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January 29, 2021 4 min read

Flower crowns are a great accessory for any season. Spring is a great time to create a light and bright crown to complement the fresh spring flowers. Fall is perfect for showing off rich fall colors and incorporating more natural elements into your crown. Your options are endless thanks to the wide variety of flowers and foliage available year-round.

Right now, flower crowns are totally on-trend, but you don't have to break the bank to get one! If you're looking for a wedding flower crown, a shower, or fashion for your festival. Fortunately, sola wood flowers are here to help you with your DIY floral crown making. Sola wood flowers are durable so you can work freely with no tension of wilting or damaging of your crown flowers. These are not so expensive and also available in giant sizes to the miniature one with infinite color options to select from.

Here is a great guide to how to create your perfect wedding with a flower crown!

Three things to consider:

1.    Your Confidence:

What you need are confidence and an enormous smile. If on your wedding day you are not comfortable wearing an oversized flower crown, go with something tiny and delicate that is comfortable to wear, but will still have a significant impact on your overall appearance.

2.    Hair Style:

When hair is worn down, larger flower crowns always look better, but it really depends on your personal style and face shape. The absolute favorite combination is braids and crowns. You have options to choose form crown braids, fishtail braids, side braids, when combined with flower crowns, because all look great.

3.    Bride Dress:

For a traditional bride, Lily of the Valley is a great choice. Also, you can wear them in the back for a more sophisticated look instead of putting the flowers on the front of your head. If you are still unsure if your dress would go with a crown, you can simply wear a beautiful white flower in your hair, such as a gardenia, which can still have an effect.

After deciding the basics now your beautiful wedding with a flower crown is only a few easy steps away. Let the measures be shown.

·       Plan crown design

Would you like more neutral colors or bright colors on your flower crown? Do you want a simple crown or a creation in the Moana style? What kind of greenery-to-flower ratio do you want? Deciding on an overall theme will help you select and remove some of the tension from your flowers and fabrics. Your featured brides will help to give you some inspiration.

·       Gather materials

Begin by collecting your supplies. Start by wondering where you'll wear it and what you'll pair it with as you select flowers for your crown. Pick some blooms that match your attire with a complementary hue. You'll also want to select various sizes, textures, and colors of flowers so that they stand out in the crown. It is advised to have one to two major blooms and three to five smaller blooms for each crown to use as accents. You don't want too many big flowers, or it's going to take the crown too heavy and oversized. Additionally, pick a few greenery stems to serve as filler. You need scissors, floral wire, wire cutters and floral tape to add flowers and fillers also.

You want things that survive the building process when choosing your materials and create something solid, comfortable, and, of course, beautiful! I will also buy more flowers and greenery than you consider possible because you don't want to get home and understand that you need one more fuchsia peony! Play around in the store with the flowers and greenery and make mock arrangements so you can get a sense of how many supplies you will need.

·       Measure the wire to your head

This is your crown's foundation. You want it to sit comfortably after the flowers and greenery have been applied. Make sure it's not too snug on your head. To build an extra robust foundation, it is advisable to make two or three loops. Vine wire, which is thicker and covered with a thin layer of paper, can also be used if you want another choice. Wanderlust has also used a simple wire headband for your wedding flower crown, which is another cheap and easy option!

·       Wire in the main blooms

Start putting your key flowers once you have a foundation. Start with the biggest blooms and bring them where you would like them to be. You can easily loop the wires around the base of your crown if your stems have wires inside them. If not, use floral tape and loop it around the trimmed stems of your blooms several times.

·       Cut stems of flower and greenery

On each stem, leave two to three inches. This leaves ample space for the wire to layer and wrap around. In the end, you can still cut excess stems! After this, arrange all the stems before starting to create the crown to get organized.

·       Add filler to your flowers

Begin to cover the whole loop of the crown base with your filler greenery using the same technique. You can choose to include a smaller flower every so often. Until the entire crown is filled with greenery, work your way around the foundation.

·       Finish and add any extras

After you've completed the base of the crown by covering it with greenery, go back and add any extra pieces of flower or leaf you might want. Just insert the wired stem of your florals into the crown base wire, if possible. Use a glue gun to apply individual leaves and stems and attach them to the existing foliage if that won't work.

·       Rock your gorgeous flower crown!

Done and finished. Put your crown on your head with and have fun! It should fit securely on your head because it's custom-fitted for you. If you find it slipping, however, you can secure it with a few hidden bobby pins. The floral wedding crown is ready! There is no wrong way to create a crown of flowers, so don't stress and just enjoy the process. Make it unique to you and wear it with trust.

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