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November 02, 2020 4 min read

There are a variety of flowers all around the world which are beautiful as well as appealing in every form. People throughout the world try to grow them in their garden no matter if that is small or big. Even, flowers are used for indoor décor purposes. But, when they do so, it's not so effective because natural flowers die soon after they are separated from their plant.

Although, it’s a type of failure, yet, it starts a quench among all to look around for something to décor which lasts for life. For this reason, they started to get sola wood flowers for their interior décor. These types of flowers are handmade which are created out of tapioca wood. People use these flowers in a variety of ways. Also, these sola wood flowers are very useful in offering a variety of gifts to their loved ones. Is there anything else that could be fascinating like this? of course, nothing at all?

Sola wood flowers offer offers a chance to customize beauty around them. These flowers can be customized according to the choice of color, shape, and fragrance of flowers. nothing else can give you this much chance to recreate things around you. Here, we are going to discuss some of the commonly employed ideas with sola wood flowers. Still, we will discuss something unique this time which you might have not heard about ever before.

Magnetic art using sola wood flowers

If you revive your childhood memories, you will get a glance of those signs and alphabets that you use to put on your deep freezers and cupboards by magnets. Most of our childhood days were spent doing productive activities. We all used to have a wide collection of those figure bearing magnets.

This time we are coming up with something through which you can commemorate those days. Why don’t you try to make those magnets with the depiction of sola wood flowers? Isn’t it cool? Yes, that’s for sure.

The new form of sola wood flower magnet kit is amazing to add on mini flowers to decorate your cabinet, deep freezer, and other metallic surfaces. You would surely like to include notable pictures once you have completed the making of those lovely magnets.

All you need is to follow the steps as we are discussing them, and you will be able to create this art by yourself.

  • Material required
  1. Pick up the material
  2. Softener for flowers
  3. Deep containers
  4. A towel
  5. Stirrer
  6. Water
  7. Glue gun with glue
  8. Paint
  9. Wipes or tissue
  • Get your material ready

Be very sure that you have gained all your material and set up your workspace. Test the size of your container to make sure that it is deep enough to carry flowers. get yourself an old towel to put your flowers on it for drying purposes.

  • Mix the paint color

Very initially, empty your paint or dye you are using into each container. You can use any of the paint like watercolor, acrylic paint, latex paint. you need a separate container for each color. Now, add a litter amount of softener for sola wood flower. Add two caps full for each of the colors. Once you are done with mixing the color and the softener side b side, you will include water to this mixture that is ¼ cup of water to each of the containers. For strong color, you have to consume less amount of water in each bucket.

  • Color your flowers by using dye

Since you are done with mixing the dye, you are all set to dye your flowers. try to be very sure that you coat all the petals and not merely submerge it for very long otherwise, your flower will lose its shape and integrity. Shake the excess paint off gently and dip it once again if needed. Let them dry on the towel for around 36 hours.

  • Assemble your flowers with the magnets

Heat the glue gun and insert the provided glue stick. After this, you can place glue over the center of the backside of every flower and stick your magnet firmly. Give it enough time to dry for at least a few hours.

Some other ideas to try with sola wood flowers

As you might have realized now that how beautiful and productive can be these flowers you are all set to try some more ideas with it. if you try these options, you will forget anything that you used to spend huge bucks for.

  • Jewelry made of sola wood flowers

You can make beautiful and decent jewelry with sola wood flowers. you can employ any of the forms you like. The best part of this is that you can have nearly all the shapes and designs with your favorite colors as well. You can include the pearls of imitation with flowers to further offer a classy look. You can also have necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and bangles for your dress. This would be so amazing when people in your circle would admire you for this amazing art. It's still not so late to try this.

  • Decoration for the event through sola wood flowers

Everyone who plans an event of any type wishes to offer their event ultimate beauty with eye-catching décor. Sola wood flowers can be well suited to your event. Especially, when it is your wedding day, sola wood flowers matching with your theme can be amazing to try. Also, you can make a sola wood flower crown and bridal bouquet as well. this will surely add to the beauty and will help you take amazing pictures on your big day. Therefore, if you are getting married soon, this is the time for you to add beauty to your big day.


Sola wood flowers are no doubt extremely attractive. No matter, what form you use for them, you can still have the glory of these flowers. Moreover, you can reuse these flowers or keep them safe for years because of their long life, unlike those natural flowers. What else you can expect in the case of flowers. Plan today so you can avail of the benefits tomorrow.

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