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March 22, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to flowers, the sky is the limit. You could opt for huge, lush arrangements that fill the space with fragrance and color or go more straightforward with select clusters of blooms that are simple and refined. Displaying fresh flowers is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your space for spring.

But let's face it!

Planting and growing a blooming garden can be a full-time job! You have got to make sure your plants and flowers get enough water and enough sunlight but not too much sun. And of course, your choice of flowers is key, as well. Artificial flowers all the way can be the best solution to this problem of not having enough time for a real flower garden.

Artificial or faux flowers:

Artificial Flowers are flowers that are not found in nature but are produced artificially from a variety of materials. In other words, these artificial blooms are imitations or mimics of natural flowers. These flowers always look fresh and at the ready for a table, mantel, kitchen counter, or really anywhere. So you folks who don't have much luck with living things: You can stop fretting over flowers you are sure to kill.

There is a better way! Artificial flowers to display all year long are the solution you are actually looking for.

Why are artificial flowers in demand?

There are countless reasons to prefer faux flowers over real blooms. Some of the reasons are:

  • Artificial flowers are budget-friendly and less expensive, so you can get more flowers in lesser price
  • Artificial flowers have options of having all-natural as well as the synthetic or glamorous colors
  • Artificial flowers serve as great wedding flowers, home décor blooms, and gifts
  • High-quality artificial flowers look like natural flowers, and it is almost impossible to differentiate between real and faux flowers without feeling their texture
  • Artificial flowers do not have pollens and fragrances, so they cannot cause any allergies
  • Artificial Flowers can be custom designed to suit one's needs and desires
  • Artificial Flowers last longer and can be an ideal keepsake of memorable occasions such as a wedding
  • It is easy to take care of artificial flowers

Materials used for artificial flowers:

Artificial flowers have been produced out of a number of materials throughout history. The Egyptians used decorated linen and horn shavings, Chinese rice paper, and the Romans gold and silver. In Italy, silkworm cocoons were used, while in South America, highly colored bird plumage was used. French refugees brought artificial flower production to England, and it quickly spread to America. The modern Artificial Flower industry is a highly technical industry that uses specialized methods. Nylon netting draped over wire racks, carved or molded soap, ground clay, and mass-produced injection plastic moldings are examples of modern processes.

Different types of artificial flowers:

·       Real Touch Flowers:

These incredible flowers are made of polyether polyurethane (PU) foam, and they have a remarkably natural feel and texture. Real Touch flowers are made using a computer-controlled process. Real Touch flowers are exceptionally long-lasting. The thicker petals maintain their shape and texture even when pressed or squeezed, even more so than silk flora. Their edges will now no longer fray or shred.

·       Silk Flowers:

There is a huge array of silk flowers on the market, and it has a body but a smooth, clean texture. A good silk flower also has less plastic than a cheap one. The plastic that is used is often flocked, a term that basically means textured to look and feel natural with that little bit of fuzz that you find in nature.

New flowers may be replaced with silk flowers. Today's allergy-friendly artificial flowers are made to look and behave just like a moist petal. Realistic artificial silk flowers can be enjoyed all year long without wilting or watering and at a fraction of the expense of fresh flowers.

·       Sola Wood Flowers:

These blooms are long-lasting and have a realistic look. Sola wood flowers are produced from balsa tree wood, which is a natural material. Sola blossoms are made from the balsa tree's bark, which is shaved into delicate ivory sheets. These flowers are handcrafted; no complicated machines are used to transform the wood into flowers. Acrylic paint, spray paint, silk paint, and even watercolors can be used to dye sola wood blooms. These blooms are long-lasting and have a realistic look. Wood flowers are eco-friendly and affordable also as compare to real flowers.

·       Foam Flowers

Foam flowers are lightweight and cheap, and they look fantastic when combined with new and silk flowers. These faux blooms are composed of very thin foam petals dyed a specific hue and glued around a styrofoam center. Foam flowers are most often seen as roses and valuable to fill in the center of bouquets and arrangements. Handmade foam flowers with hand-wrapped leaves are available in the majority of the colors that are colorfast, meaning they won't bleed or run into paler flowers, clothing, or soft furnishings. The color range of foam flowers remains between retro pastels to subdued darks.

·       Wax-Coated flowers:

Wax-coated artificial flowers are high-quality silk flowers that have been coated with a special wax to make them feel and look like real flowers. The level of detail on the petals, such as veining or slight impressions, combined with the real-touch feel make these some of the most expensive artificial flowers available.

·       Leather Flowers:

These are flowers made of a more durable substance that is more resistant to the elements than most blooms. Suede and leather flowers are a perfect match for the winter season. Just thin and soft skins are used to make leather flowers. Leather and suede come in a number of colors used to bring out the natural charm and shine of the leather. Since leather is not as predictable as silk or other types of flowers, it's nearly impossible to recreate a leather flower.


Faux flowers have proven their worth and shown the amazing range they can bring. It's now difficult to ignore their lifelike appearance and unrivaled longevity. It's time to treat fake flowers with the love and admiration they deserve.

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