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August 24, 2021 4 min read

No doubt that cake toppers made of flowers are charming and fresh. These floral cake toppers bring life to even the most basic wedding cake design. The cake has been adorned with sugar flowers, paper flowers, actual flowers, and sola wood flowers, and all of them are wonderful to look at, but the sola wood flowers are taking the cake right now.

Flower as cake topper:

Flowers are not always edible. Flower use in cooking and décor is fraught with dangers, and it appears that not even our favorite gourmet experts are exempt. Only the flowers cultivated for food are ideal, especially for naked wedding cakes or if you want the flowers to be applied directly on your cake or filling.

If you want to use natural blooms as your floral cake toppers, look online for local producers in your region or discover a licensed flower farm that sends edible petals directly to you. From violas to pansies and roses, you'll be blown away by the variety of flowers available as cake toppers.

Floral wedding cake decorations provide limitless design options. You may select from a variety of forms, sizes, and colors during the summer. Compared to sugar flower decorations, edible flowers and sola wood flowers are much more affordable.

Why using actual flowers as cake toppers can be dangerous?

You should avoid decorating your wedding cake with flowers because of the following reasons:

  • Some flowers, such as the tulips, lily of the valley, and others, can be poisonous if they're touched. Symptoms include burning of the skin, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Most commercial flower growers use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to extend the shelf life of their products. Consequently, they are unfit for human eating as a result of this conduct. As a result of some flowers being imported and flown from afar, some flowers will never be suitable to eat.
  • Even if the florist is meticulous about cleaning their buckets, the cut flowers will still be stored in the buckets. Standing water encourages the growth of microorganisms, which isn't suitable for a cake.

Tips to decorate a cake with edible flowers: 

When utilizing edible flowers in food items, the best guideline is "if you have doubts, leave it out." Never eat flowers unless you are very sure that they are safe. Follow these tips before using any of the edible flowers for your cake:

  • It's best to get edible flowers from a certified grower to ensure that they are safe to consume.
  • If you collect your edible flowers, make sure to properly wash them before using them.
  • Never use blossoms that have been treated with pesticides or those that are growing along the roadside.
  • Avoid foxgloves, gypsophila, hyacinths, Calla lilies, and Lily of the Valley. Always use their sola wood versions for wedding cake toppers.
  • The calyx, pistil, and stamens of more giant flowers like roses, hollyhock, hibiscus, and the bitter base of each petal should be removed before eating.
  • Don't be scared to add color to your wedding cake. Mix edible flowers into the frosting before decorating for a confetti cake.
  • Flower stems should never be pushed into the cake. After being carried in water, your wedding cake's flowers may have picked up chemicals or germs that you don't want them to impart to it.
  • Always wait until the very last minute to add edible flowers to your cake, as they have a short shelf life and can wilt in the heat.
  • Keep edible flowers in the fridge until you need them, and then remove them from the refrigerator.
  • Keep in mind that a barrier must exist between the flowers and the cake.
  • Fresh flowers are therefore more suitable for frosted wedding cakes than bare or nearly-naked ones. They'll make sure the flowers don't come into touch with the cake if you hire a florist to create your cake's flowers.
  • Before cutting and serving the cake, remove the flowers.

Sola wood flowers as cake toppers:

With good reason, more and more couples are opting to adorn their wedding cake with flowers. Adding a few properly picked blossoms to your wedding cake may transform it from average to spectacular. Using sola wood blooms for cake decorations are the best suitable option to make your cake beautiful.

Sola wood flowers are affordable, environment-friendly, and bio-degradable. You can easily add them to your wedding cake for decorations with no fear. Here are few popular options to decorate your wedding cake with a variety of flowers:

1.     Elegant grey and green cake decoration:

Wedding flowers with a crisp white hue are a classy option, especially when paired with grey-green foliage. In addition to the delicate white blossoms, the classic combination of roses and lilies creates a feeling of timeless beauty on each layer of this towering wedding cake. It's hard to go wrong with a statement succulent plant.

2.     Add a bit of tropical flair:

When it comes to wedding cakes, sola wood flowers can make a huge difference. When tropical blossoms, including flaming red nerines and orange orchids, are wrapped around an iced wedding cake, they can transform your cake into a work of art!

3.     Foliage is great:

Some women are opting for herbs and greenery instead of flowers on their wedding day. Use succulents and textured plant material to adorn your wedding cake to get the appearance. Decorate each cake tier bordered with lace and hessian before it is illustrated with wheat and greenery. There is a fragrance touch to this theme, thanks to the rosemary and dried lavender.

4.     Make it a beautiful fall:

Make your cake a stunning cascade of roses and lisianthus. Use roses in hues of peach and pink to make the arrangement bright. However, depending on your flower choices and the number of flowers needed, this type of decorating can be pricey with real flowers. Bridal parties on a budget may get the same effect by using sola wood flowers.

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