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July 09, 2020 4 min read

“DIY wedding is a task that always seems impossible until it is done.’’

Wedding planning is a tough task in every way, but when it comes to planning a budget wedding, this could be an overwhelming and depressive work to do. You need to control the expenses in every department, and there are several areas of your wedding where you need to take complete control.

Of course, you can choose a park or a school ground to save the expenses of high-end restaurant and top class wedding venue. But wedding ceremony floral arrangements are a must, and these should be considered in anyways. You must need to decorate your event with wedding ceremony floral arrangements. Here you just feel you forced to follow the tradition and find no way out to control your budget.

However, the only options you can try are:

Try DIY wedding flower packages as they will help you in the following ways.

Try Sola Wood Flowers for DIY Floral Arrangements:

Obviously, you are looking to have a budget wedding, and that’s the reason you are planning to save on everything that you will need in your wedding. Having a DIY wedding flower package is a wonderful strategy that will help you to save money that can be used for other wedding preparations. Generally, according to today’s trends, the average cost of a bridal bouquet is in between $150 to $200 and more. However, with a DIY bridal bouquet and your own floral arrangements, you will be able to save at least $100 to $150 and use them somewhere else.

Never Avoid the Risk Factor:

Taking the risk of DIY with original blooms can be quite dangerous and sometimes turn out as a nightmare. Risking your valuable investment with DIY unique floral arrangements is not a wise decision at all. Using sola wood fake flowers is the safest option. These flowers are made of wood, and that is why they are long-lasting. Their stems are easily bendable, and you can turn these stems and cut into large or short sizes according to your requirements.

Try Multiple Combinations:

Mostly when people buy their wedding flowers, they feel bounded to select only one combination due to their limited budget issues. Demanding for different floral combinations will only increase the cost of the wedding flowers. However, in sola wood DIY flower arrangements, you have an excellent opportunity to have multiple combinations because you are doing it yourself. You can simply order for a variety of sola wood loose flowers and then utilize these blooms as per your requirements. There is another option of ordering sola wood loose flowers in their original ivory color. Then you can dye, these blooms quickly on your own according to your wedding theme. This is not a difficult task at all, and dying sola wood flowers with acrylic paint is also a very cheap option. You can take help of various video tutorials to dye sola wood flowers.

Wedding with a Personal Touch:

No doubt, everyone wants to add a personal touch in their marriage. This is an ongoing trend that has gained too much popularity in the last few years. Couples are no longer interested in traditional designer suits, classic wedding arrangements and traditional original flowers.

People show more interest to see something that is hand-made. DIY flower centerpieces, DIY wooden floral walls, down the aisle wooden floral arrangements, and wooden bridal bouquet designed and composed by the bride will add the much-needed personal touch in the wedding arrangements. This entire hard work has become a fashion in the last few years. You don’t want to be seen as a bride who is still fixated on the traditional aspects of having a classic wedding theme.

Customized Sola Wood Flowers:

Sola wood flowers are not a machine-made product, these are the blooms crafted by hands. This way of making sola wood flowers provide every single sola wood flowers with a customized touch like natural blooms. A wedding ceremony is truly a personal affair that needs most of the things customized to represent the tastes and preferences of the couple. Buying wedding ceremony floral arrangements from online stores is not so much customized that their options are available for every client. However, when you have handcrafted sola flowers that you dye and arrange on your own, there is a high chance that you will surely meet your custom needs.

Woodflowers.com has a team of creative floral artists who can design a customized bouquet according to your given instructions. It may be a little expensive, but still affordable as compared to the customized real flower bridal bouquets. You can also choose sola wood flowers like Juliet roses that are considering the costly flowers.

Team Building Opportunity:

Wedding planning’s impossible without a team who follows the instructions and manages different areas of wedding arrangements. When you have a DIY wedding arrangement, you involve many people who play various important roles to make everything a cheerful blast. Your joint effort that includes family members, friends, and maids turns out when you lead your team properly. DIY sola flower bouquets and other wedding floral arrangements will allow you to build an organization that helps you for the task ahead. The regular gatherings to plan every single event, discussions to design a beautiful venue, and efforts to make excellent floral arrangements and bridal bouquet strong you’re bonding with family and friends.


It is clear now that DIY wedding arrangement is an essential strategy that helps you to arrange a great budget-friendly, customized wedding. DIY wedding flowers offer both social and economic benefits in a way that you can save some money and also get time for your friends.

DIY unique floral arrangements

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