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January 31, 2021 4 min read

Flowers with bad meanings!

It is very personal to the type and color of flowers you choose and there are so many to choose from. Just like immediately all of us think of love, passion, and affection every time we see a red rose because that is what these flowers truly represent. Or if you smell the beautiful scent of fresh, white lilies around you, you might believe that somewhere has recently been held for a funeral.

These are a few of the many common flowers with apparent meanings that almost everyone knows about. In most flower bouquets and floral arrangements, you can also hope to see these beautiful flowers, along with orchids, chrysanthemums, tulips and daisies.

Just like there are flowers like these with such deep meanings that you can send to most individuals on different occasions, you would be shocked to know that there are also certain kinds of flowers that you can never give to your loved ones! They hold truly surprising meanings that can really spoil the mood of the recipient and darken their day.

Below are some negatively significant flowers that you should not send to your loved ones:

·       Buttercups

In any flower bouquet, you have probably never seen these blooms. It really makes sense because they symbolize ingratitude, childish behavior, and unfaithfulness. Although they are so lovely to look at with their beautiful bright yellow petals that remind you of the sun, they have dark meanings, so you should never give them to anyone.

·       Yellow Carnations

Usually, the color yellow is considered to be a happy, optimistic and joyful color, which is why, for example, sunflowers emit such joy and merriment. Yellow carnations, however, do not reflect the same kind of emotion, even though they are also yellow. These should be avoided, unlike other carnations, due to contempt and rejection. As they look so beautiful, you can always keep them in your house or garden, but never use them as gifts.

·       Orange Lilies

The meaning and symbolism behind orange lilies have always been a matter of controversy, as they have both good and bad meanings, apparently. Most people, however, assume that these flowers reflect feelings of hate, pride and disdain, which is a great surprise given how beautiful and heartwarming flowers are overall lilies.

·       Petunia

Petunias show feelings of deep frustration and rage, a flower that is not very common. They take people by surprise because of their surprising underlying meanings, considering their incredibly striking appearance. However, some colors of the petunia flower carry optimistic and happy emotions, so when offering a bouquet of petunias to a loved one, you should be very careful!

·       Black Roses

Roses, in general, are many sought-after flowers, but this appears as a big shock that black rose is definitely not one of them! Death and mourning are typically associated with the color black and that is also what these flowers represent. Black rose, however, contain well-hidden awful meanings of retribution, hate and may also apply to the end of a career or a relationship.

·       Abatina

While a very beautiful yellow flower with exquisite designs on the inner petals, fickleness is its significance, the reverse of what wedding vows mean.

·       Belladonna

It can look pretty, but it's not just poisonous, it means silence as well as mortal silence.

·       Borage

Usually blue in color, these flowers, because of their fun form, are often called starflowers but don't be fooled. They symbolize bluntness and abruptness, two things you'll expect to prevent on your wedding day. Their sense is far from starry.

·       Calendula

It is another sunny, cheerful flower with an almost opposite meaning; grief, misery, and sorrow.

·       Carnation

A common flower in bouquets regardless of the occasion, but they have a variety of negative meanings, including denial, disappointment and rejection, except for the colors red and white.

·       Heather

Especially if you're going for a rustic/meadow look, you'd think they'd make a lovely decoration, but heather means loneliness, something you're not going to feel with your new husband or wife by your side.

·       Hydrangea

These are often used to make small, tidy bridesmaid bouquets, while hydrangeas symbolize heartlessness, which your bridesmaids are certainly not.

·       Primrose

Perhaps another favorite for cute bridesmaid bouquets, but these reflect sorrow, which shouldn't be near your wedding day anywhere.

·       Yellow Rose

 In reference to marriage, Shakespeare used roses all the time and these flowers are generally associated with love. Those are red roses; however, the yellow roses mean unfaithfulness and deception.

·       Tulip White or Yellow

The beautiful and common tulip, similar to roses, can also change sense with colour. Avoid white or yellow, indicating one-sided or hopeless love. They must, therefore, be avoided at all costs.

How to choose flowers to avoid negative meaning?

It is almost unbelievable how such negative symbolism could actually include anything as beautiful and delicate as flowers. So, before you give it to a loved one, it is always best to make sure what each flower means!

If you are superstitious on your big day or particularly care about symbolism, then don't be afraid. Ask questions and talk with the professional, as most florists are clued up on the language of flowers and will be able to guide you, they will bring together the perfect arrangement for every occasion. Alternatively, you can only shrug and choose your favorites-they are all beautiful plants, right?

Choose sola wood faux flowers!

Sola wood flowers are becoming an increasingly attractive choice for weddings, far from the tacky fake flowers you associate with old lady's homes. Not only are you guaranteed perfect blooms, but regardless of the season, you can pick whatever flowers you want. As a reminder of your wedding, sola wood flowers can also be held long after the day.

If you want flowers that you can hold, why not take sola wood bridal bouquet into consideration? These are affordable, durable, and impressively real looking substitute for real flowers with some superstitious bad meanings.

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