? 

To make a statement without taking too much surface space, put some flashy art objects on the lower level of a flat, two-tiered coffee table. 

·       Mix in colorful bowls:

It will help clean up and organize your room using cute decorative bowls to clear up clutter or show cute candies. To a pretty tray, they also add a fun pattern. 

·       Use books to create levels:

Your coffee table is a perfect place to show them whether you collect any furniture, high fashion, or art magazines.

·       Create a museum-worthy spread:

Obviously, whoever said that a coffee table can't look like a museum display has never seen a table professionally built? 

To get a similar gallery-style show in your living room, place a few artful pieces and fun baubles on your own coffee table.

·       Show off your set of shells:

If you live near the ocean or just enjoy the beach, a coastal theme will not be complete without shells. Mixing various shapes and sizes and mixing them will make your collection much more interesting.

·       Decorate yourself with driftwood:

Your beach theme will add flare to the dramatic form of driftwood. To highlight any other elements you add to your table, you can also use it.

·       Line your cloth table:

On your coffee table, you may not think about using a table runner or cloth, but it's a perfect way to add color and texture. It may also help to conceal any stains or markings that are unsightly.

·       Add beads to others: 

Searching for an easy way to dress up in seconds for your coffee table? Draw and put on your coffee table a string of natural beads. 

·       Keep it simple:

Nothing brings boho elegance like natural decorative accents to a room. Adorn your coffee table with organic elements to usher in some earthy vibes, such as crystal stones and houseplants. 

·       Using geometrical forms: 

A great way to balance your table is to add an interesting shape. You'll want to add some height to the other if you have a tall arrangement, like the beautiful orchids in this look, or candles on one side. 

·       With crystals, create positivity: 

Right now, crystals are all the rage. They are said to carry good energy, but they are also rich in color and sparkle! Your table can be taken to the next level by its complex form and texture.

·       Go high and low with candles:

Using pillar candles if you'd like not to mix a candle's fragrance with the new smell of your bouquet. With taller pillar candles and tiny votives, you can also make a stylish contrast.

·       Take your coaster game up a notch:

Throughout each of our coffee table appearances, we used a variety of decorative coasters. With or without a fancy bottle of champagne, these marble coasters are extra stylish and will raise your table up a level.

·       Try air or succulent plants:

If you're concerned about preserving an arrangement, consider air or succulent plants. To your decor, they will add a splash of green and take very little maintenance. Simply mist them and keep them out of direct sunlight on occasion.

·       Consider proportions:

Things look better when they're the right size when it comes to coffee table styling. Objects should be big enough to prevent them from disappearing from the table. The objects should not overwhelm the show or mechanically get in the way, either. Interior Design should provide plenty of room for a drink, book, or remote control to be placed down.

·       Work with the room:

Integrate the rest of your room with your coffee table and the things on your show. The design of the coffee table in this transitional living room retains the rustic feel of the room. With the heavy-looking wood mantel, the raw wood coffee table visually blends in. Within the space, the wood bowl and box integrate well.

·       Overcrowd with purpose:

One location where you can fill up a coffee table with treasured things is a formal living space. To show objects only, different tables are used in the formal living room. It seems more like a space for visiting museum-quality artwork; it's probably not used for entertainment.

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