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February 06, 2020 2 min read

There are a lot of things that go around in your mind when you plan a wedding. But everything seems to get more tiresome to think about when it’s a destination wedding. Apart from the usual process of deciding who pays for what, and who needs to be invited, there’re some extra things you need to consider and we have got them all covered in this article.

First of all, while deciding the location, make sure the place is free of any troubles. There can be certain health issues, the country’s policies, safety issues etc. There shouldn’t be any problem that becomes a thing to worry about for your invited guests.

A destination wedding calls for early invites. It gives your guest the time to schedule their plans accordingly. Some must have to take their time off from work while others may need time to apply for their visa or passports. It shows that you care for them, as well.

Another significant thing to ponder upon is to keep your expectations a little low when it comes to receiving gifts for your wedding. Since your guests will be already spending a hefty amount for their travel expenses, you may need to scrap off gift-giving. As for the wedding décor, another brilliant idea would be to opt for wooden wedding flowers instead of using the real ones.

About the extra expenses that the guests will be paying for, it’s recommended to be clear about it. Otherwise there will be a lot of awkward conversations about who will be paying for what. You can suggest a website for airline tickets deals for your guests’ benefit. It’ll give them a clear idea about their spending on your wedding.

Since the whole thing will already be costing you more than you originally planned to spend, you can get pretty flowers for the décor, as well as, for the bride that may not be real, but they will surely look real and equally beautiful. Wooden wedding flowers will be a great choice for your wedding. You can even take them with you while traveling with ease.

Every other couple dreams of a destination wedding for their big day, but those who actually get to make it come true should not just think of themselves but the guests, too. You’re expecting them to be a part of your happiness, so be considerate about their conveniences.

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