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March 12, 2020 3 min read

It is for centuries that brides have been carrying floral bouquets. It identifies the bride as a woman of the day and brightens a bride’s ensemble, and also references the overarching floral palette. Due to all these reasons choosing personal bridal floral arrangements becomes one of the more significant decisions during the event. Shapes of bridal bouquet connote different types of weddings. Such as a dramatic or crescent iteration feels boho-chic, while around cascade of blooms gives off decidedly classic vibes. Shapes and designs of bouquet matters, but the quality of blooms really makes a difference. Original flowers are beautiful and look amazing, but they are expensive, delicate, and have a short life; therefore, try sola wood flowers to design your dream wedding bouquet.

Sola wood flowers are not real, but you need to touch those many times to bear their faux reality. Floral artists at woodflowers.com crafts wood flowers with so delicacy and passion that they look precisely the same as their original identity. The creativity touches the heights of perfection as every single sola flower is handmade and has its own customized appearance like unique blooms.

The durability of sola wood flowers allows brides to use these fantastic blooms as a perfect replacement for original bulbs. They can easily complement every bridal bouquet so conveniently, and their durability allows bouquet designer to do lots of experimentation. Texture with natural looks, countless and vibrant color choices, pollen allergy-free quality make sola wood flowers an excellent option that is equally affordable and the best keepsake forever.

With wood flowers, it is possible to design any shape of bridal bouquets. To identify bouquet shape that best suits a bride, here are some simple tips to consider.

  • Adequately structured bouquet consists of tightly packed, small, and all cut to the same length flowers is NOSEGAY bouquet. Wrapped with lace or ribbon with a stiffed backing, a sola wood nosegay bouquet is perfect for a small and chic wedding and represents the intimacy and romance of the day.
  • The most traditional and stylish form of the bridal bouquet is the CASCADE or SHOWER bouquet. Flowers arranged as they are flowing over the hands towards down. It is fantastic for elegant, high-end, and inexpensive garden weddings.
  • POSY bouquet is considered as a classic choice. A small round bouquet tied with decorative ribbons is comfortable to hold in one hand. This bouquet is excellent for petite brides.
  • The composite bouquet is constructed with hundreds of petals wired together to look like one single flower. Sola wood flowers can do this job amazingly as they are easy to handle than the original leaves. It gives off a sumptuous and extravagant ambiance. For a simple but significant impact, this one is the best option.
  • Fan bouquet with sola wood flowers is superb for vintage weddings. A beautiful hand fan with intertwined sola flowers gives a striking shape, and it is very different from traditional bouquets.
  • A nosegay bouquet carried in a metallic vase that works with the wedding scheme is the TUSSY MUSSY bouquet. A unique style with added shine and glitter of metallic vase sometimes available with a chain to carry it is also an ideal item for brides who wish to look unique.

A word from woodflowers.com:

To complement the bridal looks perfectly, woodflowers.com designs a variety of bridal bouquets that smoothly go with every bridal style and any wedding theme.

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