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September 18, 2020 4 min read

Like every other season summer also has to end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating the season of sunshine and blooms. Flowers and houseplants are always suitable ads they add colors and brightness to your surroundings. Of course, these are ordinary floral compositions. These arrangements make your far less appealing bad weather of your home into a blooming and relaxing kind of place where you love to spend time with your family.

Floral décor is one form of accessories for the home that cannot lose its allure. A perfect floral arrangement for any room of the house, whether it is with faux or real flowers – simply lifts your interior instantly. You can choose a combination of the right flower type, and the perfect vase or any presentable can really amplify the desired aesthetic of your indoors.

Flowers quickly brighten everything up that goes beyond looking cheerful. Decorating flowers and p in your home have some exciting benefits:

  • According to a study published in ‘’Complementary Therapies In Medicine’’ flowers with bright colors and fresh appearance significantly reduce the feelings of stress and make you feel calm down and relaxed.
  • The appearance of flowers, their delicacy, and beauty increases the activity level of the brain and boost the mood by improving overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Maybe it sounds ridiculous to you, but aroma and fragrances of fresh flowers help you to memorize things in a better way.
  • Buying flowers for someone is a way to express your care, love, and respect for them. It is an easy and straightforward way to let the receiver know that you think for them or they have an essential place in your life.
  • Flowers are multitask-ers, and having flowers in your home can enhance your life in so many ways.

Why are faux flowers regaining popularity?

Fake flowers are a great blessing for people who do not have a green thumb enjoy the physical effect of natural beauty. Though fake flowers got a bad rap in the past because they looked like plastic, now materials used to make artificial flowers have come a long way to tricking the eye!

Especially the introduction of sola wood flowers in faux bloom industry has changed the scenario completely. When it comes to wedding flowers industry, sola wood flowers have become the name of durability, versatility, and affordability. These are the flowers made up of sola wood, a natural product obtained from the bark of the balsa tree. These blooms have astonishing similarity with the original blooms because of their method of crafting. 

Sola wood flowers are crafted by hands without using any typical machines, and this little faulty and asymmetrical appearance make these blooms ideal mimics of real flowers. These flowers are easy to dye in any color you wish to make them wear. No pollens means any allergy issues with wooden flowers are not possible. If you want to make them fragrant, just by adding a few drops of essential oils give them fantastic fragrance. These flowers can be a perfect substitute for the real blooms that you use to decorate your indoors.

Sola wood flowers for your home:

Now there is no need to limit yourself to the fleeting beauty of fresh? Sola wood flowers and greenery can be deceptively real looking and beautiful. Now the days of those “grandmotherly” silk arrangements are entirely gone. Today is the era of beautiful stems that rival their natural counterparts in both looks and feel.

You can add character and drama to any space just by changing the floral arrangements with the seasons. To make the harsh unnatural edge of furniture and other manmade items softer and elegant sola wood flowers add botanical elements. Place floral arrangements strategically in your home to make these a great focal point. It will add life and interest to your décor.

Floral decorations for your home:

Here are some of the faux floral arrangements to decorate your home with the most colorful, tasteful, and impressive floral decoration options:

1.    Old watering pots with a new look:

Imagine your old kitchenware’s in a new useful and impressive appearance. Use old watering pitchers or pots to display a wooden bouquet of monochrome floral bouquet. Don’t forget to paint that watering pitcher or pot in the similar color that your flowers have.

2.    Tulip arrangement:

Arrange faux sola wood white tulips in a rectangular glass vase. Add marbles, shells, or pebbles in the vase to create a realistic look. This is a perfect arrangement for side tables, shelf’s, and wall gears.

3.    Beautiful Hydrangeas for the centre table:

For a centre table or a big dining table arrangement, you can create a large centerpiece in a giant glass sleek vase. Use large stems of sola wood white Hydrangeas in this vase with large twigs to create an adornment. You can put candles around this arrangement to create a lavish look.

4.    Unique glass vases:

For those who wish to decorate their indoors but don't have enough time, it is time to start with something simple. The single floral stem of sola wood orchid, gerbera, tulip, or fransanda in tall wine or soda bottle can draw the attention of people to themselves. These bottled flowers can fit in almost any surrounding. There is no restriction about size, shapes, or colors of bottles. You can use bottles either similar or different in shape and color - they all look simply stunning and lovely!

5.    Flowers in a teacup:

A beautiful arrangement in which bright flowers are sitting in teacups is good for decorating a small tea party and lightening the mood. It looks pretty and romantic. Small cups printed with bright flower prints are perfect for this kind of arrangements.

6.    Flowerbed in a cage:

Having a birdcage means you can convert this simple item into a classic or vintage décor item. Spray paint the cage with any color you like that matches with the interior of the room and place a vase with flowers inside it or a bouquet on top of the cage. This arrangement will look fascinating. This decoration is ideal for hanging on a wall or ceiling, or even you can place it in the middle of a table along with some candles and books.

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