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June 30, 2020 4 min read

The wedding day corsages and boutonnieres are the items that help people to recognize the most important people in your life. These are small items, but display your love, care, and respect for the people who matter in your life. Corsages and boutonnieres made of real flowers look gorgeous, but of course, they are pricy and last only till the end of your wedding day. This looks quite an expensive decision to buy these tiny items for a few hours. Have you thought about trying DIY corsage and boutonnieres with fake flowers for your wedding day?

It's a perfect idea to create corsages and boutonnieres by your own self to get two key benefits:

  1. DIY cost of corsages and boutonnieres will be quite lower than the cost of corsages and boutonnieres made of original blooms.
  2. DIY corsages and boutonnieres made of fake flowers can be a memorable gift for your friends and loved ones to keep your wedding memories along with them for such a long time.

Best flower option for DIY corsages and boutonnieres with fake flowers:

There are different options anyone can use to DIY corsages and boutonnieres. Still, DIY real flower corsages and boutonnieres never turn out so well as the original flowers are so big and very delicate to bear DIY retakes.

Among the faux flowers, there are options to use paper flowers, silk flowers, or plastic flowers for DIY corsages and boutonnieres. The best and the most admirable option is DIY sola wood flower corsage and sola wood boutonniere.

An introduction to most real fake flowers:

Sola wood flowers are the blooms of all-natural material that is eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable. These are the flowers made of balsa tree wood. The balsa tree's bark is shaved to get the internal soft and ivory color part of it. This bark is then shaved and sliced into thin sheets called sola wood paper. These beautiful sheets are then transformed into sola wood flowers. This is a simple process that needs no machines, and handcrafting of sola flowers provide every single sola flower a customized look similar to the real flowers.

These stunning blooms are used for floral arrangements, wedding decorations, sola flower wedding bouquets, sola flower corsages and boutonnieres. These wooden flowers are used in their original color and also can be dyed according to the wedding theme and decorations.

Is it difficult to DIY corsages and boutonnieres with fake flowers?

It depends!

Of course, everyone has not an artistic nature to create aesthetic DIY wonders. But sola wood flowers are so beautiful and mimic the real blooms so perfectly. Arranging these flowers in any arrangement is merely incredible.

With the proper knowledge about corsages and boutonnieres and little practice, you can easily create DIY corsages and boutonnieres with fake flowers. There so many video tutorials available online to guide you about the step by step procedure and techniques to create your wedding set of sola boutonnieres and sola flower wrist corsages for groomsmen and bridesmaids.

DIY sola wood flower corsage material required:

A corsage can be a single flower or a small collection of flowers worn by bridesmaid on her wedding day. To create a DIY sola flower corsage, the materials you need are:

  • Sola wood flowers (wooden roses, faux baby's breath, and faux spring flower bunch)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Green floral tape
  • Thin wire
  • Wirecutter
  • Hot glue gun with a hot glue stick
  • Felt
  • Ponytail holder or hair tie of skin color

Method to create DIY sola flower wrist corsage:

  1. Use felt sheet pieces as a base to stick sola flowers. You can choose according to the requirements of your planned corsage design.
  2. Use wooden roses as the central flowers and surround it with other secondary floral options like baby's breath, spring flower bunch, lavender etc.
  3. Try to use different accent flowers for each end and combine these with thin wire. Then wrap the center of the double-ended flower stems with green floral tape. The floral tape keeps these flowers together.
  4. Now arrange the central flowers, secondary floral layer, and accent flowers in an appropriate position that you like most for sola flower corsage.
  5. Stick every piece of corsage arrangement on the felt sheet using a hot glue gun.
  6. Now flip the felt sheet piece, and on the other side, stick a hair tie to complete sola flower wrist corsage.

DIY sola wood boutonnieres material required:

Boutonnieres or buttonholes are composed of one or two focal flowers complimented by some greenery. Boutonnieres are traditionally used by groomsmen on the left lapel of their suit or tuxedo. The materials required to create a simple DIY sola flower boutonniere are:

  • A faux leaf
  • Small, beautiful and durable sola wood flowers
  • Filler flowers
  • Thin wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Green floral tape
  • Satin ribbon

Method to create DIY sola wood boutonnieres:

  1. Taka single faux leaf that serves as a backdrop for boutonnieres.
  2. Using thin wire creates a false stem for leaf by twisting the wire. Wrap this wire with green floral tape.
  3. For the sola boutonnierefor the groom, you can use three flowers with light and airy filler flowers.
  4. Now bind the flowers with leaf stem using floral tape.
  5. Wrap the stem with satin ribbon tightly. Use the same color ribbon for sola boutonniereas the ribbon around the bridal bouquet.
  6. By adding a tiny bow just below the flower, you can give sola flower boutonnierea touch of couture.


DIY corsage and boutonniere with fake flowers are a most stylish and valuable item for bridesmaids, grooms, and groomsmen that they wear with the proud and keep with them as a symbol of your valuable sentiments and feelings you keep for them in your heart. As a bride, you may also feel so proud and blessed that you created the DIY corsage and boutonniere with fake flowers for the people really important in your life.

The possibilities are endless, and you can customize these boutonnieres and corsages by adding pearls, net, and crystals in these DIY corsage and boutonniere with fake flowers.

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