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June 16, 2020 2 min read

What are your plans about your floral wedding decoration?

Will you go with the delicate and sweet vibe of pastels and yellow daisies? Or you have chosen a drama-laden feel with sizzling and romantic touch of red roses with cascade greenery?

There is no doubt that most probably you have selected sola wood flowers as the only floral option for your wedding decorations- and why not? Sola wooden flowers are equally stunning, sophisticated, and gorgeous as real blooms with extra benefits of all season’s availability, affordability, unlimited color options, and forever lasting ability. If you are a savory bride with artistic skills, then DIY wood flower making can be an option you can choose for your wedding decoration.

Is DIY wood flower making for wedding a wise option?

Yes and no.

Hiring a wedding planner and decorator to manage all of the big and small details is something so relaxing and tension free. But there is nothing wrong when you want it does on your own due to your tight wedding budget or any other reason. When it comes to DIY wood flower making than believe me, it is so easy and handy. You can efficiently perform wood flower carving task with a pair of scissors and hot glue gun along with hot glue stick. Even dying sola wood flowers in any color you like or dream for is just a matter of few minutes.

DIY wood flower making-a skilful job:

The only skills you need to perform DIY wood flower making are being a little artistic by nature and knowing the use of scissors and a hot glue gun. With sola wood paper flower roll, you can craft wooden flower petals of different sizes and shapes. It depends upon the shape of the flower you want to make. By sticking these petals into a proper alignment to give a shape of any flower, you are done with your DIY wooden flower making job.

Dying sola wood flowers:

To dye these natural wood blooms into any desired color you can use spray paint, watercolor, fabric paint, oil paint, and acrylic paint. By using any paint of any artificial or natural color you can transform these off-white blossoms into rainbow-colored pops.

Reasons for DIY wood flower making:

Being a creative person, it will be so memorable for you to create wooden flowers and wooden floral arrangements for your own wedding. Along with this, there are few other benefits to perform DIY wood flower making for your own wedding:

  • It is a cheaper option to DIY wood wedding flowers. You can also buy loose wooden blooms from any online sola wooden flowers store.
  • DIY can be a blast, and it is also so much fun to create and dye your wooden wedding flowers by your own self. It can be a great surprise for guests as well as the groom to witness the talent and skills of the bride on your big day.
  • Everyone knows their capabilities and if you have confidence in yourself, then never think of experiencing some kind of risk. Believe in yourself and trust me sola wood flowers are going to help you in every way to make your special day even more special.

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