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November 19, 2020 4 min read

Raising your kids is quite a difficult task for parents as there are a lot of responsibilities already from full filling the basic need to making them stand in this society, not an easy thing to do. Having said that, to develop your child mentally and individually you should keep them engaged in extracurricular activities instead of keeping them involved in video games all the time. Because this generation hardly knows about outdoor games and their potential and growth are being stunted with this modern world.

Arts and crafts practices can help your child to activate their creative side and helps them to learn a lot of new things. This all starts when parents step forward their foot in such activities then children try to learn these skills very fast as a human behavior of defeating their parents. So, if you are interested or planning such an activity with your children then why not starts with learning sola wood flower.

Sola wood flowers are the most eco-friendly and naturally molded flowers with the timeless beauty of never getting old or dried if kept properly. These can be easily cut out into the shape of flowers and a result as a fun activity with your children plus point these can also be used as your home décor.


Worrying from where to start? Sola wood flowers are very simple and easy to make. For your convenience, we are delighted to share the step by step process of sola wood flowers making.

Step 1: Fine pieces of wood

We begin with cutting the fine wood pieces which should be sufficiently thick enough to mold as per your shape requirement with fine edges. You can make these pieces of your choice and shape as many as you want. The wooden plane can help you to have firm support for your exquisite flowers.

Step 2: Cutting of petals

Another step starts with the cutting of your petals for your flower in your desired shapes. You can even make some different style petals and use them as stencils for making your other petals. You can execute any type or shape of flower of your choice but as a piece of advice for your first flower making, we will prefer making it fewer numbers of petals and sepals to get a good finishing look of your sola wood flowers.

Step 3: Merging your petals

The third step is to start gluing your petals and to give it the desired shape. You can simply curl and stick them each after another. To have a better finishing look, we prefer you to start with the central curve and then you can rotate it around the outside further.

Step 4: Stemming your flower

After completing flowers set them aside for a while for proper drying. This is a mandatory step for flowers to become fixed and firmed. Afterward, you can start with giving them stems with an18 gauge-wire, by simply passing them through the central portion of the flowers and ending it as a long stem.

Step 5: Give breathe to your flowers

As you already have made the flowers of your own customized choice you can now give them a real look by simply playing around with the colors of your choice on sola wood flowers.  Sola wood flowers are the best wood flowers as compared to others as you can go with either oil paints or spray based on them. After this step, proper drying time is also required.

You can also add more realness by adding fragrances in them which are easily available in spray bottles and can last up for months. As being wood flowers, these can easily entrap a number of your desired fragrances.


As you have seen the very basic and simple steps for your personalized sola wood flowers and you can start with making it for yourself anytime and anywhere. Apart from its simplicity, sola wood flowers can help a lot in giving the idea of your child what artwork is and how it is done. The making of sola wood flowers can also add up as a family tradition by doing it every weekend with your kids and can also help them in giving them a boost and amazing confidence from their studies pressure.

Sola wood flowers can also be used in the making of some other pretty things, here are some of the ideas you can do with your children too.


As the world pollution is increasing day by day, briefing your children about the value of an eco-friendly thing is also necessary and sola wood flowers are the perfect best examples of eco-friendly flowers. You can start by encouraging your child for making an eco flower bouquet for their friends and gifting them on occasions likes birthdays and parties. This can lead to a different road of goodness for your children.


Sola wood flowers are the perfect example of being used as a home décor item. With its positive vibes, you can feel a positive change in your surroundings. Your children can also help you in making perfect flowers out of tapioca wood. While making them understand the benefits of this particular activity.


As we all know the value of teachers in life. Realizing your child the value of teachers is also very important. You can simply do this by making your children understand it and by gifting these sola wood flowers roses to their teachers on the eve of teacher’s day. This can create a positive impact on your children's teachers that you also work on your children's growth.


Children are the primary responsibilities of parents whether it comes to allow them to explore new things or giving the basic knowledge of what’s it right and wrong. Developing some interpersonal skills can help them grow rapidly and at a different pace. Sola wood flowers can be a perfect example of these arts and crafts activities so start with today and explore the new side of your children.

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