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December 04, 2020 4 min read

"There's nothing cozier than a Christmas tree all lit up."

There are so many wildly varied ways of decorating a Christmas tree. Still, every year many of us end up doing the same old thing: lights and garlands, some colored globes, and a mishmash of ornaments that we've accumulated over time.

It's traditional, yes, but it can be very boring as well.

The last thing that comes to mind when you think of decorating your Christmas tree must be flower garlands. However, many people decided that the usual glass bubble decorations and colorful lights were not enough for Christmas decorations this year. Some use fake flowers, others prefer real or dried flowers, but the outcome is still extremely unexpected and stunning!

People do not decorate Christmas trees with flowers, which may also have something to do with the fact that it is difficult to find flowers in winter. But we live in the future, so there is nothing to deter you from doing this!

It's time to move from the same old Christmas decorations you use to decorate your tree every year. Red and green ball adornments are eternal, but this holiday season, your tree could use a little refreshment. If you want understated, rustic, glam, completely over-the-top colorful, or all-natural, one of these tree decor styles is sure to talk to you. Let these insanely chic trees inspire you.

Flowers seem to be a great alternative to traditional Christmas tree decor this year. You can you're your spruce plants into tall, colorful bouquets with a little paint and preparation. The added blooms provide the dark green branches with an unexpected and beautiful touch. This fresh and natural aesthetic is a contemporary take on the glass bulbs and tinsel that we are so used to seeing, showing that unusual furnishings can revitalize holiday rituals.

Decorate Your Christmas tree with sola wood flowers

Although the tree finally looks fantastic, individuals begin to understand the intangible beauty of decorating the Christmas tree with flowers. More people use flowers to decorate their Christmas tree because of the bright colors, enticing smells, and the beautiful look they deliver.

Real flowers can be expensive, seasonal availability also matters for real flowers, and they can also wilt in a few hours to waste your hard work.

Sola wood or fake flowers are the new trendy things that you can use instead of real flowers. These flowers are made of a natural raw material called sola wood. These flowers are eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable, and beautifully crafted to look amazingly like real flowers.

Here are few tips to decorate your Christmas tree with flowers:

·       Choose your flowers

The first step is to develop an idea of how you want the Christmas tree to look. Inspiration may be taken from other outlets, such as online images, which are very astounding. You may as well try to recreate it if you see anything you want. You need to get the correct flowers once you have your plan in mind. 

Herewith sola wood flower, the options are infinite. You can choose just anything from roses, lilies, ivy, tulips, ilex berries, and so on without any seasonal availability issues. In fact, color is also not the limiting factor, and you can choose any color you like for your Christmas tree. You don't even have to think about staying inside the theme in this scenario. You are already breaking the tradition of Christmas so that you can go as crazy as you want.

·       Decide on your design

After selecting your artificial flowers and choosing what kind of colors and theme, you want your tree to be. For example, you can select some layering materials that can be put on the branches. This will mean that your flowers can be safely placed on the tree, as you will need some sort of bedding for the stems. It will also add your concept to the color base. There are several kinds of tinsel or ribbon to choose from or even silver or gold string beads. Alternatively, with only the flowers alone if you just want to use a simple design.

·       Are you worried about keeping the flowers well-fed?

Christmas is a long holiday, and the next day, you don't want your Christmas tree to have wilted flowers. There is nothing to worry about wilting, drying, and dying of flowers with sola wood flowers. Wooden flowers need just little cleaning and care. Wooden flowers are long-lasting; even you can reuse these flowers every year for different Christmas decorations.

·       Carefully place the stems.

Start at the top. To make it seem a bit more voluminous and attractive decorate it with a few longer, thinner real flowers and grasses for the top of the tree. Place the flowers between the branches and any ribbon or tinsel as well.

If you're worried that the flowers may fall or be knocked off by children or pets, you can also tie them to the branches with a florist's wire or string to keep them secure. For best color and coverage on your Christmas tree be sure to space the flowers out nicely. 

·       Arrange the flowers on the tree

Begin arranging sola wood flowers on the tree. You can use the florist wire so that the flowers stay securely attached to the tree branches, and they also keep the position you want them to hold. You can position the flowers one by one or in tiny bunches of four flowers, depending on your style. It might take some time, and you might have to transfer previously positioned flowers so that once you're sure every flower is in the right place, don't fasten them too tight. 

·       Add the finishing touches

Now is the time, including baubles and hanging ornaments, to add your other decorations. Consider adding a few winter fern leaves to your tree if you want to add to your design's natural feel.

Inspire everyone this year with amazing looking Christmas tree decorated with flowers.


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